Exhibition by the young visual artist Mirona Ioana Moreh with the support of the cultural association “Arte.Ro” ©

The cultural association “Arte.Ro” presents to the German public an exhibition of plastic and decorative arts entitled “Experiments” by the young artist Miruna Ioana Morţe, a member of the association for more than 12 years, who has achieved exceptional results in the artistic field. Square.

The event was held in cooperation with the District Library “GT Kirileanu” Neamt, the Children’s Palace and the “Victor Brauner” Secondary School of Art in Piatra-Neamt, and hosted by the Cupola Hall, whose walls can be admired, between May 9-13, 50 works by Mirona Moru.

This first solo exhibition, in which young people show their true beauty through permanent work and learning, recommends Myrona Moreh as a young visual artist representing the new generation, with a bright career ahead.

She began her artistic activity in Piatra-Neamț, more than twelve years ago, within the cultural association “Arte.Ro”, under the guidance of the teacher Cristina Petrariu, and continued in parallel with her career within the circle of drawing 2 from within the Palace of Children, under the careful observation of the teacher himself, who later encouraged Mirona to attend Victor Brauner High School of Art, where she was accepted with the highest grade.

In these twelve years of extensive work and informal and formal technical training, Miruna Morțe has built a consistent and highly compelling resume with plenty of talent, consistency and huge educational efforts. The latest work in his impressive portfolio bears witness to this. Such work has convinced the jury of prestigious visual arts competitions around the world to award him dozens of prizes and special honors.

Within the cultural association “Arte.Ro”, he was part of dozens of project teams, was a volunteer and coordinator of activities, trainer for students from Romania and abroad, representative of Romania in major exhibitions of emerging youth arts, international (Hong Kong, 2019, Gaziantep, 2022).

Recently, Miruna Ioana Morțe was awarded a nod at the National Olympic Games of Fine Arts in Timisoara.

What he presents to Simsie, at the beginning of May 2022, is his way of dialogue with the audience, and an expression of his refined, cultured, expressive, sensitive but also strong and personal personality.

The exhibition includes dozens of works, made in different artistic techniques, from charcoal, watercolor, heat and oil, to mixed media, and is organized on a series of specific themes: portrait, still nature, landscape, composition, clothing design project.

Miruna Morțe quickly acquired the means of expression and techniques for art, in its various artistic forms and expressions. And the exhibition shows us, with tremendous power of persuasion, the fruits of twelve years of study. The homework syllabus has been meticulously prepared, with plenty of documentation, with countless exercises and experiments, with unlimited passion and patience.

Her work has the tremendous quality of creating a lasting and lasting connection with the spectators, but it’s also a good opportunity to see in an overview Miruna Morțe’s progress. Her strong delicacy, this unsettling deep gift, is felt in almost all works.

Mirona is, no doubt, a bearer of a great artistic-plastic endowment, but she is also the bearer of a workforce and an extraordinary consistency. I have rarely encountered these twin qualities in the personalities of the exceptional students with whom I have had the joy and privilege of working throughout my 24 years of working in the department and in the workshop. I knew from the first moment that the seriousness of Mirana’s face and her angelic hand as an 8-year-old, who was stubborn enough to complete any subject, no matter how difficult it was, was actually a betrayal of the future great artist. . professional scope.

Mirona’s success was well deservedzbetween twolargely also for those who supportedConstant and unconditional, among whom her parents are the first to mention, two shaved intellectuals, who attach great importance to education, but also teacher Silvia Voedes, the first professional and a man of the soul, who realized the enormous potential Our young artistsaid Professor Cristina Petrario, President of the Cultural Association “Arte.Ro”.

The end of this plastic meeting will take place on Thursday, May 12, at Dome Hall, starting at 15:00. Participants will also enjoy a musical moment supported by the pianist Theodor PetriaStudent at Victor Brauner High School for the Arts.

Ms. Cristina Petrario

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