“I wouldn’t call it a separatist agenda!” The head of the National Anti-Discrimination Council responds to the scandal of the hockey match between Hungary and Romania | except

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After the last match of the national team of our country at the World Hockey Championship in Slovenia, which lost to Hungary 2-4, Romanian hockey players remained lined up with the Hungarians while the stands sang the anthem of Zickler.

Chapa Astalos, President of the National Anti-Discrimination Council: “I think there have been outdated reactions to this event in public spaces.”

Resentment began to emerge when photos from Sunday’s match began circulating on the Internet. The footage from the Hungary-Romania match shows how the three colors remained on the field, as a sign of respect for the opponent, and heard the anthem of the winning Hungary team, as in any hockey match between the national teams. .

The problem arose when Hungarian and Romanian hockey players of Hungarian origin approached fans in the stands singing the Zikler anthem. Three of Romania’s players, Catelyn Berdello, Roberto Glega and Mircea Konstantin, immediately went to the dressing room, and the scene went viral on the internet and reignited old conflicts.

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“From what I understand, hockey players did not sing. See what people sang at the fair. These are the details that were identified by the journalists present. Politics and sports have relations… There have always been such connections. Sport has always been considered a form of symbolism, which can evoke all Kinds of feelings and tensions. I think there were old reactions in public about this event. There was also incitement to hatred in the outdated reactions, which is not good during this period. However, there are tensions in society caused by the pandemic. The economic crisis, the energy price crisis, and the war next door.”Csaba Asztalos told WOWbiz.ro.

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Csaba Asztalos: “It’s the anthem of the Szeklers, not the anthem of the land of the Szekler!”

Chapa Astalos, President of the National Anti-Discrimination Council (CNCD)

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Inevitably, the scandal of the Hungary-Romania match also acquired a political flavour, especially after the Internet discovered a “surprising” guest on the Hungarian fan platform. Tankzos Barna, Minister of Environment, member of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) was arrested in the Csíkszereda team jersey, which made PNL Vice President, Adrian Cozma, demand Barna to resign because, in his opinion, he does not respect the symbols of Romania.

“I wouldn’t call it a separatist agenda! They are the Hungarian minority identity elements, of the Szeklers. The song referred to is sung in the church. I am a reformer, and in our church, this Zekler hymn is also in the hymnal. It does not belong to Zekler’s land! Here is another intended translation error or ignorant I don’t think hockey players acted wisely, even if they only watched the Zeckler anthem sung by a spectator, but it is part of the identity elements of an ethnic minority, and the Roman constitution guarantees the right to racial identity Every national minority The two and a half districts, geographically defined as The land of Szekler, is part of Romania. We, the Szeklers, are Roman citizens, but culturally, religiously and historically, we are Hungarian. And there is no contradiction between these elements.”Csaba Asztalos told WOWbiz.ro.

The president of the Romanian Hockey Federation, Alexandru Holuk, urgently called on the Federal Bureau on Friday, May 13 to take a decision on the Romanian hockey players who remained on the field when the Zickler anthem was sung. In Hălăucă’s vision, “this should not have happened” and “the players had to get off the ice”. According to federation regulations, hockey players are at risk of being suspended for at least one year from the national team.

“I don’t know who the president will play with if he stops these players. If he focuses more on building ice rinks, it will probably be better. It will be, in the end, the decision of the Romanian Hockey Federation, according to the regulations he has. However, let these be careful on not violating the rights of athletes who have the right to freedom of expression.”Added butcher Asztalos.

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