The victims and their relatives criticized the judges’ decision in the collective file

The traumatic experience of those who ran for their lives after the rally, impossible to comprehend, even after so many years, make them best able to comment on the judges’ decisions presented on Thursday, May 12.

Mihai Grecia filmed Goodbye to Gravity’s concert on the night of October 30, 2015

Mihai Grecia is one of the youngsters injured after the disaster in Bucharest FC. He was in a coma for 21 days and escaped with his life thanks to an innovative medical procedure implemented at Fundeni Hospital.

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Mihai submitted before the Court of Appeal, on Thursday 12 May, an announcement to Libertatea: “Yes, justice has been served, because we who have suffered in this tragedy will not do justice on this planet. But at least justice has been done, we know one thing and that gives us hope that we may not live in a country as unnatural as we think.”

Too lenient penalties for state employees

Mihai, a well-known documentary filmmaker, was at Colectiv on the night of October 30, 2015 to film the Goodbye to Gravity concert. He believes there is an imbalance when it comes to law enforcement.

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“Justice according to these criminal laws has been achieved in Romania, as it is. As I expected, in Romania, civil servants are less responsible than ordinary citizens who commit crimes, and the criminal law protects them more”Mihai declared for freedom.

Beduni insulted his parents, who found him guilty

Relatives are also relatives of those who died or were maimed in the Collective tragedy, a very light sentence that contributes to the accumulated pain.

When the former mayor of Sector 4, Cristian Popescu Bedoni, discovered his sentence, he packed his bags and went to Rahova Prison, located in Sector 5, which he “nurtured” in 2020.

Bedoni posted on Facebook: “If these parents think I killed their children, may God help them“.

Alexandru Hoggia died in Vienna on November 22. JPEG

Alexandru Hoggia died in Vienna

Present at the family home of Narcissus and Mihaela Hogia, at the moment the court decisions were announced, Libertatea reporters were obsessed with the reaction of the parents who, according to Collective, had lost their son Alex.

Does this curse us? Wonderful! This one curses us!‘ replied the father.

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It is also believed that the sentences were too lenient for the officials, for whom the judges were not to take on their serious enough responsibility.

The owners received their punishment. But if the state, through the staff of City Hall, did its job and did not authorize the club to operate until it had met all the conditions required by law, our children would have been safe.Narcis Hogia told Libertatea.

Who is in prison?

The judges of the Bucharest Court of Appeal announced, Thursday, May 12, the final verdicts in the case of the accused in the “collective file”.

And so they go to prison:

  • Cristian Popescu Bedoni, former mayor of Sector 4 of the capital: 4 years, with execution.
  • Kostin Minko, owner of Collective Club: 8 years with execution.
  • Paul Jancia, owner of the club: 6 years and 4 months with implementation.
  • Allen Jorge Anastescu, owner of Collective Club: 11 years, 8 months with execution.
  • Marianne Moyes and Viorelle Zacharia, pyrotechnicians: 6 years 10 months, with execution.
  • Christian Mihai Neu, Director of the Fireworks Company: 2 years 6 months, with implementation.
  • Antonina Radu, firefighter at ISU Bucharest: 8 years 6 months, with execution.
  • George Matti Atfai: 8 years and 8 months with execution.

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