The writer th. Florine Shen, At Christmas Hour

Liliana Moldova, Secretary – LSR Mureș / UZPR

To write about the life and character of a professor of contemporary Roman literature, such as Mr. Ali. Florin Țene, it is a great honor but also a great responsibility because you have to find the right formula to capture it in an eloquent and complete definition, both for the Al man. Florin Shen, as well as a literature teacher and author, who built a solid, diverse and highly valuable literary edifice.

In an attempt to understand the literary structure of this edifice, the first level of authority inevitably leads us to the unmistakable vast expanse of Al’s poems. Florin Shane, the writer who discovered masterpieces of poetic creativity, from an early age, first appeared, at the age of 17, in the magazine “Tribuna” with the poem “I was born when”, published in this section – known as Cluj published under the title “. A few years after his first appearance in a magazine, the inaugural appearance of the youth ene, who lit up the world with the excitement of his words and the first volume of poetry “Ochi Abrir” was printed in 1974, was also made at Litera Publishing, in Bucharest. From the moment he appeared until today, Al. Florin Shen devoted himself to poetry with an unbridled love and presented to the public 23 volumes of poetry. In all these books, the talent of “the poet is fully manifested, and he leads the reader to be in poetry” (Constantin Gianto).

They are verses written in moments of sadness and joy, verses that are visualized in the midst of deep existential dilemmas or arose from sensitive moments captured in moments of spirituality and ecstasy. Each poem “to a world under the mirage of the word” (Constantin Gianto) takes us.

During the long years of literary creativity, verses that can be compared with the poems of the great masters of national and world literature were laid in the comfort of his poetic thinking.

But the head of the Roman Writers Guild is also a true master of contemporary prose. Upon reaching the second level of authority, that of a prose writer, it is only natural to put him in the spotlight, as in a complex, rich and timeless exposition and in the 5 volumes of short prose and also the 16 novels he has written. Among them, fictional biographies of the life and work of some prominent Roman writers and people occupied a dominant place such as: Jeb i. These pages of unique documents, on the border between fact and fiction, are part – if I were to paraphrase the phrase of Mariana Cristescu, author of the preface to Double Mirror – in the category of powerful and emotional novels, “the literary curtain of the dramatic times in which the people of this Roman land lived.” “.

Among the volumes printed by Al. There are also plays by Florin Țene: “A ghost disturbs hope” (2010), “Florile Sarmisegetusei” (2010), “Cozia, historical drama in verse” (2010), “Shop of beautiful dreams for sale: a farce” (2017). Without these books, and on the stage of the third level of power, a. Wait, he wasn’t going to complete his job as a writer.

Very valuable are the interests of the historian and literary critic Al Muallem. Florine Shen. From the perspective of research in aesthetics and literary criticism, we note that a. Țene has always insisted on the need for an interpretation of any literary work to necessarily be realized “in its specific literary-historical horizon”. On the fourth level of authority, the literary critic, philosopher, and aesthetics writer holds that contemporary literature needs a new book of literary history, complete, up-to-date, passing through the filter of the present, and refined from the perspective of modern paradigms of literary criticism and aesthetics. . In a new history of Roman literature, which could become the leading book of our nation, Al. Florin Țene believed that the process of casting literary works should begin with the critical and responsible liquidation of literary books written during the communist period.

With his desire for “a more rational, equitable, better and more beautiful world,” the president of the Roman Writers Association proves himself a visionary and trusts in people’s ability to return to the cultural and spiritual essence of the Roman spirit.

Confident in the ability of culture to enrich us spiritually, the Florins built, and will bequeath to posterity, a solid literary fortress. In this sense, he used his immeasurable creative power, iron will and intense and continuous activity to document and research the field of Roman and world literature.

With every book donated to print, he was reborn and fulfilled, as a human being, as an author and literary critic, but especially, with every volume he publishes, he took another step toward the sky of literary immortality. Accordingly, with reference to the writer, journalist and literary critic Al. Florin Shen, we can say starting with Noica, the great Roman philosopher, that: The head of the Roman Writers Association lived as many lives as he wrote books!

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