Unforgettable Pages of PRAHOVEAN Football History / From “Brazda lu’Novac” to “Box of Surprise” (21) / (History of Tricolorul CFPV Ploieşti Football Team)

Konstantin Dumitru – Pelobini

We continue the series dedicated to the history of Prahova football, in which readers had the opportunity to read “every day” “every day” materials about those who laid the foundations of the football phenomenon in our province.

Final… Rerun / 1932

Blacks are the heroes of the South. Venus Bucharest – Tricolorol Ploesti 9-0 (4-0). In sports as in other fields, there is an inherent fairness. Or in the name of that justice, Venus thrashed the tricolor Ploiesti on Saturday and won the Southern League Champion title. For blacks, this victory is a huge relief. It makes a great sporting conclusion to a series of pleas, pleas, and pleas. Venus is justified in the field, claims made so far with pleas, and this was very important to a group with the status of former National Champions. Venus qualified to play in the national championship and the interests of the South are in good standing. Saturday’s match was fun. From the start, spectators could see the categorical superiority of the winners, hence the lack of interest. The flower rested profusely. They scored nine times what they could score 15 times. Why is it so easy to notice. After the second goal was scored and it turned out that the blacks did not meet any serious resistance, everyone was thinking about setting a record. The entire team of Venus, who played with ambition, each member of the team hacked the goal of the match and complied with maximum use. There is a big difference between Venus two weeks ago and Saturday. The black team appears to have been rebuilt and their game has taken on the clarity that gave it its value a year ago. Stroska and Stancio, two defenders, stood out among the blacks, who resolved the crisis in this direction. Actis performed superbly. He played with great understanding, served well and knew how to position himself. Costel played better than Tanase. As it progressed, Motoroi made huge mistakes. The Vâlcov trio worked great and it looks like Petea is back in shape. Venus appeared in the formation: Lăpuşneanu; Struska, Stancio; Costel, Actis, Tonescu; Domitrescu, Volodya, Kolya, Petya, Motoroy. The tricolor player made an incredible play. In addition to playing well at Ploeşti, he responded poorly to Venus. The residents of Ploechte were not content with an unfortunate offer, but they did not even know how to organize an honorable defense. Within fifteen minutes, the heroes of Ploeşti’s breath stopped, they could no longer take it. The land appears to be normal, handicapped to them. With the exception of Dragomirescu and Schwartz, who did not lose their temper, the rest of the team did not see each other. Tricolor presented the team: Victor Critescu. Petri Donriano, Jorge Dragomerescu, John, Schwartz, Elie Anastasescu, Awan, Domitrescu, Speria Alpolescu, Manol Rodolescu, Tiffan Fano Ştefănescu. Sepi (Temişoara) was the appointed referee with the help of an introduction from. Venus dominated all the time and scored in the first half in order: Petya, Motoroi, Volodya and Betty. In the second half: Domitrescu, Motoroy, Volodya, Domitrescu, Volodya. (Gazzetta Sportorilor, June 13, 1932).

The first “alternative” to merger / 1932

The three colors merge with Prahova. Regarding preparations for the national division, it is good to know that, despite all the rumors, Tricolor and Prahova will merge. The new group will be called Tricolor-Prahova and will represent Ploesti in the division. (The Sports Gazette, August 5, 1932).

Division A / 1932 . Preparations
Provincial investigation

The Tricolor of Ploeşti is preparing for the national oath

The republican arena has undergone drastic changes. Under the leadership of Colonel Zagoritz, the club is in full swing. – Training of employees.
The people of Balochti are very ambitious people. In all their professions they do not limit their enthusiasm, and when it comes to sports, sacred play reaches its highest levels. Today, for example, football in Ploiesti has reached a point of liberation, and they have worked for it for years. Technically recognizing the remarkably clear potential, a place was reserved in the national division of the “Republic”. The three colors will represent Bluesti, in the test starting in the fall. The people of Ploechte did not remain indifferent to the choice that was made. On the contrary, they carried out an exceptional training activity. During a layover of a few hours in the oil city I was able to make some discoveries that are the subject of this report.

‘Very active leadership’

What is observed at the first moment is the internal reorganization of the three colors. In light of the national championship, Ploeşti Champions have embarked on a cabinet reshuffle to strengthen leadership. Today, Colonel Konstantin Zagoritz is in charge of the club. Within the framework of the old commanders: Ile Giorgio, Domitrescu, Stambolggio and Dragomerescu, the outstanding military man at the head of Tricolor is very active. The new animator of tireless Ploesti heroes. He sacrifices his spare time, offering the club wide possibilities and uses in favor of the tricolor sympathy that he has in all circles.

“turn the ring”

It is known that until now everyone blamed the tricolor, the irregular size of the field. The courtyard has undergone a radical transformation. We have found an important team of workers at work and the field now has new dimensions. It is 100 meters long, 67 meters wide and there are two compressors that are constantly working on a new settlement. The club’s staff oversees the works, giving the stadium a whole new look.
“Employee training”
Tricolor management is currently concerned with staff training. Special attention is given to the little ones. At the insistence of Colonel Konstantin Zagoritz, divisions of dwarves were formed, who carry out regular training under the leadership of George Dragomirsko. In this regard, we can announce that on the initiative of Colonel Konstantin Zagoritz, Tricolor will begin a major procedure for training personnel and broadcasting football. (Al Sports Gazette, August 26, 1932).

Ploesşti sport is reborn under the impetus of new creative forces

The Tricolor is under the leadership of a very active committee in full cohesion. – Colonel Konstantin Zagoritz on the tricolor and sports in Ploiesti. – Sports “Republic” will soon appear with a new look, add Elie Giorgio and E. Woltau.
As in all countries, regional sports are expected to play a major role in our country as well. Our sports organization and the way of placing activity centers show that in our country we cannot count on a serious sports movement, but rather lazy, when sports are united in large and small provinces for rapid emancipation. In order to find out the exact problem of regional sport, in order to collect accurate data on the activity that takes place in the different centers, we begin the investigation, where today we publish the first report. We open the chain with Ploesti. We will dedicate several articles to the city of oil, in which, in addition to our findings, we will present the opinions of the most authoritative leaders in Ploiesti sports. Later we will continue with the other centers and the county report will become a forum for defending sports interests outside the capital.

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