“Winged Muse” was delivered yesterday (video-photo)

The National Prose Prize “Ziarul de Iaşi” was awarded yesterday during an event held in a place full of history and culture, at the Central University Library in Iaşi, this year’s host and institutional partner.

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Together with representatives of the official partners, Stef Invest and Antibiotice, members of the distinguished jury made up of writers, literary critics and university professors, as well as other important guests from the world of literature, university in Iai, business environment, educational and cultural institutions from the capital of Moldova or from the political environment in Yash.

‘A real literary debate’

Tony Hariak, Ziarul de Iaşi editor-in-chief and initiator of the project, was the one who moderated the award ceremony. Talk about the history of the National Prose Award “Ziarul de Iaşi”, but also about the honesty and transparency that this literary award jury has shown every time in the XIX -a edition every time.

“This award is an award whose reputation is mainly due to the jury. Professor Alexandro Kalinscu, Chairman of the founding jury, Codrin Livio Cottaro, with other members of the jury, Bogdan Creo, Antonia Patras, Doris Mironescu, we have over time had other members of the The jury, such as the late Emile Brommaro, Valerio Gergil or Nishita Danilov.

They have taken care of themselves over time, and we should be grateful, because they guarantee a real literary discussion,” said Tony Hariac, who also noted the importance of patrons who make it possible, every year, to award good literature. Alexandru Luzescu, President of Ziarul de Iaşi, also spoke At the opening, who gave a short speech about previous editions of the award.

Citizen of Iasi, this year’s winner

It was Alexandro Kalinscu, President of the Jury, who spoke of this year’s winner, Florin Lozorescu, but also of the volume awarded in the 19th edition, “I’ll leave at night, return at night.”

“This year we are awarding a famous Yash prose writer. It is part of an interesting promotion of Yash’s prose, which 20 years ago was the young generation, now it is the middle generation. There are two other famous Yash writers of this generation, Dan Longo and Lucien Dan Teodorovici, who They also won this award,” Alexandru Kalinscu explained, noting also the achievements and experience of the award-winning writer, but also the merits of the novel in which this year he received the Ziarul de Iaşi National Prize for Prose.

Ştefan Apălimăriţei, Director of Stef Invest, was the one who awarded the National Prose Prize “Ziarul de Iaşi”, the winner, Florin Lăzărescu, emphasizing that despite other privileges abroad, this is the first prize to be obtained in Romania. “We are in Mr. Manul’s land. I am very happy that this award is going on. Few things last, especially since there are many things that started well in Iasi. It is a very important award not because I got it, but because, for example, I received congratulations.” From Mircea Certurescu, who said that this is one of the few awards that keeps its dignity in Romania,” said Florin Lazarscu.

First Appearance Award, awarded to a young university student from Yash

The award for debut this year went to Andre Victor Kojokaru, a young university teacher from Iai. About the award-winning author and volume, “From Quest to Fantasy. The Allegory of the Initial Path, “published by Al.I. Koza,” spoke Kudrin Liviu Kotitaro, member of the Jury for the National Prose Award “Ziarul de Iaşi”.

“We are having the first appearance of a young researcher, a young university student, as there have been many over the past 20 years. I think 60% were young professors at Iai in the first book,” said Kudrin Livio Cottaro, who stated that despite the differences In the opinion of him and specialists in comparative literature, the volume of Andrei Victor Kojokaru attracted from the first pages.

“The fact that I liked the comparison book is a performance in itself. I have a problem with the comparators, with whom I have a friendly relationship, but when we get into the professional field, I feel a little anxious,” joked Codrin Livio Cottaro, who later spoke extensively about the topics he covers The volume, but also the way the red thread has been preserved, is intended to create a compact work.

The first prize cup was awarded by the representative of Antibiotice, Valentina Bi, a company that has been with the National Prose Award “Ziarul de Iaşi” since the first edition. Valentina Beta, who said that the theme of the volume awarded this year, The Way of Initiation, can be found even in organizational cultures, and Antibiotice does its best to support young people at the beginning of the journey.

The young first prize winner wanted to thank the jury, Ziarul de Jach and the sponsors who supported this cultural endeavour.

About award-winning authors

The grand winner of this year’s National Prose Prize “Ziarul de Iaşi”, a prize in its 19th edition, an award for the best book published in the previous year, is Florin Lăzărescu, who received this award for “I leave at night, I return at night.” , published by Polirum Publishing. Florin Lăzărescu’s volume describes Paul’s life semi-photographically, from dialogues about ordinary things to the act of withdrawing money from an ATM, thus presenting a true x-ray for a generation, but also of the country in general. Florin Lozorescu, prose writer, screenwriter and publicist, born in Iai Province in 1974. He studied at the UAIC Faculty of Arts, and in 2000 he graduated with a master’s degree in Comparative Literature and Anthropology. He is one of the founders and organizers of the Yasi International Festival of Literature and Translation – FILIT, he is also a collaborator of several cultural publications in the country and a member of the editorial board of the weekly cultural supplement. It started in 2000 with the size of the mistletoe nests stories. To date, he has published eight volumes, four anthologies, as well as screenplays, including the screenplay for Aferim!

Andrei Victor Kojokaru, a teacher at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi since 2018, has been announced for the first time the winner of the prize, which was awarded for the volume “From the Pursuit of the Fictional Genre: Allegory of the Initial Path”, published by the university publishing house Alexandru Ioan Koza “Yaş. Andrei Victor Kojokaru was born in 1993 in Iai, attended the Faculty of Arts in Iai, received a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and in 2021 received a doctorate in philology.

Three exceptional copy partners: Stef Invest “, BCU Iaşi and Antibiotice SA

Stef Invest, the main partner of this year’s edition, this year joined the Ziarul de Iaşi initiative, noting the importance of education and culture in the development of society in general. Răzvan Apălimăriţei, General Manager of the company, emphasized before the National Prose Award ceremony “Ziarul de Iaşi” that supporting this project was a natural gesture, and it is these kind of steps that help the development of society in general.

“We are honored and delighted to be able to join a team that supports talent, excellence, quality, honesty and verticality, and support for Stef Invest, who works in similar coordinates, came naturally. Even if we work in a field where engineering and exact sciences take precedence, we realize that without the creative side, Without the inspiration of the book and without the contribution of the arts to society, the world would be more grey, and the buildings built by engineers would lose their relevance,” Răzvan Apălimăriţei said.

Antibiotice, the event’s traditional partner, has each year supported the Ziarul de Iaşi approach, thus honoring the company’s entire motto, “Science and Soul”. “Supporting young talents is a constant concern in our company. Antibeauties, a friendly and responsible brand, has implemented a series of projects, in partnership with schools and universities, aimed at young people, who can find in our company a way to start their career, to develop their skills and absorb knowledge useful in the chosen profession ”, Iwan Nani, general manager of the “Antibiotics” company, quoted.

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This year’s institutional partner is the Central University Library “Mihai Emenscu” of Iaşi, Director of the Foundation, Associate Professor Ioan Melici, noting before the award ceremony that this year the award belongs to the House of Writers and Books, to the Library.

Nearly two decades of tradition

Last year, the winner of the National Prose Prize “Ziarul de Iaşi” was nominated for writer Ioana Pârvulescu, whose book “Prevestirea” published by “Humanitas” is considered the best prose work of 2020.

The National Prose Prize “Ziarul de Iaşi” was established in 2004, motivated by the desire of the editorial office to honor the best Romanian writers and provide valuable milestones for enthusiastic readers of literature. The main partner for this year’s edition is Stef Invest, the traditional partner is Antibiotice, and the founding partner is the Central University Library “Mihai Eminescu” in Iai.

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