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Forty projects affiliated with Sibiu County schools have been approved for funding to combat school dropout, according to representatives of the Sibiu County School Inspectorate. The funds received will be invested starting from the 2022-2023 academic year. Three of the schools with the winning projects are from Sibiu. The total value offered by the ministry exceeds 26.7 million lei. Funding is provided through the National Program to Reduce School Dropout (PNRAS) and is for the next three years.

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Through PNRAS, at the Sibiu Provincial level, 40 projects have been approved for funding, with a total value of 2,671,1476.06 lei. CSI representatives say the program is the Education Department’s Early Drop and Early School response and targets students at risk of dropping out, particularly students from vulnerable groups, students from minority gypsies, and students from rural and small urban areas. Districts. Students with disabilities or special educational needs (SENs), students from economically disadvantaged communities, children at risk of social exclusion due to poverty, homelessness, single-parent families, unorganized families, and students at other social risks. The school in the county that got the most money is Jina Gymnasium School, which got 982,862.00 lei through the submitted project. At the opposite pole is Ațel High School with 192,346.00 lei.

In accordance with international practices, PNRAS uses three tools to make the school sustainable in implementing the program:

  • School autonomy in the use of resources Grants will be implemented directly by the educational units in cooperation with the local community.
  • Responsibility for results Determining the goals to be achieved at the school level: higher enrollment rate, lower absenteeism rate, higher participation rate in national examinations, higher proportion of students who pass at least the sixth grade final examination cycle;
  • Assess Monitor students at risk of dropping out to support them through individual learning plans.

Three schools in the city got the money

Three Sibiu schools have received funding under this programme. It is located around the “Ioan Slavici” gymnasium, Gymnasium Nr. 2 and sports school Nr. 23. The principal of the “Ioan Slavici” school says that the money obtained through this program is an additional opportunity in the fight against school dropout, and that most of the money will go to the structure of Gymnasium School Nr. 11.

“Highschool Ioan Slavici She won this project with her structure, Gymnasium Nr. 11, located in Gușterița. School dropout is more visible in our school structure because the children come from a disadvantaged area, in a suburb of Sibiu. This project gives us another opportunity for recovery activities, activities that cannot be achieved without funding. We came and won the project on three components: digitization, teacher training, and recovery activities with students in the target group. They will receive attractive lunches and activities that will keep them in school and will be supplemented by teacher training at exactly this level of school dropout reduction. Digitization will also help us create an attractive and high-performance space with interactive whiteboards and perhaps a multimedia room or Documentation Information Center (RDI) where students can learn more easily and not drop out of school for the benefit of Professor Anka Natala Russo, Principal of Ioan Slavicy School in Sibiu announced, About the Majlis Tower.

40 educational units in Sibiu will receive funding

  1. Șeica Mare High School – 756,783.00 lei (Project Funding Amount)
  2. Braggi High School – 686,900 lei;
  3. “Johannes Lebel” Technological Secondary School Tălmaciu – 870300.00 lei;
  4. “Nicolae Teclu” Copșa Mică Technological High School – 870301.49 lei;
  5. “Ion Albescu” sports school Boița – 346,241.00 lei;
  6. “Mati Basarab” Gymnasium Torno Roro – 692,482.00 lei;
  7. “George Popa” gymnasium school – 692,482.00 lei;
  8. Badi Quraan sports school in a village – 450113.00 lei;
  9. Sherbert High School – 334,758.00 lei;
  10. Bradini High School – 897,800.00 lei;
  11. Aurel Dessi Gura Râului High School – 870,270.00 lei;
  12. Jena High School – 982,862.00 lei;
  13. Bertan High School – 899.324.00 lei;
  14. Teleuka High School – 344,994.00 lei;
  15. Bluegill High School – 293097.00 lei;
  16. Technological high school “Automecanica” – 448378.00 lei;
  17. Stefan Ludwig Roth Gymnasium in Mosna – 345,520.00 lei;
  18. “August Treboniu Laurian” Technical College Agnita – 756.783.89 lei;
  19. Maria Technological Secondary School – 90,0226.58 lei;
  20. Selimnik High School – 688710.00 lei;
  21. “Timotei Cipariu” Secondary School Dumbrăveni – 756740.00 lei;
  22. Șeica Mică High School – 450,087.00 lei;
  23. Laslea High School – 900140.00 lei;
  24. Oil High School – 192.346.00 lei;
  25. Yakubini High School of Technology – 975.008.00 lei;
  26. Ocna Sibiului High School – 691,700 lei;
  27. School Gym No. 2 Sibiu – 692,482.00 lei;
  28. – “Ioan Slavici” sports school in Sibiu – 870301.48 lei;
  29. Nokrich High School – 969,400.00 lei;
  30. Ora Miku High School – 705630.00 lei;
  31. Pratio High School – 90,0226.62 lei;
  32. Merghindeal High School – 345,500.00 lei;
  33. School Gym No. 23 Sibiu – 697.700 lei;
  34. Ferbier High School – 898,499.00 lei;
  35. Christian High School – 741,040.00 lei;
  36. “Marțian Negrea” Valea Viilor High School – 241,166.00 lei;
  37. Racovița High School – 795,400.00 lei;
  38. School Gym No. 4 media – 796350.00 lei;
  39. Technological high school “Stănescu Valerian” in Tarnava – 900158.00 lei;
  40. Roșia High School – 755808.00 lei.

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