political chaos. The Galati residents also want to pay the bills, having been given free access to the culture. booklet

An act of generosity signed by the Galati County Council turns into a piece of chaos. Ordinary people, drugged with free culture injections from the previous weekend, are greedy and don’t even want to take a single lion out of their wallet.

Is this possible?

Where does it go and where does it crack? No one expected such tension to occur, especially since the members of the community were given free access to all the cultural institutions in the county. More precisely, those owned by the Forum led by Kostel Vutia: the Botanical Garden, the Departments of the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Zoo, the History Museum, the Museum of Visual Art, the Village Museum, the Fisheries Museum. People flocked, entered by the thousands, tasted the generous portions of the culture, and then lost their sense of reality. The county council would have liked to celebrate its 30th anniversary, but it had to take a different approach. other ideas.

old woman and subscribe

It is gratifying to see that the people of Galati have swallowed these cultural pills without chewing, and not when you find that they hold your hand whole. Just give him a finger, as the saying goes, and you wake up with your arm amputated. After taxpayers took selfies everywhere, and got their hands on the free printables offered for the occasion, they organized themselves into groups calling for the free without mercy. “We also want public transportation to be cashless,” shouted an old woman in front of CJ Galati’s headquarters, even though she had a season ticket on all lines. Of course supported. Some people ask to enter the cinema in the mall with only beautiful eyes. What if not everyone has it?

They want to feel important

However, the most terrifying request was an online petition. “We appreciate that the authorities have thought about cultivating the masses, thus benefiting from ticket-free access to all entertainment establishments, but the appetite comes from eating, right? Now we want the bills to be paid also by the county or county council” The mayor’s office and the local council are also invited to this circuit. , Fie infinitely in Galati.

pamphlet in verse

Giving clumsiness!!! from Kosurisko submarine

Get the fools out! They are spreading terror in the city! –
Plastic Spirit Stars, / Design Stars Without Stars,
Nothing in the flesh, / Heavier, thinner, more slender
And always ready to produce / Bad taste and bad taste, Simolacra,
Traps, traps and nets / in which the cyclist falls perfectly,
fixed, good only for example, / sample, to give the subject
Thesis when you want to be a doctor / in psychoanalysis! – the outside
With those who shout in the city / and call it past and present,
With those who got rid of the bad smell / don’t forget me, for example…
With those who brag about their slack / and their unequal brains!

They go out with all the fools! / They spread terror in the city,
They pushed the dagger of stupidity / into her soul from behind,
In the front, on top, at the base, / Anywhere he can hardly breathe,
They crave meat and blood / and bird eggs!

Galati in pictures

The citizen’s voice is the political’s voice

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Compulsory participation in VA Urechia?

* Some citizens – not many, a negligible minority – were disturbed by the fact that they could not enter the Museum of History with seeds. They commented, “If Mihai Viteazu, for example, is allowed into Alba Iulia with a big pump, I don’t know where he got it from, why should we be banned from farming? It’s good, Bulgarian.”
* This is a request from the brochure page. Let us not hide anymore, Mr. President Kostel Photia: People are waiting for the entrance of the “Mocha” to Balta Zătun, where they can return with all the fish that are. It just takes a little goodwill on your part.
* There is talk at bus stations that opening the doors of cultural institutions wide does not seem good. “Who knows what they’re going to do, actually? They seem to want us well, but what if they force us to take a look at Telecinemateca and make subscriptions to VA Urechia? A neighbor who knows me in the third-degree cousin of a fellow former Fotea driver told me.” It’s a reliable source,” two women whispered recently while waiting for the 104 trolleybus.
Inflatable trolleybus

Bengalis want a new airport

SC Gospodărire Urbană Galați does not deal with the weeds choking the city’s green spaces and planes consult daily. As of April 1, 40 employees should have arrived from Bangladesh, but it seems that the leaders of the local company did not understand the concrete message: in order to land on our territory, the Bengalis want a direct flight to Galati. They were informed that the airport in the area is still in a pre-viability stage, and reported that the orchards in Galati can still wait.
Franco Airport


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