Army enlistment: more than 800 places for volunteer reservists. Registration, conditions, necessary documents, allowance

The Ministry of National Defense announced, on Friday, that it is organizing a new campaign for the recruitment and selection of citizens wishing to perform military service in the reserves as a volunteer reserve soldier in the Romanian army.

871 positions are available to all categories of personnel (officers, foremen, non-commissioned officers, ranks, and soldiers).

Register for volunteer reserve positions

Interested people can submit their files between May 16 and June 10.

In the military post of the region, district or sector in which their area of ​​responsibility is located, interested citizens will be informed of the following:

  • Advantages of performing military service as a volunteer reserve soldier
  • Stages of the recruitment and selection process
  • Structures dedicated to the implementation of the selection
  • The military health unit, where he will undergo a medical examination
  • The military unit or training center in which they carry out the initial training program, if they have undergone such training, in accordance with the law.

Candidates from non-military training will also be counseled on how to apply for positions in which they meet established criteria for studies and compatibility of disciplines acquired in civilian life with military arms/services and disciplines.

General Terms of Recruitment

Volunteer Reserve Soldiers are Romanian citizens, men and women, residing in Romania, who meet the conditions for recruitment and selection and have a contract with the Ministry of National Defense.

Citizens with or without military training can register.

Romanian citizens who will become volunteer reservists must, cumulatively, fulfill the following conditions:

a) meet the general and specific criteria for the recruitment and selection of volunteer reserve soldiers, which are determined by order of the Minister of National Defense. according to the metrics corresponding to the category of individuals to which they belong;

b) not have been convicted of a criminal offense by a final court ruling, unless the convicts have been rehabilitated or pardoned;

c) not be part of organizations prohibited by Romanian legislation and not be members of organizations that do not comply with the rules, activities and characteristics of the military profession;

d) not to belong to sects, religious associations or religious groups that, according to the law, are contrary to the rules of maintaining public order, as well as those that violate good morals or affect the development of the military profession;

e) Knowledge of the Romanian language written and spoken.

f) to be between 18 and 55 years of age, for those choosing volunteer reserve soldiers, and between 18 and 50 years old, respectively, for those choosing soldiers and volunteers in the ranks of the reserve.

The selection consists of psychological and physical examinations and a medical examination.

The method of carrying out the selection of volunteer reserve soldiers in the corps of military personnel is determined by order of the Minister of National Defense.

Selection is mandatory for all citizens who choose to become volunteer reservists, regardless of whether or not they have fulfilled their military service in one of the forms established by law.

Here are more details.

Documents required for registration

When applying to the military center, citizens wishing to perform military service as a volunteer reserve soldier must fill out an application form and submit the following documents:

  • The original ID card and a copy of it;
  • A criminal record certificate, issued no later than six months before the date of submission
  • Study of documents and/or other documents certifying other skills acquired in civilian life, in original and in copy
  • A valid driver’s license, issued by the Romanian authorities, in original and in a copy, if any, to candidates without military training, if fulfillment of the duties of the job for which he is applying means the management of the specific technology
  • Military brochure, in original and in a photo, if any, only for those holding the status of reserve.


By law no. 115/2021, a series of measures came into force aimed at increasing the attractiveness of military service as a volunteer reserve soldier.

Remember MApN:

– Increasing the amount of the bonus granted during the period of non-participation of reserve volunteers in training or missions from 10% to 30% of the official salary in addition to the salary of the occupied class

– Increase the amount of the installation allowance, by adding to the job credit, grades, and application balance, in addition to the grade balance

– cancellation of the obligation related to the reimbursement of recruitment and selection expenses, in the event that the contract is not signed / not completed;

Abolition of restrictions on voluntary reservists leaving abroad

– Finding the possibility of allocating positions, without taking selection tests, for active military reserves and professional soldiers, in the first year after transferring to the reserves.

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