ATUTM 1.0.0 START UPDATE – Timișoara . Realistic Transformation and Update Strategy

In the context of the age we are passing through and defining changes in human relations, the redefinition of society and political and economic systems is based, at all levels, on cooperation, mutual support and unity in decisions.

So, ATU . ConferenceTM 1.0 START – We are accelerating change, laying the foundations for the Timișoara Reality Transformation and Realization Strategy (START) supported by the University of Timișoara Alliance which is a project aimed at integrating cooperation between companies and universities, to develop a business model inspired by the UPT Steering Committee and to propose solutions to meet the needs expressed about it in the discussions.

In a letter sent by Timic County Council Chairman Allen Neka, he stated that he relies on universities to generate an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will enhance the local entrepreneurial spirit and will be the basis for economically sustainable development at the regional level. , adding that business partners can join in on their work experience, and this trio, strengthened through a partnership with civil society, can be the answer to the future of European Timisoara that we all want.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Dan Pedros, as the representative of the business environment responsible for about 80 thousand employees, praised the spirit of the Polytechnic, which made the relationship with the economic environment come naturally, expressing the hope that the expansion of the model The steering committee at the ATU level will make sure From next year at the latest, we have a coherent vision for the development of Timișoara.

Christian von Albrechsfeld, of the UPT Steering Committee, also emphasized the need to increase the quality of life in Timisoara, so that the city becomes more attractive.

In turn, the mayor of Timioara, Dominic Fritz, emphasized the role that the universities of Timioara, which were reunited within the ATU, play in the image of the city, and welcomed the idea of ​​bringing together all the actors that could promote the development of Timioara.

Then, the first part of the meeting focused on the role of the ATU in the dynamics of cultural activities, both in the perspective of 2023, when Timisoara will be the European Capital of Culture, and especially in the following years. On this occasion, each university presented, as examples of good practice, its own cultural projects.

In the debate on Employer Branding – Employer Educational Resources, guest speaker, Doru Șupeală, came up with solutions in which universities can support the needs of large employers, in order to build their brand as a good employer.

A new vision for Timisoara – Universities and Entrepreneurship, Debate, moderated by Radu Vasiu, UPT Senate Chair, focused on solutions to diversify business services and opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

The results of the meeting were formulated by the deans of the four member universities of the University of Timisoara coalition: Florin Dragan, President of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and current President of ATU: “We believe that universities can and should contribute to the sustainable development of business in Timisoara. In this meeting we wanted to bring together representatives of universities, representatives of the cultural field and also representatives of companies so that together we can help work not only on the Timisoara European Capital of Culture project, but also what will happen after 2023, may exactly what is left for us in the cultural field.

The Polytechnic University of Timisoara has a strong strategy from this point of view, with regard to the science and art sector, in which, in accordance with the tradition of the Polytechnic, we have entered the cultural pillar, and at the same time we are open to cooperation with other universities and the artistic and cultural environment. Today, this project will be presented by people from and outside the Polytechnic, close collaborators, teachers, professionals, or student representatives.

After 2023, we want to remain, in addition to museums, the MV Center for the Arts and other university projects, with a master’s degree in the Faculty of Architecture, in the field of sciences and arts, in cooperation with other universities in Timisoara. Challenges will continue in the coming years in the field of education and a team approach is desirable.”

Professor Marilyn Burt, Dean of Western University: “The two years of ATU were marked by a pandemic. We have thought of many projects, we have somewhat confused this global context to put them into practice, but we are ready for future actions.

Today is an extraordinary meeting, because the business community, public administration and academia in Timisoara want to do projects together and realize that the success of an urban city, like Timisoara, a university city, can only be maximized through the cooperation of the three entities that are so important.

We depend on each other, we cannot work in isolation, we must understand that. Only in this way will we be able to play in the major leagues of Europe. We are talking about Europe of regions, where the competitiveness, cooperation and participation of many entities are the future. The fact that there is a field of university alliances at the European level, where there are conglomerates of departments and universities to generate economic and social progress must give us food for thought and we must enter if not in the foreground, at least in the wake of such steps which lead the European direction forward.

Timisoara is a European city that is not only expressive, but we also want to show it in reality. This is what we all need to realize. That’s what we, ATU, try to do – put ourselves in the position to do things, and with all the individuality that characterizes the region, we play in a bond of solidarity, for the good of the city and the region.”

Professor Octavian Creto, President of the “Victor Bebeau” University of Medicine and Pharmacy:

“The creation of the University of Timisoara Alliance, the first structure of cooperation and consolidation of the university center and platform of research, development and scientific innovation in the city of Bega, was and remains a win-win for all four universities of Timisoara. First of all, due to the development of integrated research, the overlap of joint scientific projects and sessions with applications and direct effects in Promote and develop intelligence for our society and our region.

Secondly, despite the fact that we come from different fields, we enjoy close and effective cooperation between universities thanks to teachers of high academic standing, facilitated by the exchange of experiences, which combined goals and strategies that can be achieved in projects. Research and use of university facilities, such as libraries, auditoriums and sports fields of partner universities.

We also appreciate the efforts made by the students of the four universities of the University of Timisoara Alliance, who, through cooperation and joint projects at the level of organizations, in the scientific and cultural fields, have not forgotten to “give to Caesar what Caesar is” and to reflect on the academic community, not only the support they have enjoyed in their lives professional. Because it is always the facts that raise or lower you.”

Cosmin Allen Popescu, President of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in the daughters of “King Mihai I”: “As for today’s meeting, I brought hopes on the topics that have been announced. One is about culture, the other is about education, entrepreneurship, and the involvement of universities in these areas.” In fact, education is the most important cultural component of the city.

Even if our university profile is more towards the field of life sciences, this technical field, engineering and life sciences, our role is very important in terms of the elements of culture in traditions and crafts, because we are a country that has traditions, that has a gastronomic culture, for example, and through our specialties, we offer Our contribution in this field.

Even with the development of technologies, it is very important for us, as a people, to preserve this identity, including cultural identity in various fields. It is important to preserve our traditions and culture, and this is our role as a university. Now we learn from everyone’s experiences. Obviously there are things that need improvement and there is no point in trying things that have happened elsewhere. Let’s take only positive examples.

It is an added advantage of networking and additional experience for the four universities. In the future we will have beautiful and spacious projects, which come from some needs. We have some progress, others under discussion, whether it’s about culture, entrepreneurship or research. So we want projects that will help develop the city of Timisoara, the province and even the Banat region.”



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