Prizes worth $30,000…

The gym in Târgu Morey will host between April 29 and May 1, the most important tequebol event organized so far in Romania, a true European sports show. Men’s doubles and mixed doubles players compete for prizes totaling $30,000.

The International Teqball Federation (FITEQ), in partnership with the Romanian Teqball Federation (FRTEQ), is organizing the second stage of the European Teqball Circuit, the second competition in terms of cash prize value, after the Teqball World Series.

The best Teqball players in the world will be present at Tîrgu-Mureș, a 5-star sports competition with the fastest development in the world, just 5 years after its debut, a type of tennis with the foot practiced on a ping-pong table. 35 teams participate in the doubles event and 30 teams in the mixed doubles event.

Bogdan Marojevic / Nikola Mitro (Serbia – world doubles champion), Banic Caba / Janicek Zanet (Hungary – world doubles champion), world singles leader Adam Blazovic, and Hungarian runner-up, among others, have announced their participation. France’s Julian Grundin, bronze medalist, Poland’s Adrian Duszak, but also the best Romanian player at the moment, world number 2 in singles, Gyorgydeak Apor.

In fact, the first Teqball sports base in Romania was inaugurated on Saturday by Târgu Mureş City Hall, in partnership with the International Teqball Federation and the Romanian Teqball Federation, in the “Mureşul” entertainment complex, within an event adjacent to the European Teqball Tour on the track.

“The new base has three tables and it is free for all who want to learn and practice Teqball and have access to international competitions as we have, these days, in Târgu Moreh. At the Teqball demonstrations, it was noted that this is a sport that can be practiced by anyone and anywhere, because it can be It’s practiced in the gym, outside, on grass, on asphalt, on sand. The Romanian Tecball Association is a partner in a project to donate 80 teaball tables some schools.” Participation in competitions that benefit not only players, but also clubs that promote these athletes,” said the president of the Romanian Teqball Federation, Teodor Luca, quoting Agerpres.

According to him, the idea of ​​​​the International Teqball Federation is to create a framework in which not only athletes are rewarded, but also clubs that fight for athletes to obtain all conditions for participation in international competitions. “Of the awards won in the tournament, 50% is for the athlete, and 40% is for the club. I have never met in other international federations in this way to support and encourage clubs to bring this new sport,” the Romanian president said. shackle union.

Theodor Luca showed that this sport was formed in Romania four years ago, after friendship with the President of the International Judo Federation, Marius Fizer, whose son Marius Fizer Jr. was the General Secretary of the International Judo Federation.

“When we set out to develop teqball in Romania, we knew we had come up with someone who is completely dedicated to this project. We have been developing this project for four years and have many athletes with exceptional results at the international level. After that. At the last Teqball World Championship that Romania occupied Fourth place among the countries present, it participated in four of the five finals, which is why the Ministry of Sports trusts this project, because this federation is the future generator of European and Olympic medals.Minister Eduard Novak reminded us, that next year Teqball will be invited as a medal player in Krakow.

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