The Craiova Sud II Beltway builder was chosen. The company operates all over the world

The Craiova Sud II Beltway builder was chosen. Last week, the National Road Infrastructure Management Corporation (CNAIR) selected the builder of Craiova Sud II Beltway. Seven companies and associations of companies from the country and abroad are in the race for a contract worth €34.7 million with VAT (estimated value) on the construction of Craiova’s second turn.

This is the “Southern variant DN 56 – DN 55 – DN 6”, a road of approximately 10 km that connects three important national roads of Craiova: DN 56 Craiova – Calafat, DN 55 Craiova – Pechet and DN 6 Alexandria – Caracal – Craiova – Timiشوارoara . CNAIR launched public procurement procedures for the “Craiova Sud II Bypass Belt” implementation contract in February, and offers have been received through March 29.

There was no need for any extension of the deadline, because the offers came on the conveyor belt. And not only from Romania, but also from countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain or Turkey. All seven bidders submitted themselves with a long list of subcontractors and waited nearly nine months for CNAIR to decide on the winner. The company that will build the Craiova Sud II bypass has been selected since December 10, but it can only be officially announced after the period in which any appeal can be made. According to the sources GdSThe winner was Rizzani de Eccher SpA, an Italian company founded in Udine in 1831, when Romanian ruler Pavel Kiselev was led by Russian ruler.

The Craiova Sud II Beltway builder was chosen. Who is Rizani de Echer?

Headquartered in Pozzuolo del Friuli, northeastern Italy, Rizzani de Eccher has over 2,000 employees and is globally active in the fields of engineering, infrastructure and building construction. According to the company’s website, Rizzani de Eccher has carried out work not only in Europe, but also in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Rizani has won business contracts in more than 60 countries and has branches in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Algeria, the Netherlands, Iceland, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, South Africa and Vietnam.

The last contract, which Rizzani acquired from Eccher SpA in September, includes the construction of a railway between the cities of Lyon (France) and Turin (Italy). The company must implement a sector of 57.5 km in length, equipped with tunnels. The contract value is 228 million euros. In the summer, Rizani de Eicher signed a €17.2 million contract with Kopavogur, the second largest city in Iceland (Reykjavik metropolitan area), to build a school.

Bypass Craiova The second southern variant will have a length of about 10 km and will connect three national roads: DN 56 Craiova – Calafat, DN 55 Craiova – Pechet and DN 6 Alexandria – Caracal – Craiova

Returning to the Craiova Sud II Bypass Variant, Rizzani de Eccher SpA presented itself in the auction initiated by CNAIR with five subcontractors from Romania, but with a small percentage of the work: Danavi SRL of Iaşi (0.11%), Manro SRL of Câmpina (3.6%) , Sanel SRL from Sibiu (2.35%), Pesit Rom SRL from Bucharest (6.85%), Total Business Land SRL from Alba Iulia (0.02%). These companies deal, for example, with the transportation and protection of utility networks of any kind, lighting and electrical installations, the archeology-related part, or the identification and cleaning of unexploded ordnance.

Who killed Rizani de Eicher?

The Italian company, founded in 1831, won the bid after offering the best value for money. According to the sources GdS, the Rizzani de Eccher came at a price of 133.4 million lei, excluding VAT, just over 32 million euros (inclusive of VAT). €2 million less than the estimated value of the business. The contract for the implementation of works for the target “Craiova Bypass Belt South Variant DN 56 – DN 55 – DN 6” amounted to 142,225,940 lei without VAT, i.e. 169,248,868 lei with VAT (€34.7 million). The financial component of the offer (lowest price) accounted for 85%. For the rest, the business warranty period was taken into account, with the maximum guarantee being offered between 7 and 8 years.

Who killed Rizani de Eicher? First of all, with three companies from Craiova. These are Domarcons SRL, a company currently dealing with street repair and maintenance in Craiova, Erpia SA (jointly with Italians from Consorzio Stabile EBG), which also owns the street modernization contract in Craiova, and Strade Bauunternehmung SRL, a company currently modernizing three county roads Mission in Dolj (DJ 552 Craiova – Cetate, Râpa Roşie – Cetate division; DJ 561A, Moţăţei – Pleniţa division; DJ 561B, Valea Stanciului – Padea division). However, Domarcons and Erpia were disqualified during the bid analysis period.

Rizzani de Eccher SpA also had as corresponding candidates the unions Kirlic Group (Romania) – D’Agostino Angelo Antonio Costruzioni Generali SRL (Italy) and IBB-HIB Romania – Obras Publicas y Regadios (Spain) – Opr Asfalt – IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH (Germany) and Insaat Ticaret ve Sanayi AS (Turkey) – Visio Construction Works SRL Bucharest.

The Craiova Sud II Beltway builder was chosen. What will the new Craiova bypass look like

The Craiova Sud II ring road will start at kilo 3 of the DN 56 Craiova – Calafat, will intersect with the Craiova – Calafat railway, then DN 55 Craiova – Bechet, will pass under the Bucharest Bucharest – Timisoara line and will be connected to the roundabout at DN 6 Alexandria – Caracal – Craiova – Timisoara, in Cairo. From here, the other option to bypass Craiova through the south, was completed in December 2016, the option that reaches DN 65 Craiova – Piteşti and practically closes the municipal ring road.

Bypass Craiova The second southern variant will have a length of about 10 km and will connect three national roads: DN 56 Craiova – Calafat, DN 55 Craiova – Pechet and DN 6 Alexandria – Caracal – Craiova

The South II variant will be about ten kilometers long and will cross the administrative territory of the communities of Dolj Podari, Malu Mare and Cârcea. The bypass variant separates from the DN 56, at 2 + 950 km – via a roundabout, the non-electrified CF line Craiova – Calavat crosses with an above-ground pass, then continues parallel to the Jiu defense dam, which will cross with a bridge 1 + 929 km. At km 4 + 100 There is a roundabout at the intersection with DN 55 and at km 8 + 908 there is an underground passage to cross the electrified line CF Bucharest – Timisoara.

On the Belt Road at km 6 + 900 there will be a short-term parking lot (on both sides of the road) with an area of ​​3.2 hectares. The track of Craiova Sud II ends at km 9 + 889, right at the intersection with the roundabout on DN 6 (in Cârcea). Here, only an access ramp will be required at the point now connecting DN 6 to DN 65, via Craiova Sud I Beltway.

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