“SoNoRo Salons” – five short documentaries about music and musicians available free online on the platform art.raiffeisen.ro

SoNoRo . salons A series of five short documentaries about music and musicians bearing the new and creative imprint of the SoNoRo team is available for free, starting today, March 24, 2022, on the online platform https://art.raiffeisen.ro/muzica/saloanele-sonoro/.

The five episodes of the SoNoRo Salons series can be watched exclusively in the music section of the art.raiffeisen.ro platform, as follows:

  • Thursday 24 March 2022 The cellist on the roof – with and cellist Valentin Răduțiu, on a foray through Berlin
  • Thursday 7 April 2022 Roman Rhapsody – CD work of the same name with violinists Gil Abab and Alexander Sitkowitzki, violinist Rozvan Popovici, cellist Bernard Naoki Heddenburg and pianist Diana Kettler celebrating the centenary of the Great Union, performing Roman Rhapsody on major world stages, including Carnegie Hall at New York or Concertgebow in Amsterdam
  • Thursday, April 21, 2022 sound waves – A day in sunny California with Jill Abe, the real terrible kid of violin
  • Thursday 5 May 2022 living room music Immerse yourself in the amazing salons of top composers, from Sir Edward Elgar or Jean Sibelius, to Dan Didio and John Cage
  • Thursday 19 May 2022 Stan Golstan – About the Franco-Roman composer who left Vaslui at the end of the twentieth century and conquered Paris.

The common theme of the five documentaries is music, the stories build a subjective path to the living beauty of this art, whether it is the artist’s passion and engagement or the intensity of creativity and detail that enriches the visualization of the work.

The SoNoRo salon series begins with Rooftop violinist Thursday 24 March 2022. It is a documentary that follows his daily life Valentine Rordo, one of the favorite musicians of the SoNoRo Festival. Through the lens of a video camera, the spectator learns about some of his favorite works for the cello, the artist’s life outside the stage and his way of playing an instrument as a means of dialogue with oneself. The film also traces the secret feelings, outside of the music, that define her complex character, in a relaxed style, intertwined with a thread of humour.

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Valentin Răduțiu describes himself as “a Bavarian Transylvanian settled in Berlin, a cellist by profession, but passionate about many other subjects, disturbingly paradoxical”. Speaking of the “video selfie” challenged for her work, he admitted: “What does a musician do in a lockdown with such a challenge? It offers long-awaited nerdy perspectives on the mysteries of everyday study, tests of patience in the form of endless philosophical monologues and invites you to cook pasta.” Obviously not to be missed!”

A film full of good energy, in which the protagonist, screenwriter, director and producer is the talented cellist Valentin Răduțiu. Discover an honest story, told with humor and enthusiasm, and filled with a whole host of great music, from Bela Bartok to Robert Schumann, Ennio Morricone, Antonin Dvorak, Tony Bennett, Cesare Andrea Bixi and many more.


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Raiffeisen Bank has been involved for more than 20 years in supporting Romanian art and culture, bearing in mind that it should contribute to Romania’s development in this way as well. Raiffeisen Art Proiect was the first sponsorship program in Romania and support of art projects from different fields of expression, with the aim of opening as many avenues of dialogue as possible between the public and artists. Over the years, Raiffeisen Bank has chosen to be a traditional partner of important Romanian cultural events: Jorge Enescu International Festival, Sibiu International Theater Festival, Sonoro International Chamber Music Festival, Undercloud International Independent Theater Festival, Jazz in the Park, Uniter Awards, Projects and Tours Play with Act Theater and Goong Association. Raiffeisen Bank also supports projects that promote the cultural heritage of Romania, including Via Transilvanica and Cronicarii Digitali.

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