Arad culture in 2021: events with the participation of 8 participants and a shortage of staff

Rooms with seats that cannot be occupied, events to be organized online, accessed based on vaccination certificate. 2021 was a tough year for cultural institutions and cultural entrepreneurs, but compared to the previous year, things went a little easier.

We asked representatives of the County Cultural Center, Municipal Culture Center, County Library, Museum Complex, Philharmonic Orchestra and Theater to provide us with information on the number of events organized in 2021, the number of participants and revenue from ticket sales. In total, more than 500 events were organized, attended by more than 150,000 people, according to estimates of the institutions. The revenue of the county’s cultural institutions reached more than 380,000 lei, during the past year, the year when cultural events were still under the sign of COVID-19 restrictions.

The least number of events was organized by the Arad Philharmonic Orchestra – 52. It was attended by 5984 people, and the ticket revenue amounted to 69,426 lei. On average, the philharmonic’s income was 1.335 lei per party organized, with an average of 11.6 lei per participant.

19 times more than the participants

As a number of organized events, the Municipal Culture Center follows the Municipal Cultural Center, which reported that during 2021 it organized 56 events. However, the number of participants is about 19 times greater: 113,000 people took part in the events organized by the CMCA, according to estimates provided by the foundation. They brought in revenue of 167,810 lei, resulting in an average of 1.5 lei for each participant, respectively 2,996 lei for each organized event. It should be noted, however, that the main events organized by the CMCA, which brought together the largest number of participants, were those that are admitted free of charge.

The Arad Museum complex reported that in 2021 it organized a number of 113 events, as follows: 73 exhibitions, 23 educational activities and 17 book launches, conferences or exhibitions. In the events organized in Arad, the museum had 17,416 participants, resulting in revenue of 13,591. The visitors to the headquarters were joined by nearly 4 thousand participants in an exhibition organized in Odorheiu Secuiesc, between March and December 2021, respectively 36,324 visitors to the platform of the Museum complex Arad at the Art Safari exhibition in Bucharest.

8 people per event

Most of the events were organized by the classical theater “Iwan Slavici” Arad, which included 173 performances. It attracted 5,125 spectators, and the institution’s income was 124,893 lei, from the sale of tickets and season tickets, but also from other sources (such as room rental). 70,716 lei tickets have been collected. On average, 408 lei were collected per show, averaging 13.79 lei per spectator.

The county library “Alexandru D. Xenopol”, according to the answer he sent to us, organized 110 events. The number of participants reached 954, and “the Foundation did not generate income from selling event tickets.” Therefore, the average number of participants for each event organized by the library was only 8.7 people.

chain of events

The only institution that did not tell us exactly how many events it has organized is the Arad County Cultural Center. They told us that the establishment “organized a series of big events,” mentioning the summer theater season, the Microstage at the summer theater in Monissa, and the Pancake Parade, which was produced in Arad, the folk craft fair or the song festival. in Zrandului Country. About 15,000 people attended the events, generating 8,000 lei in ticket sales.

Latest appointments

Since some cultural institutions frequently complain about the lack of necessary staff, we asked the six institutions to tell us when they last held recruitment competitions. The Arad Orchestra informed us that the last competition took place in November 2019, for the “Artistic Staff”, the Municipal Center in culture It stated that the last competition took place in January 2020 for the position of a consultant within the administrative department of the “Preparandiei” building, and the Arad Museum complex conveyed that it organized the latest competition in April of this year to fill specialized positions. A reference and museum. The Arad County Cultural Center also organized a competition in April of this year, for junior reference positions at Căsoaia Camp and Senior Editor at ARCA Culture Magazine. In classical theater, the last direct appointments were made in December 2021, to four positions of manipulator decor and factor, and the last competitions were held in October 2019, for the positions of actor, stage designer, stage director and stage enlightener. library The county also said that the last competition was held this year, in January, to fill a vacancy as a librarian.

Staff shortage

According to the organizational charts, the six cultural institutions have 399 positions in the organizational charts, of which only 342 are occupied. Most of the stations are provided according to the organizational schemes at Arad Philharmonic – 119 and Classical Theater – 102, at the opposite pole are the two cultural centers, district and municipal, with 35 and 31 seats, respectively. The greatest shortage of personnel was recorded by the Philharmonic, in which only 97 were occupied out of 119. It is followed by the Arad Museum complex, with a deficit of 14 people, of the 66 available positions occupied by only 52. All six institutions there is a shortage of staff, the least number of vacancies in the district cultural center – two.

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