After a thousand “model”, RCS receives another fine for putting NCN TV on the network

RCS collects fines for the way it compiles news channels.

At the Cyprus News Agency meeting today, the cable operator received another fine of 10,000 lei. This time, the main topic was TV NCN, owned by Liviu Alexa. CNA considered that RCS violated legislation on subject grouping of televisions, because the station is packaged differently from the well-known news televisions, Antena 3, Romania TV, Digi 24, Realitatea or B1 TV.

RCS received two fines last year, one of 10,000 lei and one of 20,000 lei, after the cable company added Aleph News to its TV news list, along with Antena 3, Realitatea TV or B1 TV.

It drew the Cyprus News Agency’s attention to the case following a complaint from the NCN television channel.

“The NCN has been a must for years, and our position in an inappropriate part is bringing us financial harm and great damage to the public,” TV officials said in a complaint to NAC.

Liviu Alexa, owner of the station, in discussion with CNA

“I just want to make some nuances regarding the apologies, I say embarrassing, to the RCS operator who comes in and claims in front of CNA that he doesn’t have the technical availability to put NCN or other news stations in the news station pool of, let’s say, famous. I don’t believe in that excuse and was very interested.

It’s just an exercise in this distributor’s pride. We had no interest in moving the waters, but since we wanted to open a studio in Bucharest and we audited Kantar, and contacted several advertising agencies, we were clearly told: you are widowed too much because of the bad situation on the RCS and you have to respond one way or the other.

(…) I do not agree with dividing the channels into: notorious and smaller at the beginning of the road. If they also claim that there is no room for frequencies in the first group, I would like to give you a technical proposal through them: to eliminate the first group and take these notorious TVs to the second group so that all consumers are guided, in an honest way, in one place.”

valentin gokanCNA member:

“Leaving parcels and parcels in the hands of this company can pave the way for abuse. The cable company itself may decide that after the second news package, it makes the third news package, which is based on the shadow of the logo, or it creates another news package where our news is and so on It is not normal in a market where there must be free competition, there must be predictability.”

Lucien MihaiRCS representative:

“Technically, the NCN is in the retransmitted news packet. Technically there is no problem. As I told you, our network is divided into two parts: the first part, which has historical sites, which has not changed over time, and the second part of the network where the positions are entered that are created all the way gradually. (…) Technically, if someone intervenes in the first part of the network (where are the historical news TVs – no.), the position of all the programs in our network changes and the subscriber returns to watching TVR on the button Fourth, for example.”

What is RCS “finder” in program network layout mode

In accordance with audio-visual legislation, cable companies are required to arrange televisions in packages, according to the subject matter of each of them: specialist, news, documentary, sports, etc.

The RCS finder was to make two packages exclusively in the case of news television.

A bundle, in a better position in the network, in which Digi24, Realitatea Plus, Antena 3, România TV and B1 TV appear.

And a second bundle, with smaller or international TVs, which includes NCN, Canal 33, Earn News, B1 TV HD, Aleph News, News Romania, Nasul TV, Linkpress, CNN, BBC World, CGTN .

Interestingly, the two TV packages are separate from the other themed packages. It should be noted that no other cable operator uses this arrangement in the network.

What does the law say?

Law, or more precisely the resolution no. 72 of February 2, 2012, states:

Article 4:

(2) Frequencies are assigned to the Program services in compliance with the following requirements:

a) television program services grouped by their thematic category;
b) Radio program services are distributed in frequency after television program services.

author: Yulia Bunya

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