webPR: Brâncovenești Palaces Cultural Center at the Gates of Bucharest – Mogoșoaia invites the public, in April, to a series of cultural events

The geometric spaces of Vásárhelyi Antal reveal a complex world, assembled from complex units, highly symmetrical visual structures that generate a universe that is impossible, mathematically observable, actionable, but impossible to define in situ. The Euclidean series of surfaces is actually a series of landscapes, interior structures, and perfect geometric systems that expose the viewer to a kind of long-term interaction, forcing him to adjust his point of view from detail to set through a timed process and vice versa. (…) The works impose on the viewer a kind of visual engagement based on the deciphering of details, facilitating the initiation of the search for the underlying algorithm that generates this Euclidean complexity of spaces in Vásárhelyi’s painting. (Anna Neguish)

Brâncovenești Palaces Cultural Center at the gates of BucharestPhoto: Brancovinity Palaces

Saturday, April 2, 2022from 15:30The exhibition will open at the Barter Gallery Euclidean bordersartist Vasarheli AntalAmeen Anna Neguish.

Cuhnie Gallery, which also hosts on Saturdays, from It’s 16.00Drawing exhibition opening Aesthetic reflections in the light of the Resurrection, organized in cooperation with the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Justinian Patriarch”, the Department of Systematic Theology, Practice and Sacred Art and the High School of Saint Simeon the New Theologian. The event will be presented by the professor’s father. Nicosur Bildmann.

The exhibition is accompanied by a lecture entitled:Man, Light and Secret in the Theology of St. Simon the New Theologian‘, supported by Fr. Conf. Univ. Dr. George Holbia.

The general under which this cultural apparition takes place is – aesthetic meditations in the light of the resurrection, of all it means a search for expressive representations, referring to ancient Byzantine iconographic representations, and thus urging the viewer to an inner discussion. The theme of this exhibition can be interpreted as a training section for students of theology, who through hard work and patience reveal the forms of the spiritual world and the light of Byzantine icons. Besides exercises and studies, casual students highlight the virtues of working materials, alternating plastic elements with decorative elements. All this contemplation achieves a spiritual atmosphere, contemplative contemplation of the Easter holidays.

The works were carried out by students of the first year of the Bachelor’s degree, specialization in Sacred Art, Department of Systematic Theology, Practice and Sacred Art, of the Faculty of “Justinian Patriarch” Orthodox Theology in Bucharest.

(Curator and Curator of the Exhibition: Prof. Dr. Dumitru Surica)

Photographer Alexandru Manav Invites you to Foișor exhibition to visit the exhibition world of silencein the period April 2 – May 2, 2022. During the opening, which will be held on April 10 2022starting from It’s 17.00Photographer Alexandru Manaf will present the public with the story of the illustrated sculptures.

The exhibition displays several frames of funerary figurines from the Bello Cemetery – Bucharest as well as photographs taken in monumental cemeteries in Italy (Certosa di Bologna and Verano in Rome, Stagliino in Genoa and San Michele in Venice).

The images displayed in this gallery highlight the aesthetics of stone funerary carvings, most of which were made by famous artists. Both in the monumental cemeteries in Italy and in the cemetery of Bello, these sculptures are considered pieces of art, which today are historical monuments.

Photo gallery Photo murals. Grigore Popescu Muscel and Maria Popescu Dragomir will open at the Ghețărie Gallery, on Saturday, April 2, at 15.00.

Gregor Popescu Mosel and Maria Popescu Dragomir are among the most famous restored churches classified as Historic Monuments in Romania. During his artistic activity, the icon painter, muralist Gregor Popescu-Moselle, together with his wife Maria Popescu Dragomir, who in turn is a mural painter and restorationist, restored several churches. The images from the gallery are part of the collection of images donated to the Brâncovenești Palaces Culture Center in the Gates of Bucharest, in 2011, after the exhibition Master of Mural Painting, shown at the Cuhnia Gallery.

Sunday 10 April from It’s 12.00The event will take place at Bark Hall “Angels and Flowers”.

Cast: Diana Radu Stan, Mona Lisa Basarab, Daniela Giorgio, Dan Poliou, George Ewan Hodor.

Written and directed by Iuliana Mușetescu.

Guests: Actress Bianca Brad and violinist Natalia Bancic.

Saturday, April 16 2022from It’s 12.00A musical, poetry and innate show will be held at the Park Hall under the title angel of peace.

Cast: Diana Radu Stan, Mona Lisa Basarab, Daniela Giorgio, Dan Beaulieu, George Ewan Hodor

Written and directed by Iuliana Mușetescu.

Guests: Actress Bianca Brad and violinist Natalia Bancic.

During the event, Katta Rudakova, artistic director of the Bravo Theater in Kyiv, will give an artistic moment.

Young pianist Alexandro Manulachwill demand in April 1in the Bark Hall of the Brâncovenesc Palace, the concert begins with It’s 16.00.

room party organized by Bucharest room will happen one day April 2, 2022in Bark Hall, starting at It’s 16:00.

In a program:

George Enescu – Preparing for harmony

Johann Sebastian Bach – Brandenburg Concert No. 3

Edward Elgar – Serenade op. 20

Gustav Holst – St Paul Suite Ref. 29

Jean Sibelius – improvised reference. 5

Sunday, 3 April 2022the cultural institution “Remember Enescu” invites you to a new ceremony, starting from 15.00.

We are waiting for you in the mansion with the eagerly awaited universe!

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