“Accidental Inventions”, a new book by Elena Ferrante in Romanian bookstores

The author’s latest book Elena FerranteAnd accidental inventionsrecently published in translation at Editura Pandora Mwithin the group Annecy. Fantasy world. It is a volume of essays that offers readers a perspective on the inner world of the author and her identity as a writer, texts accompanied by a series of innovative illustrations signed by Andrea Ucini – a tour of visual power. The Romanian edition, published by Cerasela Barbone and published in special graphic conditions, has recently gone out to physical and online libraries across the country.

The final volume continues Frantumaglia’s non-fiction collection project from 2016: assembling the narrative fragments as component parts of a writer’s identity. Unlike the previous volume, which was born as a book that collected miscellaneous correspondence, unpublished interviews, and narrative excerpts by Elena Ferrante, accidental inventions It makes more coherent and coherent mapping of the inner world and daily life of the writer. Here we find her many desires, fears, ambitions and failures, Elena Ferrante revealing a true piece of herself.

“These texts appeared after I searched directly in my memory for a small acting experience; without thinking, I came across beliefs about books I had read many years ago, which I had lost and then reconnected with thanks to other readings, I followed an unexpected intuition, produced by the same need to write, I came up with Extreme conclusions because of the space now exhausted.. Finally, it was a new exercise: each time I hurriedly lowered the bucket into the dark abyss of my mind, pulled out a phrase, and anxiously waited for others to follow,” he admitted. Elena Ferrante in an interview.

The themes of the text, published for a year by the well-known British newspaper The Guardian, are very diverse: from first love to climate change, from childhood memories to gender violence and attempts at motherhood, friendship between women or rivalry between writers.

author said.

As in the case of his novels, the appearance of the volume accidental inventions They were accompanied by impassioned records signed by critics of the world’s leading publications: “Elena Ferrante’s voice is clear, eloquent, and full of strength” (New York Times), “Objective polyphony, true epic thought, a lab of writing and poetics from the natural dimension of life” (Tiziana de Rogatis), “An extraordinary experience; in Elena Ferrante’s writing, a powerful and unsettling candor oozes out” (The Boston Globe).

Since the publication of the novel My Brilliant Girlfriend which opens the famous Napolitan Tetralogy Eleni Ferrante It grew tremendously, turning into the so-called “Feranti Fever”. She is considered one of the most powerful contemporary prose writers, and an idealist designer with an extraordinary artistic intuition, who has won the admiration of many famous writers – Jhumpa Lahiri, Elizabeth Strout, Claire Messod – and important critics such as James Wood, John Freeman or Eugenia Williamson. But without a doubt the warm reception has come from readers who have discovered an author who speaks to them in a beautiful and powerful way about a sense of belonging, about human relationships, love, family, and friendship. Pandora M Publishing House has published all volumes of Neapolitan Tetralogy: My Brilliant Girlfriend, The Story of the New Name, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay and The Tale of the Lost Girl, The Hidden Daughter Novels, Bitter Love, Days of Adult Life Abandonment and Lies, and Frantumaglia Interview Volume Essays and Confessions, plus the children’s book Night on the Beach. The Lost Girl’s Story was nominated for the Man Booker Award (2016) and won the Gold Medal for Fiction at the Independent Publishers Book Awards (2016). Neapolitan Tetralogy is shown by HBO as a miniseries. The latest adaptation is the novel Hidden Daughter, the debut of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, a screenplay nominated for the Most Important Film Awards 2022, which brings together important film names such as Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard, Jesse Buckley or Paul Mescal.


I forget. Fantasy world It is the latest collection dedicated to translations of world literature on the Romanian book market. The editorial project, coordinated by writer and editor Bogdan-Alexandro Stenscu, was launched at the end of September 2020. Labeled under the brand Anansi, the African god of stories, the ANANSI group. Global Fantasy includes five series: Annecy. contemporary – dedicated to current literature, Annecy. classic – space for the classics of the twentieth century, Annecy. Guide – who collects literary articles, Annecy. selfishness – Serial dedicated to memoirs and Annecy. blues Poetry series. Recently, the group celebrated the first anniversary of its release, with a project in which readers are invited to become authors: Stories bring us closer – Details on http://blog.pandoram.ro/.

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