Oltenians, called under the tricolor. See the summons given by Iordănescu, Bratu

Romania coach Eddy Iordonesco has announced the group that will play the month’s friendlies. Thus, the three colors The representative of Greece will meet in the first test, the match scheduled for Friday, March 25, at 20.15, at Steaua. The second test match will be held outside its home, against Israel, on Tuesday, March 29, at 20.45, at the “Netanya” stadium.

The 26 players called up by Eddie Iordonescu:

porters: Marian Iwani (Farol Constanta, 0/0), Florin Iakop (Uta Arad, 0/0), Florin Nich (Sparta Prague | Czech Republic, 13/0);

Defenders: Nikosur Banko (University of Craiova, 22/1), Andre Borki (CFR Cluj, 8/0), Mario Camorra (CFR Cluj, 6/0), Vlad Cherices (Sassuolo | Italy, 69/0), Rado Drogushin (Salernitana) | Italy, 0/0), Christian Mania (CFR Cluj, 15/2), Ionoy Nidelsero (Crotonne | Italy, 20/2), Andre Rasio (Huesca | Spain, 5/0), Adrien Ross (Vehervar | Hungary, 6 /0), Alin Toşca (Gaziantep FK | Turkey, 28/1);

Midfielders: Mihai Bordiano (CFR Cluj, 2/0), Alexandro Cicaldo (Galatasaray | Turkey, 14/2), Dennis Mann (Parma | Italy, 9/1), Rozvan Marin (Cagliari | Italy, 36/2), Marius Marin (Pisa | Italy, 2/0), Alexandru Maxim (Gaziantep FK | Turkey, 51/6), Valentin Mihilo (Atalanta | Italy, 5/1), Alexandru Mitrić (Bauk Thessaloniki | Greece, 3/3), Octavian Popescu (FCSB, 0/0), Florin Tănase (FCSB, 10/1);

Attackers: Denis Alibek (Atromitos | Greece, 22/2), Andrei Ivan (University of Craiova, 13/1), George Pusch (Pisa | Italy, 23/8).

Florin Prato also declared “Soldiers”

Romania’s under-21 players will also be in the “fire”. The national youth team is preparing to participate in EURO 2023, the U21 competition hosted by Romania alongside Georgia, and two training matches are scheduled. The first is on March 25, 5:15 pm, at the Arc de Triomphe stadium in Bucharest, against Finland U21. The second will be played on March 29 from 17.00 in Rabat against Morocco under 21.

Florin Prato, Romania’s under-21 coach, has appealed to the following players to take this action:

porters: Mihai Boba (FC Volunteers)Stephen Ternovano (FCSB)Genji, Szilard Follow Favorite;

defense: Alexandru Irelia (Deportivo Alaves | Spain)Marius Lika (Kalarasi Danube)Vladimir Scrichio (University of Craiova)Ricardo Varcay (Siena | Italy)Theodor Tilsian (CSC 1599 Șelimbăr)Victor Deccan Follow FavoriteValentine Țicu (ACS Petrol 52)Andres Domitrescu (OSK Sepsis);

Midfielders: Marius Corbo (Pushka Academy | Hungary)Drago Albo (U Craiova 1948 SA)Alexandro Campano (University of Craiova)Claudio Petrella (CFR Cluj)Stephen Byram (University of Craiova)Constantine Gramini (Constanta Lighthouse)Andrei Morginyan (Messina | Italy)Mihai Lexandro, Follow Favorite;

strikers: Iannis Stoica (FCSB)Jovan Markovic (University of Craiova)David Miculescu (Utah wanted)Daniel Berligia (CFR Cluj).

The team reunion is scheduled for Sunday, March 20, at the National Football Center in Povitia.

As Bogdan Loboni prepares to scream in his presence

Romania’s busy U-20 team will also be crowded by the end of the month. It will play two training matches, with Norway (March 24, 17.00 – Ploiesti) and Switzerland (March 28, 16:00 – Will).

For this measure, coach Bogdan Loboni called up 24 players:

porters: Otto Hendrich (CFR Cluj)And Anthony Peter (Union Clodiense / Italia)And Bogdan Eftimi (Future of Pandoria);

Defenders: Darius Grosu (Metaloglobus), Cosmin Oprean (Cittadela/Italy), Ionuț Mitran (University of Craiova), Daniel Bîrzu (Farul Constanța), Vlad Mocioacă (Viitorul Dăești), Gabriel Botha (Anton Farol Constanta), Turin/Italy (Ripensia Timișoara), Enrichi Finica (Rapid);

Midfielders: Ovidiu Perianu (FCSB), tefan Pănoiu (Rapid), Dragoș Iancu (Gaz Metan Mediaș), Botond Szondi (Csikszereda), Alexandru Mogoș (CS Hunedoara), Alin Văsălie (Minaur Baia Mare), Ramon Gapar Media (Gaz) Prato (ACS Petrolul 52);

strikers: Luis Montino (Fiorentina / Italy), Andre Gorgescu (Pandori), Robert Mustachi (Unirea Slobozia), Alexei Petto (Farol Constanta).

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