Everything in Neamt County Council is 10th grade

If we were to joke, the only person on the county council (CJ) who didn’t get a score of 10 in an important assessment is President Ionel Arsene himself. He only got 8.4, right, in his years in prison, from the Bacau court, in a process that is now moving towards the appeals stage, where the grade can be adjusted. Otherwise, everything seemed to be grade 10 in the area. This, especially if we refer to the directors of CJ’s organizations.

His TT for a five-year-old with Gianina Cărbunariu

The evaluation of Gianina Cărbunaru was carried out by a commission, in which Mădălina Ciubotaru, a man of popular culture already recognized in the province and in the country, starred. The period under evaluation is November 27, 2020 to December 31, 2021. We do not know if people from the province were able to take the evaluation online or in the physical presence of the person being evaluated. We say this because the members of the commission had to follow the director’s program, which applies the successful Ionel Arsene model – as many trips outside the province / country as possible can bring success, money and prestige.

Apparently no one raised this issue, at the time of awarding the maximum score, or ammunition, or staffing issues – ultimately the management team had no formal objection when they had to resign as an actor or when they illegally shot someone, The simple reason is that the husband held a public office from a party that did not correspond to the party of the county chief and most likely did not work in the same political resort. Although the lodges in Roman politics contributed decisively to the mixture of doctrines and especially interests. However, an explanation must be given by the person who pays the money obtained by the person concerned in court. Minuscule details, but still important. For Piatra Neamte and Neamt County, the important thing is that we will soon be able to record another edition of the Giannina Serbonario Festival, which is hosted by the Youth Theater. And that we will soon be able to record a period of five years for the administration – the competent, the commission says – for Giannina Serbonario.

The Neamt Museum complex has everything you need

Ciprien-Doren Nikola also passed the 2021 assessment with a maximum grade, which is a performance from a management standpoint. We are talking about an institution at the national level, with the headquarters most important in the whole rehabilitation process, with specific difficulties in ensuring a program that is as applicable as possible to the majority of employees and flexible, adapted to the job, for a very busy marketing manager.

The Note 10 also came naturally because Dorin Nicola, unlike his predecessor Gherca, did not object to the budget granted by the omnipotent CJ and promptly responded to a request to agree to relinquish some positions, when the chiefs wanted to increase the scheme. Guardianship Foundation. The degree allows the current director to continue his tenure this year as well.

GT Kirileanu Library – No Problem

After CJ got rid of Adrian Alui Gheorghe, after a scandalous appraisal, was made, which cost a huge amount of budget, paid by all the builders, there were no longer problems in the county library.

That is why the evaluation was a kind of formality, with director Mihaela Meroy receiving the maximum score.

“Carmen Siculari” or a well-deserved note

Carmen Nastasso, President of the Center for Culture and Arts “Carmen Siculari”, an important figure in PSD/PES, received the maximum score as expected. We say it is predictable, because it has, on several occasions, proven to be worthy of the full trust of Ionel Arsen and, more recently, of Maddalena Ciobutaro, a kind of Susanna Gadea (head of the Socialist Council for Culture and Education during the communist period.) of the new German cultural policies. Carmen Nastasso was among the first to comply with the direct order not to cooperate with unpublished publications at the level of President, Secretary-General, or advisors of all kinds.

In this way, he responded to the help given when some county council members became concerned with the center’s expenses, especially in a glossy magazine, published on obscene paper, at a price not supported by the press. Soon the inquisitive members of the council were assured that all was well, even if they had to go to the meeting even the general secretary of the province, whose power of persuasion is recognized unanimously, whether he had liberal or social-democratic sympathies, such as not to mention unrealistic. The degree is also deserved because the center was able to carry out fun or more secretive activities, which could satisfy the vanities of some county leaders. (V. BĂLĂNESCU)

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