Street and regulations. Great Craiova Arteries, order is back!

Street and regulations. In March 2021, Craiova City Hall launched in public consultation and, for the first time, a local bylaw aimed at the emergence of the street. It was about Calea Bucureşti.

The Regulation on “Determining Categories of Interventions for the Rehabilitation of Built Fronts in the Priority Work Area Calea Bucureşti in Craiova” imposed a clear set of rules for companies that carried out their economic activity here. The principle of “comply or disappear” was followed, and funeral companies, auto parts companies and second-hand stores were banned in Calea Bucureşti (except for existing ones). The mayor’s office also imposed new regulations on parking lots along the road, and after the regulation went into effect, the “cleanup” began.

After one year, three other important traffic arteries in Craiova will have their own regulations. It is also evident after the “Calea Bucureşti” model. After Tuesday, March 8, the Mayor’s office in public consultation released a regulation for 1 May Street, on March 9, it published another ordinance, this time for Nicolae Titulescu and Kalia Severinului Streets. The name is the same as “Local regulation on the creation of categories of interventions for the rehabilitation of built fronts in the priority work area (…)”, only the name of the street or avenue is changed.

The content of regulation is largely the same. That is, unless the official who drafted it happened to have missed a few copy-and-paste orders, which were seen in the regulations of 1 Mai Boulevard and in the regulations of Nicolae Titulescu – Calea Severinului. And because we’re talking about the latter, the list can be consulted on the Craiova City Hall website until April 19.

Street and regulations. What will change on the road Nicolae Titulescu – Kalia Severinoloy

What will change on the route Nikolai Titulescu – Kalia Severinoloy? First of all, the way the commercial spaces will look. In fact, the rules are similar to those imposed last year on Calea Bucureşti and have been in effect since the regulation went into effect. Here too, we turn to the license terms for implementing direct access from the outside in the commercial space, the way the facades of spaces for a purpose other than residential, finishes etc. should look. The city council even suggests what the steps to access to the commercial space, ramps and driveways, and even the railings should look like.

Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard and Calea Severinului will each have one side in terms of commercial space and parking spaces, according to the “Calea Bucureşti” model.

According to the regulation, changing the living quarters to places with another destination is possible only if the new destination does not generate heavy traffic in the area (supply, extended working hours, a large number of employees and customers), does not generate noise, does not generate waste or does not cause any inconvenience to the residents . Thus, on the ground floor of apartment blocks, only banks, pharmacies, medical offices, beauty salons, small commercial spaces, pastry shops, pastry shops or the headquarters of a company that do not cause any inconvenience (lottery agencies, consulting, recruitment, etc.)

What rules will be imposed regarding parking

The regulation also defines the use of the public domain and parking lots on the banks of buildings where there are spaces with other destinations, as well as the rules of fencing. “It is forbidden to occupy the public domain in the vicinity of spaces other than houses with any type of furniture, including furniture for sale, as well as to display products sold in any way, outside the space. It is forbidden to influence/arrange surfaces belonging to the public domain of the municipality of Craiova with access alleys, ramps, platforms, steps, fences, columns, lighting fixtures or the like, including farm building, in the absence of express agreement of Craiova City Hall”, appears in the regulation.

Also, in order not to “interfere with the right of other tenants of collective apartment buildings to access parking spaces arranged in the residential car parks of apartment blocks, where the destination of the dwelling has been changed to other functions will be able to use only one parking space near the place , exclusively for parking employees’ vehicles. The regulation also prohibits the occupation of parking spaces, sidewalks or first lanes arranged along the road to Severinoloy Road, respectively Nikolai Titulescu Boulevard, and spaces in parking lots in apartment blocks (residential parking lots) with service vehicles belonging to the park and corporate vehicles operating in spaces For a purpose other than housing.

Street and regulations. What other prohibitions are required

Companies are also prohibited from identifying certain land surfaces with opening and/or visibility at Calea Severinului and Nicolae Tiutulescu Boulevard with opaque fences, regardless of whether the land in question belongs to the public domain or private property. The regulation states that “Privately owned land can only be fenced with a green fence and a maximum height of 80 cm.”

Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard and Calea Severinului will each have one side in terms of commercial space and parking spaces, according to the “Calea Bucureşti” model.

Prohibitions include the placement of awnings on the facades of spaces, regardless of the material from which they are made, with the exception of folding awnings of textile materials, white or cream, but also any lighting fixtures, projectors and the like, except for those used for the domestic lighting of the company relating to the space.

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