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A grade of 5.78 was not a good fit for the director of the Arad Philharmonic, Doro Urban. Obviously not, this is an insufficient score to pass the “exam”, which usually means his immediate dismissal. Not if the appeal was granted, which it actually did. I found out what the appeal of Doro Urban was based on. It is also known what will happen next.

What happened:

“The members of the evaluation committee did not adhere to the schedule”, indicated in the appeal, taking into account that the analysis of the activity report and analysis reports must be made on 17.03.2022 and was made on 18.03.2022, in accordance with the minutes drawn up and recorded. The first stage registration paper was submitted only on 21.03.2022 and there was a dispute about the participation of a member of the committee (alternate) in the assessment only in the second stage (general stage, interview), “So that its recording of the first stage, at a later date of its behavior (21.03.2022), appears as a foreign participation compared to the commission invested on 17.03.2022 and a flagrant violation of the regulation and evaluation procedure.”According to the appeal submitted.

The appeal also states that “The report on the result is unmotivated (…) the members of the committee must prepare a reasoned report on the result obtained by the director”.

It was also argued that the press reported in the last part of the evaluation, On 03/21/2022 (when the evaluation procedure is not completed). First of all, a special wanted was mentioned, more precisely the article “They’ve mopped the floor with orchestra director Doro Urban.”. It was erroneously implied that one of the committee members, local councilor Kudrin Dachian Vlad, was quoted in the cited article, although no statement or citation in the article other than the recounting of events in the site’s memory below, is in the second stage of the assessment. In that article, Special Arad didn’t even mention the final grade, in fact, only a vague rumor that he would be ‘Note … on the true level of his qualities (Editor – by Doro Urban) as Director, small note’. It should be noted that nowhere in the evaluation regulations is it stated that the press is not allowed to report what happened during the evaluation, but only shows that it is not allowed to record the interview stage, which it was not. “Special Arad was present at this interview, but was not allowed, according to the procedure, to interfere (there was no need!) or to record this evaluation session in any way. No one forbids us, instead, from reproducing from memory and discussing it Intensively “ – I wrote then. In other words, one is Recording / sending / copying And something else entirely the story. The regulation is very vague in this regard. We ask, of course, why?

The appeal also mentions the appearance of news on the same day and in the same topic on and (Glasul Aradului), which, according to sources, published the final unrecorded note and a press release appeared. Committee member Kudrin Dachian Vlad about evaluation and final score.

What’s Next:

On April 12, the local advisors decided: to accept Orban’s appeal, to cancel the initial assessment, to resume all proceedings, to resume the assessment in full, but with the new members of the Commission who are: Cosmin Beroc – a local advisor, a representative of the local authority, Iwan Drago Demetriou – Director of the Brasov Orchestra and Vlad Matisko – Director of the Paul Constantinescu Orchestra from Ploiti.

The resumption of evaluation will be between May 12-16, 2022, and approximately thereafter. One week (8 days), normally, the final grade must be announced with any appeal resolved.

The Appeals Committee will consist of Florin Sebastian Stana – local councilor, the representative of the local authority, Silvia Sparcio – director of the Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra Cluj-Napoca and André Firmicano, director of the Romanian National Opera in Iai. .

The change from the canceled evaluation is that this time the evaluation committee secretariat will be made up of officials from City Hall. From the Department of Human Resources and Legal Service, the Economic Directorate and the Budget Department – Not from the Municipal Cultural Center except for one member (Daniela Hahn) and one alternate member (Alexandra Maria Ross). They will be the following alternate members: Monica – Elena Stoyan, Adriana – Patricia Gavrosa, Christian Soren Contra, Cosmin Valere Drago, Andre Ciolario and Alina Simena Swingio.

In the event of the absence, suspension or termination of the term of membership of a full member of the Evaluation Committee, respectively from the Appeal Committee, the following deputies shall, respectively, be: Csilla Aur and Cristian-Aurel Galea – members of local councils and representatives of the local authority, Theodor Nisch – Director of the National Opera and the opera theater “Nye Leonard” Galati, Kovacs Emeke – director of the “Dino Lipati” orchestra of Satu Mare, Ioan Mate – director of the Ministry of Culture and Kriks Erzibet Hajnalka – adviser to the Ministry of Culture.

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