What diet does Mihai Ora follow at 105 years old? Foods that you do not eat in any way

For those close to him, but also to those who only follow his posts on social networks, Mihai Șora is a real page in the history of Romania. At the age of 105, he was very active in the virtual space. It is not uncommon for his posts to be correct waves of comments. But the famous philosopher recently decided to reveal some revelations. between them and Recipe It has remained in good condition until this glorious age.

Mihai Ora, very active on social networks, is 105 years old

Until the outbreak of the pandemic, the publications of the famous Roman philosopher Mihai Ora were followed, but not constantly. But the epidemic changed the fears of the Romans, especially during the period in which we had to stay a lock in homes.

This is how the Romanians found their interests, a little more intellectual, and moved to follow the publications of some important figures from the social, cultural and political life of Romania.

Among the famous personalities, and a real life history, there is also the philosopher Mihai Ora. Today, at the age of 105, the philosopher already has a very large community of readers, especially on Facebook.

Recent events have taken on an unwelcome scale. This is how the reactions of the philosopher Mihai Ora seem to be very successful with the reading public.

But, like any true fan, many netizens wanted to know other things in a philosopher’s life, such as what he does besides writing or reading. Others asked, perhaps a little more insistently, what was the secret of Mr. Ora’s longevity and what was his daily diet.

“Like any relationship, the relationship with food is learned and educated.”

In one of his recent posts, dated May 5 of this year, Mihai Ora decided to tell his readers the secret of his daily diet, saying “Like any relationship, a person with food learns and learns.”

“Like any relationship, a person with food learns and learns. Or not. You can make it a profession, your life’s passion. Because it can turn into a neurosis, the obsession that rides your existence.

It makes you miss out on exactly what’s important. When I was a child, my mother was with me for a long time: I was not what we usually call a capricious little boy, but I did not see the benefit of food. Swallow, swallow… Please were the words I always heard during the meal.

Then I ate only for my mother’s sake or because my father found a way to convince or distract me. (Later, I met hunger: bitter hunger that makes you pass out on the street, and scurvy and starvation because of which you leak and lose your teeth. But that’s another story.) ”, Mihai Ora wrote on Facebook.

The philosopher Mihai Ora gave up meat

In the text posted on Facebook, Mihai Ora also arrived at what really interests his followers, acknowledging the fact that he has given up meat dishes for several years, but is also a convinced vegetarian:

“What I want to say now, quickly and without too much theory, is that I haven’t eaten meat in years. However, I’m quick to add this evidence: We weren’t born vegetarians. So I wouldn’t be quick to blame those who love meatballs or meatballs. Meat I don’t jump out of the plane if the dry rice or lettuce leaf next to the peas, a piece of meat (hard as a stone, anyway, unmistakable) sits nicely on the plate.

I don’t even raise my nose when I see ham or pastrami on the host’s table during a picnic during a visit. There are countless ways to escape from a carnivorous condition and countless motives. As for me, it has nothing to do with age, diet, or vegan status (which some state or view as a virtue).

But simply because I am striving to understand the situation of non-speakers. I read studies and watched heartbreaking documentaries about pig farms, slaughterhouses, fish farms, and poultry farms. I refuse to eat suffering and torment. very simple. Note: Well, my refrigerator does not look like this … I also have radishes, tomatoes and apple juice, ”writes the famous philosopher.

Now that it is known what the diet of Mihai Ora is, who knows, maybe those who follow his posts will take it as an example. Maybe they’ll be able to quit some foods and switch to a healthy diet, who knows.

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