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May 13-15 | The 42nd edition of the International Lucien Plaga Festival, in Sibiu and Lankrum. Father Constantine Nicolas, present at the event. timetable

The Municipality of Cebit, in cooperation with the Cultural Center “Lucien Plaga”, has the honor to send a general invitation to the interested public to participate in the 42nd edition of the International Festival “Lucien Plaga”, which we are pleased to host, on May 13-15, 2022, in Sibi and Lankrum.

The Lucien Plage Festival is a symbolic expression of Seppi’s tribute to the memory of Lucien Plage (born in Lankrum on May 9, 1895), “the poet of the fruitful seed” and “the philosopher of spring”, as Acad called it. Alexandro Sordo. Year after year, the influence and image of this festival swelled, as it was honored with the presence of personalities from Romanian academic, cultural and scientific life (in 1984, we recorded the participation of Constantin Noica; in recent editions, the constant attendance was achieved by Alexandru Sordo, Vice-President of the High Forum and Head of the Department of Philosophy, Together with prominent literary critics and commentators of Pelagian’s work, translators, etc.).

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During the event, the scientific communication sessions, along with the book launch, are important milestones aimed at opening new horizons among the audience in order to creatively utilize the ideas and ideas that the organizers have the honor to share, through the participants, for a wider audience. We will consolidate the memory of Lucian Plaga in the public consciousness – a poet, philosopher, prose writer, translator and diplomat, a prominent figure in Roman culture. The theme of this year’s festival is: “Lucien Plaga – The Ingenuity of the Creative Soul”.

The organizers thank Father Constantine Nicolas for the generosity of accepting the invitation to hold a conference in the festival program (Friday, May 13, 2022, 19.00, in the Youth Garden on Saturday).

Special thanks also go to the two partner publishing houses – “Ardealul” publishing house from Târgu Morey and “Transylvanian School” publishing house from Cluj-Napoca, where we are pleased to present the festival books: Festival Yearbook – “Caietele Blaga”, Drama Avram Iancu, by Lucian Blaga, Edited and Forwarded by Mircea Popa, “The Concept of Morite Space in Lucian Blaga Philosophy,” by Eugeniu Nistor, Second Edition, “History of Roman Philosophy,” by N. Bagdasar, Editing by Georgi Fludwinescu and Eugenio Nestor, “Lucian Plaga – The Lyrical Universe”, author Eon Pope, “Anthropological Reflection Composition of Show”, author Christian Stamatoyo. Anna Seligan, Anka Sargi and Pasco Balaci also announced the release of the latest books on the Pelagian world.

The artistic performances, which will end each day of the festival, will intertwine poetry with music and dramaturgy, and the event is dominated by the figure of the national hero Avram Iancu, as defined largely by Lucien Plage. The invited artists will honor the work of Pelagia, the Romanian language, within an artistic framework created by scenographer Alain Gavrilo, inspired by the Moret space: Adrien Naidn, Corala Armonia, Vita Peric, director Florin Kolic, along with the actors and young people. the students.

We hope you will accept our invitation and please see the following highlights:

Lucien Blaga International Festival Programme, 40th Edition, Siby – Lankrum, May 13-15, 2022

Friday, May 13, 2022

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Pilgrimage to the statue of Lucien Plage from Lankrum and the tomb of the writer

10.00-10.30: beginning and end. Anniversary service

Lucien Blaga Lankrum Memorial House

11:00 am.: The official opening of the festival. Honorary Awards. Words. artistic moments

Lucien Blaga Memorial House Lancrăm

12:30 pm: Scientific communication course

Brokers: acad. Gheorghe Vlăduțescu, C.S. I Dr. Eugeniu Nistor

Books and magazines at the festival. Directed by the poet Ion Morgenio

Municipal Museum “Ioan Rajeka” Sibic

17.00: Festival Awards for Winners of the National Competition for Literary Creativity and Fine Arts “Praise be to the seeds, to those present and forever to all!” Sebeş – Lancrăm, 42nd ed., 2022. Fine Art Gallery of Local Painters

Youth Park. outdoor scene

19.00: Conference held by Father Constantine Nicolas

8 pm: Presentation – Chair “Harmony”

Alba Yulia

Headquarters of the Alba Provincial Library “Lucian Plaga”

09.00 – 17.00: Thematic book fair – Lucien Blaga in the collections of the library

10:00 am.: Reading and curiosity about Lucien Blaga – Lucien Blaga and children

12.00: Exhibition on the Internet and in the premises of the Provincial Library “Lucien Plaga” Alba – Publications of the International Festival “Lucien Plaga” over time

13.00: Laying flowers on the bust of Lucien Blaga

09.00 – 17.00: Pelagian Lyrical Performances – For Readers …

Saturday 14 May 2022


Lucien Blaga Cultural Center Sebeş

09.00: Scientific communication course

Coordinator: University Professor. Dr.. Elie Moise

Sibi Municipal Museum “Ioan Raika”

10:00 am.: poetry reading competition

17.00: Transylvanian Cultural Cities with Pro Valores Cultural Association. Guests: Sebastian Crocion, Fernando Mihalacci, Eugene Mucinic. Inauguration of a book and artistic moments with the literary attic “Lucien Blaga” Sibec

Youth Park. outdoor scene

20.30: Artistic performance – adaptation of the play “AVRAM IANCU” by Lucian Blaga. Directed by: Florin Kulich. Cast: Florin Kulich, Eleonora Kulich, Radu Chubu. Guest: Vita Peric

“Up to the opinion…” artist Adrien Naidin and his invitations: John Mikko, Bogdan Monteno, Eugene Amarandi

Sunday 15 May 2022


Ivan Raica Municipal Museum Sebeş

17.00: Inauguration of a book and art exhibition

Lucien Blaga Cultural Center Sebec

19.00: Ballroom “RADU STANCA”

Theatre: “The Name Without a Name”. Co-production of the National Theater “Radu Stanca” Sibiu and the Cultural Center “Lucian Blaga” Sebeș. Directed by: Florin Kolic

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