Reconstruction of the new Dynamo Stadium – the capital will begin soon

new Playground It will appear in Bucharest! It will have 25,000 seats. This announcement came today, May 11th

Lucien Bude announced on Wednesday that reconstruction work for the new stadium at tefan cel Mare will begin soon. The announcement came during a ceremony organized on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the establishment of the Supreme Committee dynamo.

“Today we are writing the history of the Dynamo Club, and I am delighted that the Minister of Development, Sheki Attila, our partner in this project, is with us. I will officially hand over the decision of the Dynamo Sports Club, which embarks on the construction of the multifunctional arena for the Dynamo Sports Club. Otherwise, we are laying the foundation stone for a great project. Done. With investments, Romanian sport needs constant investments. He pointed out that the takeover of the stadium soon by the National Investment Company is a step in maintaining performance, but also a testament that when there are good intentions and will, things can be moved,” he said. Lucien Bud.

The Minister of the Interior also said that the new stadium will have 25,000 seats before handing over the necessary documents to Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration Sheki Attila. The latter will start the reconstruction work through the National Investment Company.

“We have a great responsibility towards future generations, which is to provide young athletes with the opportunity to assert themselves in the best conditions. I strongly believe that the new generation has the ability to promote national values, including sports traditions. We also owe it to ourselves to inculcate in the younger generations solid values ​​that support Success, hard work, seriousness, ambition and, dare I say patriotism. Mr. Sheke, the ball is in your court as we await the opening of the new Dynamo stadium. Lucien Budd said, I invite you to hand me the file.

It won’t be late to start work

The Minister of Interior also confirmed that the works will not be delayed as before because all the problems have been resolved.

“The project collapsed at one point because another site was wanted, it collapsed because it was a criminal case that was opened in DNA, it collapsed because it was a lawsuit, but now all of those things are no longer there. In addition to the decision, I also delivered the design subject, also delivered a certificate Town planning, and all the necessary documents for the Ministry of Development through the National Investment Corporation to start the demolition and construction procedures. We estimate that in 2024 the new stadium with a capacity of about 25,000 seats will be ready. This is the wish of the builder,” said Minister Lucien Bude.

Rebuilding the stadium will be a priority

For his part, Minister Sheki Attila said that the reconstruction of the Stefan cel Mare stadium will be a priority for the National Investment Company.

“It is an honor for me to be together today, it is an important moment for you and for the whole country. Two countries are testing me, responsibility and competence. We understand the need and obligation to give Dinamo Sporting Club a modern stadium for the 21st century. The Romanian state, through the Ministry of Development, which considers the construction has been able to The main, in recent years of providing sports infrastructure in this country, which continues today with the stadium Dinamo.After Targo Gio and Craiova, it delivered last year the stadium Arcole de Triomphe and Steaua, this year it delivered the Rapid Stadium. Rest assured that the Dynamo stadium is under construction, and it will It will be a priority for the Ministry of Development, which has a strong mandate for this, and the government will support this investment financially,” said Chichi Attila.

The stadium will contain 10 gyms

CS Dynamo president Ionuk Buba announced that the stadium will include 10 sports halls, two of which will be multifunctional.

“We have 10 rooms here, two of which are multifunctional for sports, handball, volleyball, basketball and individual sports, but they can be useful for many disciplines. There are separate rooms for each discipline. We have taken this decision to make the space more efficient, adapting to European trends and taking advantage of Some of these benefits are under the stadium We used the Champions League handball trips as a mentor to visit the stadiums We went to Barcelona, ​​Porto and Paris and saw how they are organized, how many staff they have and the costs they incur with the arenas and were able to get an idea in terms of quality, price and efficiency. After submitting the documents, you come back All aspects of the design to NIC Of course with our approval We said exactly what we wanted We said exactly what the stadium will contain We will also have a helipad We have with Mr. The track, but on the field and you get to the hospital directly,” said Yuno Buba.

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