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it will be The first competition in Romania was broadcast live via Starlink satellitesElon Musk’s Internet System

A draw will be organized in which anyone (spectator, competitor) can participate, and Grand Prix SUV

Between May 19 and 22 of this year, the second stage of the National Off-Road Championship will take place in Cabo Kamului (near Jura Humorului), where it is estimated that approximately 100 crew (co-pilot) from all over the world will participate in the country.

Off the road Max Bukovina It is the official name of the competition that will be held over three days.

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Storytelling tracks, big prizes, photos from the competition on two huge screens, live broadcast, light and music show, theater, 20,000 watts, professional DJs, concert, dining hall and thousands of spectators.

About this is the scenario that is set for Off the road Max BukovinaIt is a competition in which contestants can choose one of six categories: Standard A (engines under 2,000 cc), Standard B (engines above 2,000 cc), Challenge (standard class with engine and chassis modifications), Open, SSV, Extrem.

regulators, Off the Road Max Suceava And Club Corp Offroad Piatra Neamț, they want 4X4 car racing to be in the heart of BukovinaThe coolest stage out of 8 in the national championship.

The best photos in the competition on two giant screens

If at the other stages of the tournament spectators could attend in large numbers only the last test, the trial, which is usually organized in the open field, then the organizers Off Road Max Bucovina want everyone who chooses to participate in the competition from Capu Câmpului to be able to enjoy all Three days of competition.

We want to show them the beauty of off-roading and the stories behind this 4X4 passion. In addition to the actual display of the vehicles that will compete in the competition, imaginative landscapes and roads marked by the professionals, we are preparing a real display near the art park and the area where the Sunday trial will take place.“Announces Cristi Șuiu, Director off road max.

In this sense, the organizers will immediately present a covered stage (8 m x 6 m), on the sides of which will be placed two large LED screens (5 x 3 m 2), which you can see, no matter where you are ( even and hundreds of meters from the stage), The best photos in the competition.

Modular screens for graphics and DJs will be installed on the stage on Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening, and parties will be organized for the contest participants, the artistic team and all those present.

Live Broadcasting via Satellite by Elon Musk

Due to the weak Internet signal in the region, the live broadcast will be carried out immediately, for the first time in Romania, through the Elon Musk satellite system, with the organizers purchasing a device starlink.

Robotic sports cameras and a video hoist will be used for live performances on site. A full media team will take pictures during the competition, and the pictures will be permanently displayed on stage-side screens.

Evenings will be with Music and professional DJ (It’s even going to be retro party night), but the organizers are announcing many other surprises, including a massive campfire.

I took that into account too dining hall areaWe focused on the quality and diversity of the products offered‘, the organizers specify.

SUV, the grand prize in the raffle is open to all

Off Road Max is also preparing a sweepstakes for both spectators and contest participants (excluding the organizers).),which lottery The grand prize will be an SUV (The draw will be broadcast live.)

The cost of a raffle ticket will be a small amount, and each participant can buy as many tickets as he wants.

Importance:Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to a non-governmental organization in support of Ukrainian refugee children, and the list of donations will be opened by out of the way max.

Competition programme:

First day –
Thursday 19 May

4 pm.00-23.00: Registration of competitors, technical inspection of vehicles, and accommodation of competitors and companions.

The crews participating in the competition will receive a hot meal from themoff road max

6:00 pmDavid Pope and Luxor Suceava (flute, saxophone, violin, vocals)

the second day –
Friday 20 May

AURA 09.15th:instructions

10 o’clock.00:START TROPHY (Live Broadcast)


6:00 pm:Get the party started with DJ Allen (Dance Deep Music)

the third day –
Saturday May 21

AURA 09.15th: instructions

10:00 am.:START TROPHY (Live Broadcast)

6:00 pm: Retro Music Party with DJ McGackie (Oldies but Goldies, 80′, 90′, 2000)

8 pmRaffle Draw (Grand Prize – SUV)

the fourth day –
Sunday May 22

time 08.30: instructions
hour09.00: START Trial (Live)


14.00: Honoring the winners

15.00: press conference

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