Virgil Andreescu – a man and a life story (video)

Virgil Andriescu turned 86 last month and recently published elegant memoirs whose launch we will be able to attend on Friday at the Oleg Danovski Opera and Ballet Theater.

His volume, A Life As It Happened, brings together covers of the rather happy events that shaped the existence of the man and actor Virgil Andreescu.

Born on April 26, 1936, in Potošani, a man of strong character and a volcanic temperament (as he calls himself), but always sensitive and marked by a lively emotion in front of the audience, Andreescu has enjoyed a rich career, with significant roles and unforgettable moments, for over fifty years Past activity on stage or on the set.

When he retired in 2000, he took a break from theater until 2006, when he returned to the Odeon Theatre. He also starred in a television series for television and directed, for three years, Constanta Dramatic.

The nature, distinction and warmth of his performance made the audience always love and appreciate his performance.

His first role, after graduating from IATC, was in the Youth Theater of Piatra Neamt, where he received a government commission. Then it was distributed in Varlaam from the movie “The Man with the Mole” by George Cibrian. An important role, on the evening of the premiere, caused him a lot of trouble, as he was forced to fight with overwhelming feelings.

After the revolution, he received an invitation to participate in “Macbeth” at the Constanta Theater, a show directed by Andrei Mihalach. Unfortunately, after months of rehearsals, the direction of the theater as well as the repertoire has changed, and the show after Shakespeare’s famous play was shown only once, on the day of the premiere.

From his filmography, consisting of more than 30 titles, we mention “The Labyrinth” (Șerban Creangă, 1980), “The Eleven Hours” (Lucian Bratu, 1985), “The Lights from the Sea” (Stelian Stativa, 1986), ” The Shadows of the Sun (Mircea Veroiu, 1986), “Look Ahead with Anger” (Nicolae Mărgineanu, 1993) and “Zero Point” (Sergiu Nicolaescu, 1996), but also collaborates with directors such as Andrei Blaier (“Diverse Fact”, “Shadow Battle”, “The Great Holidays”, “Divorce for Love”), Lucian Pintilie (“Libra”), Dan Pița (“Step in Two”) and Nae Caranfil (“E pericoloso sporgersi”).
In November 2017, when our daily diary began the tradition of celebrating Dobrogia Day, it was Virgil Andreescu who read Carol’s ad And Army command.

In the summer of 2018, during the “Amazing Anniversary of the Constanta Theater” event, organized by the daily ZIUA de Constanţa, the actor was awarded the “Jean Ionescu” medal and the plate #RespectTeatru.

In 2020, at the Gopo Awards, Virgil Andriescu took home the award for his entire career, an award he has received with boundless affection and gratitude to everyone who has been with him in his career, many of whom are missing.

Also in 2020, as one of the most prominent representatives of his generation, he was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the Province of Constanta, as a sign of gratitude for the long activity carried out in the service of Romanian culture.

The final volume “Life as It Happened” will be released on May 13 at the Opera and Ballet Theater “Oleg Danovsky”, starting at 4.30 pm, and will be presented by the university professor. Dr.. Rope. Angelo Micevici, President of the Dobrogea Branch of the Union of Romanian Writers, and Associate Professor Dr. Aurelia Lăpuan, who signed the Word of Appreciation and a final word for the volume, from which we quote: “When I urged him to write, I knew that this would be the great test of his life. Nor did he pass anything of before. But I did not think that writing would free his heart from the many straps that were stuck in the ligaments after so many years, and that he would be able to find himself in a new, recovering, appreciative form. Now, through this book, Virgil Andriescu has been able to offer A report for himself about what he did and what he did. No more.”

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