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Today, April 1, the Museum of History in Bacau (currently the “Iulian Antonescu Museum Complex”) celebrates its 65th anniversary. During this time, the institution’s specialists (museum painters, curators, restorers, preservers – managers) contributed through their activity to the permanent enrichment of the museum’s heritage with many archaeological, historical, numismatic, documentary, ethnographic, cultural and artistic objects, results of surface research, archaeological excavations, accidental finds, Donations, collectibles, etc.
the museum’s beginnings are associated with the name of Iulian Antonescu, who was the first director of the institution and also the founder of the network of museums in Romania.

Among the founders of the Bacau Museum, we must mention Professor Viorel Cupitano (close friend and collaborator of Julian Antonescu), who has linked his fate (including as director) to the Museum of History through his entire activity for more than four decades. Bacau. His Majesty (who this year turned 90 and whom we wish with all our hearts a Merry Christmas!) is also responsible for the construction of this new building (which opened in 1996), at 9 May Street No. No. 7, with a museum destination, is a spacious and modern building, specially built to house a museum institution, and equipped with everything necessary for its good operation. Unfortunately, today there are fewer and fewer strongholds defending the right to the memory of the community, the fundamental roots of the Roman nation. Fortunately, there are still museums among them. And the duty of our life (as the historian Vasily Parvan suggestively said, whose impressive statue still guards the entrance to our institution) is to defend the cultural values ​​created by our ancestors and which we have to pay attention to over the years. said Professor Dr. Anton Koa, a museum scientist at the institution.

Over the 65 years of existence of the History Museum of Bacau, the specialists of the institution have come a long way, not repeatedly difficult, but very fruitful in terms of museum collections. From different generations, sometimes with different visions but working together, these toilers (yesterday and today) in Baku Museum have been a rich museum heritage, researched, managed, preserved, restored and protected. Highlight them for the purpose of knowledge, education and entertainment, thus presenting the fruits of their labor to the community. In the mirror of these important occasions, we can say, with necessary humility, that the building of the Museum has become (through all the events organized here by the specialized staff of the institution, such as the National Symposium “Vasile Pârvan`) a cultural standard as such has been appreciated outside the province of Bacău, In the country and abroad, the biography of its founder, Mr. Viorel Cupitano, has long earned a sustainable position of the model”, said Mihaela Pobuchano, supervisor of cultural goods within the same institution.

For us, the year 2022 is a memory, in direct connection with the Museum of History and its former director, Mr. Viorel Cupitano. Twenty-five years ago, I and my other colleagues (who were young at the time) were walking (after a competition) on the doorstep of the Museum and embarked on the wonderful path of Museum activity. The director proved at the time that in addition to building the museum’s heritage, he could receive the institution with young people eager to ensure its survival over time. For a quarter of a century, the thread of our destiny has become entangled with the thread of the Museum. Today, in the hour of remembrance, we are convinced that those who work in a museum have a special destiny, working not only for today, but also in remembrance of yesterday, taking care to do so through preservation, preservation, protection, restoration and display, added Anton Koa and Mihaela Bobshano: “Capitalisation, researching the heritage of the museum, to leave an important legacy for those of tomorrow.”

The first museum in Bacău was established in 1957 with the aim of the regional museum, and the director was named after Iulian Antonescu, graduate of the Faculty of History in Bucharest, class of 1956. Since 1959 he has been active in three departments: history, natural sciences and art.
The museum complex “Iulian Antonescu” currently consists of three departments: the Department of Archeology and History, the Department of Art and the Department of Ethnography. Each section has its own temporary exhibitions.

Happy birthday to the famous Bacau Foundation!

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