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Lack of respect but fear motivates people. This is how empires are built and this is how revolutions begin. It is the secret of the greats. When a guy is afraid that you will crush him, and that you will completely destroy him, respect follows. Low fear is amazing, overwhelming, and liberating. She is always stronger than respect. Always… “

Strength, based on the knowledge of secrets, on fear and humiliation, the basis of every government. Even if we start from the idea thatPower, for any society, stems from the need to combat entropy, which threatens chaos“As sociologist and anthropologist George Balander explained, this often turns out to be obsessive and destructive. In this regard, Max Weber, one of the three founders of sociology, stated that”Strength is the opportunity to make one’s will triumph in a social relationship, even in spite of resistanceThis is the phenomenon we follow in Behind the Scenes of Power, the first volume of the House of Cards trilogy, a political thriller, which was the basis for the series of the same name.

Author Michael Dobbs, of English descent, was a Conservative Party chief of staff under Margaret Thatcher. As a politician, he knows from the inside all the intrigues and intrigues behind (in) the success of an election campaign. These secrets, but also known from the political world were the basis for the creation of the trilogy. We cannot know if there are any real facts from among the events described. However, the author claims that it is fiction.

However, the thirst for power is not illusory. It is a feeling known to all, to a greater or lesser degree, either by their own experience or by following political events in the country, but also all over the world. The desire for power also overshadows the central hero, politician Francis Urquhart, who is also the “owner” of secrets:

Urquhart’s authority did not come directly from public office. The role of President Webb did not lead him to a position in the Cabinet… He was a shadow man… He was the minister with the sharpest political branches in the government. In order to win votes, day in and day out, he had to know where to find the parliamentarians, which means he had to find out their secrets – who they were conspiring with, with whom they slept, if they were not. Drunk, to vote if they somehow put their hands on someone else’s pocket or wife. All these secrets, with their sharp edges, have been collected together and kept in a notebook with black covers, locked in a safe where there aren’t even the Prime Minister’s keys.“.

On the other hand, Mate Stoeren is an ambitious young journalist, always looking for excitement, ready to sacrifice her time, guys, “freedom” for the sake of her career:

Despite her fairly young age and recent arrival, Mate was confident in her judgment, which unsuitable men considered stubborn. She was used to yelling at her, and she wouldn’t be ashamed to scream. If he survives there, he can build a career anywhere“.

Two opposite poles meet, each trying to get what he wants, using the other. How far are they willing to go to achieve their goal? Will Urquhart succeed in obtaining the “ultimate power” he aspires to? Will Matty be able to understand “the strength and compromise he demands”? What price will they have to pay?

“Behind the scenes of power” is a fantasy that makes you, at the same time, reflect on the real actions of those in power, who have been there or craved, but also on the secrets that remain behind the scenes in this pursuit of power.

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