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The theater group “Georges Cyprien” of Buzau condemns the way in which the mayor of the county seat, Constantin Thoma, argued for his draft resolution on the establishment of the Municipal Theater “V. Maximilian” in Buzau. The specialized report accompanying the project notes a “poor repertoire supply” and the fact that the institution “cannot cover all cultural needs.”

The theater group “George Ciprien” of Buzau, an institution of Buzau Provincial Council, notes in a press release that the way in which the need for the creation of the new municipal theater is being discussed is a distortion of what already exists as a cultural institution.

With a population of about 130,000, the theater Georges Ciprien is the only public institution for performances (projects) that does not cover all the cultural and astounding needs of the people of Buzau. The poor presentation of the musical repertoire (the lack of an artistically created season) as well as the lack of an artistic ensemble to become The center of cultural and educational interest for the citizens of Buzau, are some of the arguments in this proposal,” a report the draft resolution provides for the establishment of a new municipal theater in Buzau.

Theater staff “George Ciprien” ask Mayor Constantin Touma to justify their statements.

“We invite Mayor Konstantin Thoma to publish his needs analysis previously in order to substantiate the above observations. A study such as the Cultural Consumption Scale conducted in the city or even in Buzau province would be welcome and would help all local cultural institutions improve their activity. In the absence of such a study, Any statements regarding the “cultural needs” of the Buzau people are merely speculation, according to theater staff at Georges Ciprien.

The statements of Mayor Konstantin Touma on the address of the cultural institution under the tutelage of the provincial council are not new, but they appear for the first time in a public document.

The mayor earlier stated that “Buzau is the only city in Romania, which is the seat of a county, with a population of over a hundred thousand, and which has no theatre”. We consider such statements to nullify the 26 years of activity of the Georges Ciprien Theater and constitute an insult to the theater staff, the Buzau audience and its collaborating artists. Reference names of Roman theater appeared on our stage, such as Mariana Mihoy, Victor Rebinjeuk, Mircea Diacono, Maya Morgenstern, Marcel Jurisch, Mircea Albulescu, Valeria Secciu, Dorina Lazur, Marian Rallya, Irina Petrescu, Alexandru Ribán, Emil Husso, Olga Tudor and Ion Caramitru, Ion Besoiu, Catrinel Dumitrescu, Sebastian Papaiani and more,” as shown in the George Cibrian Theater statement.

The staff of the cultural institution expresses the hope that the construction of the new municipal theater will be an opportunity to develop the cultural life of Buzau, but they draw attention to the fact that the animosity between the two institutions would be a mistake.

“We hope that the Municipal Theater ‘V. Maximilian’ will be a development opportunity for the cultural life of Buzau. Investment in culture is always welcome, and job creation for theater graduates is essential. From symphonic concerts” as stated in the discussion report on the establishment of the new institution, We recommend building a hall with adequate acoustics. Perhaps the creation of an orchestra orchestra really complements the cultural show already in place in Buzau. The animosity between the two entertainment establishments would be a mistake. Publicly funded theater is a public good, and access to culture is a basic right of citizens. However, we are saddened that the mayor, who knows and promotes the culture, characters and history of Buzau, is not familiar with the valuable activity of the international avant-garde of Georges Ciprien’s theater,” as explained in the statement signed by the “Georges Ciprien” theater team of Buzau.

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