Kindergarten registration begins for the 2022-2023 academic year. Two-year-olds can also be registered in the small group, within the limits of places

Kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins on May 30, and re-registration on May 16, according to the Ministry of Education.

Parents can submit youngsters’ data online, but files are served in person. The program will be created by the kindergarten management and will be displayed in a visible place in each kindergarten.

Kindergarten Registration 2022: Parents can submit data by fax, phone or email

Parents can communicate with the kindergarten by fax, e-mail or phone with the data necessary to conduct the planning for submitting files, and the files will be submitted according to the planning established by each kindergarten “in days and at intervals.”

The Ministry announces that vacancies will be made after re-registration in descending order for the age groups, the large, medium and small group, respectively.

If the number of applications is greater than the number of vacancies, then general tie-breaking criteria and specific tie-breaking criteria will be applied in turn.

The document is here: Adresse_ME_28074_2022_incriere_reinscriere_inv_prescolar

Kindergarten Registration 2022: Conditions have not changed from last year

Parents can enroll their children between the ages of 3 and 5 in kindergarten in the 2022-2023 school year, starting from May 16, in case of re-registration, and on May 30 registration is done for those who attend kindergarten in the school year 2022-2023, said the Minister of State for Pre-University Education Florian Lixandro, for the first time.

“We have already sent the signed note and will send it today or tomorrow to the School Inspection Departments.

Registration conditions have not changed compared to previous years. Within the available places, two-year-olds can also be registered in kindergarten,” assures the State Secretary at the Ministry of Education, according to

See a list of pre-school units in Alba Countywhether governmental or private, approved or licensed to operate (no changes compared to last year).

Conditions for children to enroll in kindergarten last academic year (2021-2022)

Vacancies are usually filled after the end of the re-enrollment phase in descending order of age groups: large group, medium group and small group.

If the number of applications for enrollment in one of the educational units is higher than the number of vacancies, then the general disengagement criteria and specific criteria for disengagement will be applied respectively.

The general criteria for a tie-breaker are:

  • The existence of a document proving that the child is orphaned by both parents (the case of the child coming from the children’s home / placement center / family status is accommodated with the case of the child who is orphaned by both parents)
  • Having a document proving that the child is orphaned by one of the parents
  • The presence of a brother / sister enrolled in the relevant educational unit
  • The presence of a medical document issued by the specialized doctor / certificate of the school and vocational guidance / certificate of classification of the child with a degree of disability.

The specific criteria for separation (developed by each pre-school unit or with groups of children in pre-school, approved by its Board of Directors and approved by the Legal Counsel of the District Schools Inspectorate / Bucharest until May 28, 2021) will be applied only after the general criteria have been exhausted.

For the given specific criteria, the school will specify the supporting documents that the parent must provide when validating the standard application form.

The specific screening criteria may not be discriminatory and may not include pre-registration lists, organized outside the preschool enrollment schedule.

In order to ensure the transparency of the re-enrollment/re-registration process, the Preschool Departments will also publish the following information on the Unit/CSI website, in plain sight, for all interested:

  • Enterprise capacity (number of copies for which it is designed)
  • Number of places approved in the study plan for the academic year 2021 – 2022 (according to age groups: small, medium, large)
  • General and specific criteria for registering children.

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