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On Sunday, Irina Lugin revealed, on the Fuego program on TVR 2, about her life and career, as well as about her colleague, the late singer Benoni Sinulescu, who passed away on November 18, 2021. Along with him, the queen of popular music sang for years. The artist really wants to become a grandmother and hug her grandchildren. If in her youth she prayed to have children, at the age of 83, the singer prays to have grandchildren.

Irina Login wants to be a grandmother

Irina Login, 83, has been playing sports for years. She surrounds Herastro Lake every day, and is careful about her diet. The popular singer has not eaten meat since 1979, when she fell ill after eating steak and preferred soy dishes.

What foods did Irina Login give up: “I haven’t eaten meat in 40 years”

“We just learned about it at the time. I’m getting ready to go to Arad. I just came from the lake, and I moved… Food and sports are very important to the body. What we eat is important!”

I haven’t eaten meat in 40 years, but you know it. But I eat a lot of soybeans and fish. Sausages are also made from fish meat. We don’t miss soy milk. We make it at home. I like to put more fruit in soy milk, like apples or bananas.” Irina Login said admirer.

What advice would he give a woman?

In addition to meat, the artist abandoned three more foods: sausages, fried foods and flour.

“And fasting mayonnaise is also made from soybeans. So I keep my posts super easy. But I do have another tip for women who want to look good and be healthy: eliminate flour, sausage, and fried foods from their diet. Otherwise let’s be optimistic, take care and wish you well. Happy day, because people are tired of problems ”, Irina Login said admirer.

She has two children, but no grandchildren

The singer is married to ex-athlete Ion Cernia and they have two children together, Cyprian and Irenuka. Just married the singer’s daughter. She unites her fate with a colleague named Bogdan Barbu. The two married in July 2018.

Irina Login has no grandchildren and this is still her biggest pain. The popular music singer in her youth underwent treatments to be able to get pregnant.

I prayed to God to help her have children, she was often in Israel, where she took advantage of heroics to go to holy places… The wait was not in vain and she hoped that the divinity would hear her prayers now and become a grandmother. “The most valuable thing is children and health. Let me see my grandchildren.” Says Irina Login.

Irina Login unveils TVR 2

On Sunday, May 8, from 15.00, on TVR 2, Paul Surugiu-Fuego comes to TVR 2 with a new version of “Drag de România mea”, in which the Queen also appears on the big day of popular music, Irina Lujen. It brings the lowest-performing songs on TV, but is very beautiful and responds to Paul Surugiu’s challenge, with a test of honesty.

“We will find out the secret of beauty, when will she be a grandmother, if she is passionate about meat, being a vegetarian, and of course if she misses the girl with whom she set out on the singing path, the late Benoni Sinulescu!” Says Paul Soruggio-Fuego.

The last winner of the flower from the garden, at the Fuego show

Fuego promises many surprises in TVR 2 and says it comes with several chapters. “I came with a patriotic touch, seriously, with captivating fields, acclaim, longevity, sincerity, but also romance, youth, and unforgettable songs.

Thus, from Transylvania, in the heart of Hunedoara, comes a great artist, the last winner of the “Garden Flower” competition, director of a cultural institution, beloved and original artist Christian Fodor. He brings us patriotic and playful songs and tells us about his cultural projects and folklore as a national identity.”Fuego claims.

Mihaela Runceanu, honored in the Drag de România mea

A special moment will be the one brought by Elias Tadeus, the composer, poet and music producer of the film from Bessarabia. He has written music for several international productions and will tell us what the process looks like, what inspires him and recite poems from his new Poems book. Moreover, he will have a passionate piano moment with love waltz.

Artist Carmen Trandafir is also returning to Drag de România mea, with a new song, with interesting stories and details of the collaboration with the Supermarket band. Along with Paul Soruggio, Carmen will honor the late Mihaela Ronceno, who was also her teacher and who would have turned 67 years old on May 4!

Guests from Bessarabia

From Bessarabia, with romance and songs that are appreciated and listened to, with millions of views, Valentin Ozon arrives with us. He delights us with his special voice and affection, tells us how important competitions are for the artist and sings to us in a duet with Paul Surugiu, an immortal hit!

Fuego also has musical gifts and a special surprise, introducing us to two talented young dancers, Mati Octavian Christian and Floro Ince Andrea, champions of several national professional competitions! There will be a ballet led by Florin Marić and a supermarket troupe!

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