AUR no longer has an Alba parliamentarian. Daniel Russo left the political party and became an unaffiliated deputy

ALBA’s deputy, Daniel Jorge Russo, left the AUR political party and remained an “unaffiliated deputy” of a political party. With Rousseau’s departure, AUR Alba remained unrepresented in the Romanian Parliament.

Rousseau is already logged out of the AUR on the website of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, where he appears as an unaffiliated member of a political party. Rousseau was the Deputy Leader of the European Community’s Parliamentary Group from February 2021 to May 2022.

The problems between Rousseau and the head of the AUR, Georges Simeone, began more than two weeks ago, and opinions differed on how to reach a misunderstanding that culminated with Alba’s deputy from the party.

While Rousseau accused George Simeon of the “abusive and dictatorial way of leading the party”, the president of the AUR announced to, that many MPs want more written guarantees.

Specifically, Georges Rousseau stated that, together with other fellow party members at the local and national levels, they had a series of requirements, which Simeon Levy was not.

Alba’s deputy specified that after recent discussions, he decided “not to participate in this masquerade party,” George Russo told

George Simeon: Written guarantees that they will remain MPs

In response, the president of the AUR, George Simeon, announced to journalists that 12 deputies, including that of alba, had a series of requirements, among which

A written guarantee that they will remain in a qualifying seat as a Member of Parliament in the upcoming elections.

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Then negotiations took place among the group of deputies regarding a possible mass departure to the PNTCD. Of the entire group of deputies, according to Simeon, only one of Alba decided to leave the party.

Daniel Jorge Rousseau accuses “arbitrary and dictatorial method of party leadership”

The representative of Alba claimed that he had decided to leave the party, but announced that in the coming period he would leave many deputies and even senators from the political party.

In general, Rousseau said “Simeon went crazy” and that he “was drunk on power”. He also told that he did not ask for jobs, but there were other requirements that Simion did not comply with. Moreover, Simeon was accused of the arbitrary and dictatorial way of leading the party.

Rousseau also specified that he would not go to the PNTCD but would go to an alternative right-wing party.

Facebook attacks

‘Without a traitor’ thus began the President of the AUR, George Simeon, his post in which he specified that on Monday from ‘our 19:00 we have the reconstitution of the Alba branch, at the Hotel Cetate, in the presence of Mr. Dorel Fishan’.

In recent days, Alba’s deputy published several posts on his Facebook page, indicating that there were differences between him and the head of the political party.

“You don’t have to be part of one party or another to be a man!” Rusu started a Facebook post, on April 29, that ended with the message “You don’t have to be in GOLD, to have a GOLD character!!!”.

He also spoke in Saturday’s post about betrayal and “those who sell illusions.”

On the morning of Sunday, May 1, Daniel George Russo wrote on Facebook that “Unfortunately, George is not what he used to be! The sugar of the force has come to haunt him!”, in a post.

“I was the best for them here! They raised my eyebrows and made me proud across the country! You can count on the fingers of one hand!”

You are the mayor, friend and guardian! We have just been! I was in a time that not even other observers knew!

I helped him because then I believed in him and in his fight! Now everything has changed! Money and benefits! Arrogance and manipulation! The rest is patriotic love separate from the facade! Unfortunately, George is no longer the same! The Sugar Force has come to haunt him! I will continue to fight for the same values ​​and principles with all those who will join me! Russo wrote on Facebook.

The discussion between Georges Simeon and the mayor of Zlatna, Silvio Bonoran, was announced by Russo

Representative Daniel Jorge Russo of ALBA posted on his Facebook account an audio recording with a discussion between AUR President George Simeon and Zlatna PNL Mayor Silvio Bonoran.

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“This is proof that the great George Simeon is negotiating the future of his party with the local barons of the PNL. Listen carefully. Episode 1 – Mayor (Local Baron) PNL Zlatna.

Daniel Russo, on his Facebook account, wrote that AUR does not want local barons – a GS brand lie.

The two also discussed Călin Georgescu. Regarding this, George Simeon said he was “absolutely trustworthy until last month when he said it was a party”.

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