5 reasons and a joke to go to the Bathianium Library in Alba Iulia tomorrow on Museum Night! – Rivia Europe Me

  1. open! (18:00 to 23:00)
  2. Entry is free, on a ballot basis, of no more than 15 at a time, without any prior request.
  3. You never came.
  4. Normally, if you are not a scholar, if you do not know how to read Latin, Ancient Greek, and other languages, but for another century, you do not have much to look forward to entering the Battyaneum on an ordinary day, because the Library does not (still) have a permanent exhibition space and is not (yet ) is open to the public as a tourist attraction.
  5. You’ve been there before and you know it was worth it!
  6. You’ve got a seat in line, on the open day, and you’ve come, the exhibits astound you, but the battery has left you on the phone and you don’t remember, in detail, what you saw there. Note: It’s free for photos with the phone!
  7. There will be three exhibition halls, with distinct themes. One dedicated to the astronomical observatory of Pathé, rebuilt on a smaller scale, with all sorts of wonderful instruments and specific devices, from the time of Antonius Martonvi, first director of the institute, described in the Astronomical Initiation (1798). Another piece contains paintings, robes or ritual objects, and among the resistant pieces is a dress made from the train of the wedding dress of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (1737). The third, made up of personal belongings of Bishops Ignac Patthiani (1741-1798) and Gustav Maglath (1864-1940), some very personal!
  8. The Harmony of Sounds Chamber Orchestra, made up of teachers and students of the Regina Maria High School of Art, from Alba Iulia, will give a very impressive performance. This is from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Reference: Astonishing grace, pilgrim, conqueror, cornerstone, wonderful God. And there will be room for everyone, if it doesn’t rain, it will happen outside, in front of the library.


On this occasion, objects used by Bishop Patthiani for self-flagellation will also be on display. A crown of thorns, a whip (whip) and a cilicium (cilicium) It could not be excluded that he was even shot dead, but there are still written testimonies about a problem with the foot, a condition, perhaps an infection and this instrument of torture fixed on his leg! Cilicia can be a belt (girdle), a coarse shirt, or a chain with nails. It was worn under a garment, directly on the skin, for reasons of austerity or as penance. It did not penetrate the skin, but only caused severe inconvenience. It is usually placed around the thigh to counteract sexual appetite. (…). In the New Testament, Saint John the Baptist wore a camel hair penance shirt. seconds ago. 4, Church penitents wore sackcloth made of horse or pig hair. Over time, religious and secular figures have worn Cilicia, including Thomas Becket, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Lisieux, Mother Teresa, Pope Paul VI and Henry IV, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, on their way to Canossa,” according to Wikipedia.

You’ll find more interesting details about the museum objects on display from the staff of the Bathianium Library tomorrow, on Museum Night. Don’t miss the goal!

Message from the organizers:

The Bathianium Library is one of the most important documentary libraries in Romania, containing an impressive collection of manuscripts, ancient books, and fascinating documents on the history of Transylvania. What is less well known is the fact that the Batthyaneum Library also has an exceptional collection of museum objects, some of which are displayed in a specially designed exhibition space. Thus, visitors will be able to enjoy the exhibition, which takes place in three halls (Aula Magna will not enter the visiting circle).

In addition, they will be able to enjoy some of the astronomical instruments of the ancient Bathian Astronomical Observatory, along with many wonderful documents depicting the communications of Bishop Igantius de Bhatian with the first director of the Astronomical Observatory, the pupil Antonius Martonvy, and their correspondence with some of the most brilliant astronomers of the eighteenth century. Entry is free, no prior special approval is required. Visitors are required to bring ID with them, and groups cannot be larger than 15 people at a time.

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