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In their first participation in the county championship, the group founded by Daniel Monteno and Kristi Franchino won the second championship and is preparing for the playoff matches. In the Honest group there are many players from their own nursery, the Sports School of Football was established in 2014

After years of drought, honest football is raising its head once again. She did so through Sportul Onești, the Series 2 leader of the Provincial Championship and, at the same time, the finalist for the Romanian Cup. The first team (which just hit the 100th goal scored in the current edition of League 4 thanks to a 3-0 win over Minetti this weekend), was formed last year, but the Honest Group has been on the road since 2014, with the first groups of kids and rookies In the football school, on the initiative (including financial) of Daniel Monteno and Cristi Franchino.

“We started from scratch, with patience and confidence, and the satisfaction was short-lived. This is because I didn’t force things at all. We moved from the bottom up, laying bricks upon bricks, so that the masonry called Sportul Onești would be solid”Daniel Muntino, who, as a goalkeeper, has amassed more than 150 matches in the first league under the colors of Onești, Farului, Oţelul, Unirii Urziceni, Vaslui and University of Cluj, and as a coach, admits he has been promoted from C to B with Aerostar Bacau. The satisfaction that Daniel Munteanu mentioned mainly refers to the players that Sportul Onești raised. Some made their way into top-flight groups such as FCSB (Ștefan Moraru born in 2005, who also entered the national team circuit of Romania U17 and tefan Bulimar- 2005) and Sepsi Sfântu-Gheorghe (Paul Bălănucă- 2005, Radu Ghimbovschi, Rareș Martin and Robert Borșato) 2006 and Claudiu Uja (2004), others joined the first sports team to go without knowing defeat at the helm of the second series of League Four.

“We formed the first team out of the need to provide continuity to the children who were raised in their own nursery. It was a shame to lose them. To progress as they should, we turned to a group of experienced players like Edi Tismănaru, so that we could create the right mix at the fourth level. .”, confirms Daniel Muntino, who looks at League Three: “We haven’t set that goal for ourselves since the first season, but given that things are working in football, we’ll try to promote. We know it’s tough – athletic and financial – but Onești needs a League III team. Just like those kids who come after us and give us hope” . The Onești Sports Center for children and young adults has six age groups. The upper station is provided by a group of children born between 2005 and 2007 and trained by Costel Monteno, while the children are born in 2016 and 2017 who were trained by Daniel Monteno. Between these two is the group 2008/2009 (coach Kristi Franchino), 2010/2011 (Allen Calabud), 2012/2013 (Bogdan Corman) and 2014/2015 (Yonui Mulloman). A total of 120 players carry out their current activity at the “CSM Onești” stadium and who are frequently recognized in the competitions and tournaments they participate in.

“We also have children from rural areas, but also from employment centres, to whom we provide a series of facilities in financial terms. The budget of Onești Sport, in addition to a personal contribution, is based on a series of sponsorships from some friends who believed in the project that Cristi Franciano and I started” , Daniel Monteno, who hopes that if Sportul can take the step to level three, points out, support will also come from local authorities. Tomorrow, regardless of the final stage result, with AS Măgura Cașin, Sportul Onești will finish Series 2 of the province’s championship in first place. An important success given the fact that it is the first participation in the county championship, the play -who and – why not?- “bridging” the promotion in the third league. After a decade of football drying up, Onești is looking again. C “see” on the horizon.

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