Professionalization of school management in Romania and flexible career paths for all teachers

  • “Voice for Education” coalition – Second working session for real education reform in Romania
  • 40 specialists representing non-profit organizations, the private sector, the most important educational institutions in Romania, school administrators and teachers discussed the 10 points of reform of the new education law
  • This new meeting of the OneVoice for Education coalition was attended by the Education Adviser to the Prime Minister of Romania, State Counselors from the Ministry of Education, as well as representatives of UNICEF Romania and the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance at Pre-University Stage. Education (ARACIP) or National Center for the Development of Vocational and Technical Education (CNDIPT)

Svanto Gorge, 6 May 2022 – The Voice for Education coalition met for the second working session, where 40 representatives from the public, private and non-governmental sectors discussed the most important actions that could transform the quality of pre-university education in Romania. Among these measures are the professionalization of school management or flexible career paths for teachers.

“First of all, I welcome the enthusiasm and dedication of the participants, but also the concerted forces in the community to make an education law as suitable as possible for the future we want. If ideas are found here in the new law, we can say that the future is written here and it will be better,” said Soren Kostry, State Counsellor, Adviser to the Prime Minister, this coordination and cooperation between government and civil society are crucial and must be maintained and even developed in the future.”

“We at the Ministry of Education believe that real reform should include good discussions with all relevant stakeholders to modernize schools in Romania. I enjoyed the quality of the conversations and the relevance of the proposals discussed today and we look forward to the final suggestions to help turn the Educated Romania Project into law,” said Radu. Zickley, advisor to the Minister of Education.

The One Voice for Education Alliance opened a channel of communication with all participating organizations that have experience and legitimacy in education, to provide a real opportunity to contribute to the new education bill. Thus, the package of reform proposals formulated during the meeting will be sent to the Ministry of Education and the Presidential Administration, for inclusion in the new education law.

Modern and comprehensive education system for teachers in Romania

Among the actions discussed by the coalition are the following:

  • Alternative methods of initial teacher training, compulsory training followed by a bachelor’s examination in the teaching profession. They will follow a standardized professional competency profile approved by an independent organisation;
  • Flexible career paths, opportunities for horizontal and vertical development linked to a continuing training structure;
  • Each teacher will be able to request and receive personal support such as: resources to adapt the learning activity to the needs of all children (including those with special educational needs), guidance, training and advice in the use of good practice models;
  • Professionalization of school management through professional standards, framework references for specialized professional training for educational management roles, which become mandatory and regulated, provided by the Ministry of Education, as a condition for eligibility of candidates for administrative positions;

The initiative launched by the “One Voice for Education” coalition will continue at a steady pace in the form of thematic working groups, around 10 urgent reform topics, selected to contribute to the modernization of education in Romania: (1) the teaching profession and the training course (2) school management and governance of the education system, ( 3) Funding, (4) Curriculum (curriculum approaches to support the development of relevant skills in today’s society – Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and SEL – Social and Emotional Learning), (5) Learning Outcomes Assessment, (6) Literacy Functional illiteracy, (7) inclusive education, (8) digitization, (9) dual education, (10) infrastructure.

“We just learned about it at the time together or together. When we all care about better education for our children, we make joint efforts to bring about the fundamental change that the Romanian education system needs. We have brought together different experiences that contribute to everything we want to give new meaning to the future,” said Mariana Dogaro, President of ARACIP.

“I believe in our ability to move mountains and in the individual and collective intelligence to contribute to one of the largest educational reform movements to date in Romania. I want an appropriate context that will allow these reform proposals to be turned into reality,” said Elena Lutren, founder of the Finnish Teachers Training Centre.

This meeting was organized by the Fifth Element Education Festival held from 4-7 May this year by ReThink Romania.


About “Voice for Education”

“Voice for Education” is an alliance created with the aim of contributing to the reform of the Romanian education system, in the context of publishing a new education bill (2022). The coalition is part of civil society and consists of relevant actors with expertise and experience in the field of education: non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce and business groups.

The launch ceremony of the coalition “Voice for Education” was held on April 13 this year in Bucharest, with the participation of Education Minister Soren Mihai Combino, and its goal was to take reform measures for the new education law. 180 representatives from the most important business and education organizations – including the Alliance for the Development of Romania, Concordia Employers’ Confederation, UNICEF, the National Student Council and the Parents and Legal Property Federation – participated together with the Minister of Education, Søren Mihai Kompino and the Ministry team.

Members of the OneVoice for Education Alliance:

  • Coalition for Romania’s Development (Strategic Partner)
  • UNICEF (scientific and documentation partner)
  • Association for Values ​​in Education
  • Private Schools Association
  • Romanian Literacy Association
  • near the youth
  • successfully
  • Brasov Technical Campus
  • step by step center
  • Concordia Social Enterprises
  • German Economic Club Brasov Association
  • digital nation
  • European Computer Driving License (ECDL)
  • educational
  • Coalition for Education
  • Finnish Teacher Training Center
  • Institute for the Development of Assessment in Education
  • light in europe
  • OvidiuRo
  • Romania Roma Education Fund
  • Rethink Romania
  • ROI Association
  • Romanian business leaders
  • SOS Children’s Villages Romania
  • Super Tech
  • school of values
  • Teaching to Romania
  • UiPath Foundation
  • VoHub Dual Education
  • World Vision Romania
  • winsedswiss – Global Institute for Service Education

About the Fifth Element of Education Festival

The Fifth Education Festival was launched by the Finnish Teacher Training Centre, OvidiuRo Association and SuperTeach, with the aim of creating a framework for communication and collaboration for the community of those actively involved in education transformation processes. from inside.

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