Where he was Minister of Environment Tankzos Barna in Romania-Hungary

New video images appear from the end of the ice hockey match between Romania and Hungary, videos that have angered the Romanian public.

New movie in his possession ProSport It shows where Tankchus Barna, the environment minister, was in this dispute. He denied being in the Hungarian exhibition.

Pictures and videos, shot on the other side of the field where our gallery was, don’t help him at all. It is very clear in the video, at 19 seconds, how Barna, without a hat this time, is in the midst of the Hungarian fans.

New photos from the Romania-Hungary match reveal the truth: where the Minister of Environment, Tankzos Barna, stood, and how hockey players from our national team enjoyed it.

In the 42nd minute, we noticed how the first Romanian players greeted, sticks in the air in front of the Hungarian athletes on the ice.

A picture has been circulating on the Internet ProSport It appears that Minister Tankchus Barna was in the middle of the Hungarian Fair.

The Roman proverb fits well, especially since it is now applicable: “The lie is short-legged!”

The aforementioned example is in line with the statements of Tankchus Barna, Minister of the Environment, Who claimed it in the hockey match between Romania and Hungaryof the World Championships in Slovenia, could have watched the match at the gallery where the Romanian fair is located.

Eon Martin explains where Tankzos Barna is in each of the three roles

The prestigious person even contrasted with the people who were present at the event.

“It is not true that he watched the match in our gallery. In the first half he sat next to the Hungarian gallery, and in the second half he watched it from the hostel where our ambassador was in Slovenia so that in the third half he could return to the Hungarian fair.

Throughout the match, the Hungarian show chanted: “Ria, Ria, Hungary,” without cursing our country.

This is the truth about where Tankzos Barna watched the match,” said Ion Martin, coach of the Sportul Studentesc hockey team, who traveled to Slovenia as a representative of the Federal Hockey Office in FRHG.

Alexandru Nestor says: “Barna is a liar.”

In turn, the general secretary of the FRHG, Alexandru Nistor, dismantled the statements made by Tanczos Barna, who declared that some supporters from Iași were by his side, in the stands.

“I don’t know where Barna was in this match. It’s none of my business to know. But Barna lies shamelessly like she always did. Some people from Iaşi would never sit in the stands next to the Hungarian Show.

The Romanians who attended the match sat across from the stands where the Hungarian fans were. They were Brasov’s supporters,” Nestor said.

Harghita players threaten to stop coming to the team!

After the scandal broke out regarding the interpretation of the Zickler hymn by some Romanian players of Hungarian origin, a Romanian official from Ciuc was summoned, informing him that next year Harghita players would not come to play for the Romanian player. a team.

The Romanian national team players (those from Miercurea Ciuc and Gheorgheni) sang the Zyclear ground anthem alongside Hungarian opponents and fans from the stands.

Three players from the Romanian national team have refused to participate at the moment and did not sit next to their teammates and the Hungarian players.

What did Romania do in this tournament?

Romania lost all four matches in the final tournament: 1-9 with Slovenia, 1-4 with South Korea, 4-5 with Lithuania and 2-4 with Hungary, and relegated to Group B, the third tier of the World Championship.

Slovenia took first place, thus advancing at the elite level in world hockey. Hungary came in second place, followed by Lithuania and South Korea, while Romania came in last without any points.

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