Alleged ‘Alecsandri House’ in Bacau sparks controversy among politicians after being photographed by Dan Negro – Awakening

TV star Dan Negro was, today, in Bacau, and broadcast live, on Facebook, a video showing the ruins of the building that is said to belong to the family of the poet Vasily Alexander.

Dan Negru’s video and notes caught the attention of Mayor Lucian-Daniel Stanciu-Viziteu, who was quick to show the county council:

The house “Vasile Alecsandri” belongs to the Bacău county council, and they are only entitled to rehabilitate it. I want to publicly state once again that the Baucau City Council supports any effort to restore this heritage building,” the Mayor of Bacău wrote on his Facebook page.

The head of the county council, Valentin Evancia, immediately answered:

« Sponsorship of the county council mr. The mayor is passionate, his support is pathetic and I am convinced he will help us achieve this goal! To get the correct information for public opinion, I specify:

Vasile Alecsandri’s house was purchased by the county council just to rehabilitate it! The delay in starting its restoration is due (ironically) to the Culture Committee, which gave a very difficult opinion, having put the project back in again.

We are now in the auction stage for the consolidation works of the heritage building.

alleged assistance from mr. Stanciu, the temporary mayor, it will be useful if we agree with the master. He has visited the hotel and will urgently support the rehabilitation of the central hotel which has announced its purchase, redemption and confiscation 200 times so far! As if to support the rehabilitation of the former mayor’s office – the former library, the current strategic meeting place! »

The mayor of Bacău, Lucien Bogdenel, did not allow himself to be overtaken either and drew the attention of the mayor of Bacău to the diocese’s heritage buildings falling apart:

“Master. The visit continues, i.e. preserves that of Bacau’s legacy to the ground, especially the nose and tail!
The mayor (on Facebook, how else!?) has become the custodian of Bacau’s legacy, whose emblematic buildings are built – precisely because of this constant support – on the ground directly under the indifferent eyes of the supporter.
Cut from the Central Hotel, from the former library building (formerly City Hall!) and the supporter doing what he knows best: he supports, in words, the local heritage and its venerable buildings, only the columns do not replace the rehabilitation and consolidation.

Ashamed, but because of the loose plaster threatening the safety and physical integrity of passersby, the facade of the Central Hotel was covered with a tarpaulin.

do you remember how that mr. Does the supporter announce the approaching date of buying and renovating this building with European funding?

Well, very discreetly, the first step has already been taken :): the hotel was bought by a private company (!), The city council is unfortunately missing (how otherwise?) Purchase of the building.

Dirty clean, from this big support from the “cone” Viziteu, Bacau’s heritage – when pots and pans weren’t made – falls into the hands of estate agents, who speculate about the impotence of Bacau City Hall: an institution run by people who have no respect for the Bacau people and our local history. And I don’t think the pictures below speak for themselves.”

Why the “supposed” home?

Although there are people who claim that the building called “Vassily Alexandri’s house” belonged to the poet’s family, the evidence in this regard is very flimsy. In addition, if you look at the wall to the left of the House of Culture in Bacau, you will see a marble plaque indicating the presence of the Alexander family’s home.

Moreover, in the work “Bacau from 1850 to 1900”, a study of the city by the former mayor Kostaš Radu, published in 1906, writes that in 1894 the great merchant Vivis Klein built a bath in accordance with the requirements of that time on the place of the houses in which the poet was born The great F. Alexander”. Therefore, 12 years before the publication of the work, the Alexandre houses were demolished and a public bath was built in their place.

The current building was purchased by an Italian investor, after learning that he could not demolish it and could do nothing with a heritage purpose – the building was declared a historical monument to his architecture, not to contact with Alecsandri – left – one year in ruins until it was purchased by Provincial Council.

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