How weak is Mihai Liu after fighting colon cancer! Unrecognizable! He also ran into covid!

At the age of 53 Mihai Liu overcame cancer and many opponents of caliber in the ring! Our world boxing champion has fully recovered from his terrible illness that left some marks on his face. Mihai Liu is unrecognizable after his illness, but optimism has always been his ally.

Mihai Leu defeated cancer and Covid Source: Facebook

Mihai Liu did not lose the smile and optimism that had always distinguished him after battling a ruthless illness. The world boxing champion fully recovered after defeating colon cancer.

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Mihai Liu, the first Romanian world boxing champion, was diagnosed in 2014 with a terrible disease: cancer. After a thorough examination in a clinic in Vienna, the boxer discovered that he had colon cancer, at which point his legs were cut off.

Mihai Liu spent two months in the hospital, underwent two surgeries, underwent chemotherapy, underwent treatment in Vienna and suffered all forms of suffering, and was able to overcome a terrible disease.

His wife Anna revealed at the time that Al-Boughili was leading a very healthy life, but it appears that in his case the cancer was hereditary, and his father had in the past suffered from the same disease.

“I am not a rich man, I am a happy man!”

I have been through many difficult times in my life, but I always believe it is the most important thing to learn from mistakes, to be optimistic, and to have the strength to overcome them. Sports helped me a lot, because you were beaten in the boxing ring. You should be able to stand on your own two feet and remain calm. Everything I do in sports has affected me in my daily life.

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I am not a rich man, I am a happy man! For me, personally, in everything I do, family is with me. They have the same advantages as meAnd “ The former boxing champion said.

Mihai Liu, the first world boxing champion in Romania

Mihai Liu has a life story that beats the movie! Born in Hunedoara on February 13, 1968, his father Nikolai was a well-known athlete in the 70s and 80s in Romanian motorsport.

Mihai Liu is Romania’s first professional boxing world champion, being one of the five former world champions who retired undefeated from his professional boxing career.

After ending his boxing career due to injury, Mihai Liu began competing as a rally driver, becoming a national champion in 2003.

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