UPT awarded 200 students from Romania

On Friday, May 13, 2022, the University of Politehnica Timioara organized an awards ceremony for students participating in 9 national competitions organized under the event “Politehnica Timioara – A step towards your future!” , which is in its ninth edition.

In addition to testing their knowledge, the event aims to inform and introduce students to the university environment, in order to ensure a better transition to higher education and their orientation towards a successful career.

“Politehnica Timișoara – A step towards your future!” Initially more than 1,000 students lined up, from 26 provinces of the country, more than 200 of them were awarded prizes and mentions (126 prizes and 96 mentions).

Awards were presented in the following competitions: Information Technology Engineering Competition (iTEC), organized by the College of Automation and Computer. Architecture competition “Hans Fäkelmann” intended for future architecture students, organized by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism; National competition of ideas and projects in the field of environmental protection “Environmental education preserves the environment – EcoSmarTim”, organized by the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering; – “Construction: Tradition and the Future” competition, organized by the College of Construction. Competition “Electronics between hardware and software”, organized by the Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology; Professional Ideas Competition “IEG-2022 Smart Electricity Generation”, organized by the Faculty of Electrical and Power Engineering; Anton Simak competition organized by the College of Engineering in Hunedoara. Competition “Information Management” organized by the Faculty of Production and Transport Management; The Communication Olympiad is organized by the College of Communication Sciences.

The winners of the competitions were invited for two days (12 and 13 May 2022) at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, where they visited the students’ campus, faculty laboratories, sports facilities, UPT library, Experimental Interactive Physics Laboratory, contacted the students and got an idea of ​​what it means to be a student in Poli.

They also took part in career days, where they talked to representatives of current companies, thereby getting an idea of ​​what student life means and what awaits them after graduation.

The focal point of the event, the award ceremony – attended by the management of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, representatives of faculties, directors of district schools in the West, some winners of previous competitions, and currently UPT students – was held in the Senate Chamber of the University Politehnica Timișoara, within the administration of the institution, a place full of history , where, more than a century ago, the fate of the daughters and belonging to the Motherland was decided.

On the history of the Polytechnic and the conditions that led to the creation of the first higher education institution in the West of the country, the Polytechnic School of Timisoara, in 1920, as well as about its close relations with the administration and the economic environment, from its inception to the present, the Dean of UPT, Associate Professor Ph.D. Florin Dragan.

He also introduced what is known today as the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, an institution of more than 13,000 students that, in addition to education, focuses on research, culture and sport, noting that POLY is perhaps the most recognized brand in Timisoara.

Last but not least, the President of UPT University congratulated the students for their ambition, knowledge and results, expressing hope for choosing Politehnica, especially since Romania has huge potential in the engineering and IT side, which can guarantee a successful career after a beautiful student.

Congratulations on the results of the students, but also on the good cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Timisoara were also spoken by representatives of the district school inspection departments present at the event, as well as by the student representative of the UPT board, who urged the students to come to “Poly”, where they will have a student Perhaps more difficult, but beautiful and full of satisfaction.



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