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There was pollution, so the Craiova environment ranger decided on what happened last weekend at the Valcke barrier. Then the dust inside SE II was blown away by the wind and covered an entire neighborhood of Craiova. As a result, Garda imposed a fine of 100,000 lei on the polluter, CEO – SE Craiova II. The collector says it only pays 25,000 lei.

On Saturday and Sunday, due to strong winds, coal dust and dust from the chimneys of the power plant covered the entire neighborhood. The anger of many Craiova residents who live in this neighborhood angered the authorities, especially the Environmental Guard. Environmental Commissioners inspected the installations and premises of the Oltenia – SE Craiova II energy complex for two days. Finally, they fined the polluter in the amount of 100,000 lei. This is the first fine the CEO has received from GNM this year after he was fined twice last year for pollution.

Pollution source / photo: Facebook

Environmental Guard representatives said that “the commissioners of the Environmental Guard fined CET II in the amount of 100,000 lei and reported the pollution to the EPA from the pollutant in question — coal dust that covered several streets of the municipality of Craiova.” Dolge County Commission.

After the verifications, environmental commissioners concluded that due to “the gusts of wind that occurred between December 2021 and January 2022, landslides occurred in the first and second boilers. The landslides generated deposits of sedimentary dust in the area near the power complex. – SE Craiova II ”, said the commissioners.

Pollution, controls and fines

Environmental Guard representatives say that since the beginning of the year, they have executed two officers at SE Craiova II as a result of notifications from residents. People are complaining about the rise in dust pollution recently. The last visit was good.

Pollution in the wall of Vâlcii
Pollution in the wall of Vâlcii

“Inspection and control procedures were carried out on 17.01.2021, respectively between 31.01 – 01.02.2222, following the notifications regarding air quality in Aleea 2 Drumul Corneșului District, Mălinului, Parângului, Coacăzului Streets, from Bariera District Vâlcii. At the end of the field inspections, Both at the point of action in SE Craiova II and at the addresses of the petitioners, power blocks one and two, open-type installations, were found to have pores or cracks in the boiler and sewer sealing system, flue gases, and dust deposits on cars, alleys and yards, and it was noted that those Reported by citizens materialized,” concluded GNM commissioners, Dolge.

Faced with this situation, CET II has been punished for minor crimes, according to GEO no. 195 of December 22, 2005 on environmental protection and a fine of 100,000 lei. The operator is required to take all necessary measures to reduce the consequences for the environment and prevent accidents or other potential accidents. It also ordered the adoption of techniques for operating combustion plants to reduce pollution. The company is also obligated to carry out repair work on the boiler sealing system and flue gas pipes.

The Energy Series SE II Craiova has been certified by the Environmental Guard

The CEO only pays 25,000 lei and runs away

Representatives of the CEO say that they have already been punished, but according to the minutes of finding and punishing the offense, concluded on 01.02.2222, GNM established that the applicable penalty is SE Craiova II: a fine of 50,000 to 100,000 lei. According to the legal provisions, the offender can pay within a maximum of 15 days from the date of delivery / notification of the report – half of the minimum fine stipulated in the normative act, respectively, in the amount of 25,000 lei.

The CEO always paid the fines given by the environment guard

Pollution source / photo: Facebook

Environmental Guard representatives say that every time he was fined, the collector would have to pay the fine. Attempts to challenge these fines in court were unsuccessful, as the worker lost the case each time.

We remind you that at the end of last week pollution reached its highest levels in the Bariera Vâlcii district of Craiova. The strong winds, with a speed of about 65 km/ha, lifted all the coal dust inside the plant and ash from the stacks of the power packs. The air was unbreathable, laden with dust from coal-fired boilers. The entire Bariera Vâlcii neighborhood was covered in a black cloud of ash from SE Craiova II.

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