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The leadership of the Dâmbovița County Council, directly the head of this institution – Corneliu Ștefan, participated in the reissue of the “Days of the Dâmbovia County” in another format. The artistic cultural event, unique in approach and scope, will take place over five days, under the auspices of the 510th anniversary of the first documentary guide to the administrative territory of the province of Dâmbovița.

Today – May 6, 2022, at the press conference held at the Art Museum in Targovít, President Cornelio Stefan stated that he wanted this event to become an annual celebration that, through a series of activities held in several sites with historical resonance, would promote the cultural and historical values ​​and peculiarities of Dâmboviţa and the citizens of these lands.

“It is, first of all, a measure to strengthen this county. History is written in Dâmbovița and in the localities of Dâmbovia, and the people of this county should be proud of where they live. It is a special event for the people of Dâmbovița county, where we will carry out important activities in several regions.

This is the first time we are organizing such events across the province. During the five days, we will enjoy a series of concerts, artistic, cultural and sports events, and exhibitions of traditional and handicrafts. We have events in Târgoviște, in Pucioasa, Fieni, Moreni, Potlogi, in many rural settlements. Last but not least, in Ialomița Cave, in Bucegi, we will have a concert.

At the heart of these events is the Royal Court, managed by CJD, where we will be organizing concerts. On June 1, we will have the opening soccer tournament, which will be held in several districts in the county. As Cornelio Stefan said, also on June 1st we will have an award ceremony for students of the popular art school “Octave Ineguriescu”.

On June 2, during the “Dâmbovia Provincial Days”, the Ion Heliade Rădulescu Library will organize the “Dâmbovia Traditions Marathon”.

On the same day, the tennis tournament will be held in the province of Dâmbovița.

The central event on June 2nd will be the “Ceremony of Excellence” where all those who have made a worthy contribution to the development of the Dâmbovița Province will be honored.

“We will reward people of all fields of activity, those who represent us even today at the national and international levels. On June 3, we will launch the Ethnographic Encyclopedia of the Dâmbovița Province. The event is organized by the Cultural Center of the Province of Dâmbovița. Also on June 3 we will reopen both the Museum” Ion Luca Caragiale”, which was under rehabilitation, and the Museum of Pietroșia. At 17:00 we will open the exhibition of folk craftsmen”, stated the head of the Dâmbovița Provincial Council.

The most important day of this cultural, artistic and sports marathon will be June 4, when the 510th anniversary of the ratification of Dambovica will be celebrated.

“At 11:00 we will hold the ceremonial meeting of the Prefectural Council which will take place, as a sign of appreciation for history, inside the Brankovinsk Palace in Potlogi. Also on June 4 we will reopen the royal court in Targovit to visitors. In the evening we will organize a unique show, with a change of guard , a light musical show, with famous bands from Romania. We will conclude the evening with a unique moment of laser and film, which will be shown on Chindia Tower,” revealed Corneliu Ștefan.

On the 5th of June there will be prize distribution events for all the athletes who participated in the tournaments held during the five days of competitions. On the same day, Ialomița Cave will be the venue for a symphony concert. Also, in the evening, the audience will be able to watch the folk show with the support of the “Lăutarii” folk orchestra, conducted by Maestro Nikolai Potgros, with the wide competition of soloists of folk music from the Dâmbovița province and beyond. On the plateau in front of the Dâmbovița County Council, a basketball tournament will be organized, a competition authorized by the Romanian Basketball Federation.

The press conference at which President Cornelio Stefan announced the wonderful holiday of Dâmbovia Province were also attended by: Vice Presidents Luciana Cristia and Antonel Jugier, General Secretary of the District – Deni Nikolai Buba Stenscu, Director of the National Museum Complex “Curtia Domnicsky” – Director of the Cultural Center of Dâmbovița Province – Florin Georgescu.

„The main purpose of the activity is to strengthen the identification elements of the province of Dâmbovia – especially values, traditions and culture – and to spread the tourist, educational and economic potential of the place. Last but not least, it is a good opportunity to discover an important part of Roman history and the city of Târgoviște, the county seat and former seat castle in Wallachia being an architectural symbol representing the past and development of the Roman state.

The program of events will be carried out by the cultural institutions of the Dâmbovia County Council: the Curtea Domneasc National Museum Complex, the Dâmbovița County Culture Center and the Ion Heliade Rădulescu County Library in Târgoviște,” reads a statement sent by the Dâmbovia County Council.

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