An accident occurred in Alba Iulia: a cyclist was injured after being hit by a truck

History comes to life in Alba Iulia, on Museum Night 2022. Citizens are expected to be at Alba Carolina Castle, Federation Museum, Federation Hall, Principia Museum, Musicon Museum, and Bathianium Library.

Starting at 19:00 and for a period of 6 hours, the Alba Iulia Museum comes back to life with reenactments, music, workshops and exhibitions.

The program of Museum Night 2022 at Alba Iulia:

Museum Night 2022: Union National Museum Alba Iulia

  • 19:00 – official opening, performance of Apulum Guard
  • 20:00 – 01:00 – history appears in the museum, more than 40 historical figures (Mihai Vitazul, Avram Iancu, Horia, Camille Velikan, etc.)
  • 20:00 – 01:00 – old workshops (made of lampshades, bone processing, leather, mint, scriptoria)
  • 22:00 – Roman Dances – Battles of Magna Nemesis / Gladiator – Ludus Apulensis
  • 23:00 – Coronation Story
  • 24:00 – Musical Moment – Laura Orian

Museum Night 2022: Union Hall

  • 20:00 – 01:00 – temporary exhibitions (Transylvanian Corps, Banat and Bukovina Volunteers from Kyiv, History of Alba Yulia, Bats – Masters of the Night)

Museum Night 2022: Museum

  • 20:00 – 01:00 – Workshops (Ars Calligraphica) History of writing from clay tablets to modern writing and ballpoint pens, Glass Painting Workshop, Introduction to Icon Painting Technique on Glass, Engraving Workshop
  • Temporary Galleries (Triticum, From the Thracian Knight to Saint George)

Museum Night 2022: Principia Museum

  • 19:00 – 01:00 – Guided tour, antique leather workshops, writing, signage
  • 21:00 – Violin and piano concert with Liviu Cernat and Cristian Alexievici

Young and old, locals or tourists alike, all are invited, on 14 May, to a true leap in time and history, at the Principia Museum.

Whether it is guided tours or ancient workshops prepared by the organisers, they will give everyone the opportunity to practice their skills with methods and materials similar to those used by the Romans or the Dacians, nearly two thousand years ago.

Visitors will be able to demonstrate their mastery of leather objects and signs as well as in the writing workshop. Everything is under the supervision of the Corps or the Hundred Guards of Apollom.

Principia Museum will become a concert hall on Museum Night

To make the call of the municipality of Alba Iulia seem even more convincing, the Principia Museum will become, also on Museum Night, the concert hall for a local duo that has already become a classic – Livio Sernat and his violin, with pianist Christian Alexievici.

The program of the Principia Museum, in turn, will be modified specifically for Museums Night and will continue until the next day, at 01:00.

“We have lost the public so much, during this period of uncertainty, so we take every opportunity and opportunity to be together again. Museums Night comes as a great opportunity for Principia to reopen all its doors beyond midnight to all lovers of history and beauty.” says Gabriel Pleta, Mayor of Alba Iulia.

On May 14, on Museums Night, you are expected to take a true journey into the past, to the Principia Museum, in the heart of Alba Carolina Castle, and visitors will be able to enter for free.

Museum Night 2022: The Patianium Library in Alba Iulia will be open to visitors

The Bathianium Library in Alba Iulia will also open its doors to visitors on Saturday 14 May from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Library representatives said that visitors will be able to enjoy the exhibition, which takes place in three halls (Aula Magna will not enter the visiting circuit).

They will be able to admire some of the astronomical instruments of the ancient Bathian Astronomical Observatory, along with many wonderful documents depicting the communications of Bishop Igantius Batian with the first director of the Astronomical Observatory, the pupil Antonius Martonvi, and their correspondence with some of the most illustrious astronomers of the eighteenth century.

Entry is free, no special pre-approval is required.

Visitors are required to bring their own ID. Groups cannot be larger than 15 people at a time.

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