The CAA won in Baia Mare, …

The eighth stage of the playoff/playoff stage of the third football league, which took place on Saturday, was a great stage for the football teams in Bihor, and all three achieved positive results.

Seven points out of nine

Thus, out of the nine points placed in these matches, the Behor teams won seven.

The surprise came from the CAO, who beat the leader, Minor Baia Marie, with a score of 2-0, while Luciferol also scored an unexpected result, 1-1 at home, with Sportol Semelio Silvani, having previously suffered 24 consecutive defeats. Finally, Lotus Băile Felix made the most of their home ground and won 2-0 at Someşul Dej.

However, all of these controversies were without a special stake and were more important to the players’ record and morale.

Victory for the Central Auditing Organization

At Baia Mare, the best teams from the 10th series, Minor from the region and CAO 1910 Oradea, met the teams that were already qualified to bridge the promotion.

After Minor won the previous four games against Oradea this season, it was time for revenge, and coach Florin Verschach’s students beat Baia Mare at home, 2-0.

The match was interrupted in the first half when both goals were scored. Andre Gorges was the first to get to the corner kick, but I saw him get it saved by the goalkeeper.

After another 14 minutes, in the 34th minute, Oradians consolidated their advantage on the table, after Raoul Ardelian took advantage of a cross from Rozvan Jonny.

In the second half it was 2-0 for Oradea, and although the hosts tried to get back to the table in the second half, they failed to score the honor’s goal.

And the CAO players scored an impressive win before the play-off matches, but also before the local derby match with Lotus, which takes place next week.

Minor Baia Marie – CAO 1910 Oradea 0-2 (0-2)
they recorded: Georges (minimum 20) and R. Ardelen (minimum 34)
Minor: Băilă – D. Simion (minimum 46 M. Lazăr), Mondragon, C. 54 Sergeant Ciocan), Văsălie (min. 46 Gh. Gondeo) and C. Stanciu. Coach: Cyprien Danciu
K: R. Bob – C. Jurj, D. Lupşe, D. Stan, M. Kovacs, R. Ardelean (min. 89 R. Săutiuţ), D. Cîrjan (min. 84 Al. Popa), R. Gunie, A. Gheorghi (Min. 64 Fl. Chitaş), Ad. Buba (at least 89 thousand Shendalia) and M. Eon (at least 64 Sinead George). Coach: Florin Farkash
They judged: Szabolcs Kovacs (Carei) – Krisztian Toth (Petreşti – Satu Mare) and Zsolt Kopriva (Carei)

2 x Florin Pop

In the other game of the penultimate stage of the playoff match of the tenth series of the Third League, in San Martin, at the Stadio Comuneal, Lotus Belle Felix also won 2-0, in front of the Cluj team of Somsol Dij.

If the goals were scored in Baia Mare in the first half, in San Martin, in the second half the score was 0-0, Lotus managed to score in the second half, through Florin Pope, who scored in the 52nd and 77th minutes.

After a balanced first half, with chances on both gates, but with Someşul chances a little more dangerous, in the second half, coach Gheorghe Ghi’s students dominated the match and seven minutes into the second half, Florin Pop scored a goal. Corner kick after a difficult cross from the left by Şt. Master and extended by C. Sîrbu.

Florin Pop almost put the visitors ahead in the 77th minute with a neat header after the ball ran toward the middle, but the home team’s goalkeeper Toderean saved.

This was the fifth victory for the team prepared by coach Jorge Guiu in the play-off, which strengthened his position on the podium.

Lotus Baile Felix – Somsul Dej 2-0 (0-0)
they recorded: Florine Pop (minimum 52 and 77)
Lotus: Ed. Beke – T. Paublusztig (min. 86 P. Andraş), Şt. Bentia, Cr. Oros, R. Creţ (min. 46 Şt. Meşter) – S. Cucu (min. 84 Gityea), M. Popa, P. Blăgea (min. 69 S. Nogo), M. Arsene – C. Sîrbu (min. 86 Hall) and Fl. Pop. Coach: Jorge Getsch

Somesul: Toderean – Bolenyi, Negru (Min. 85 Kovacs Szabolcs), Ciurcui, Chiş – Plăian, Suciu (Min. 85 Giurgean), Maxin, Darius Mureşan – Visic (Min. 63 Ad. Rad), Batchabi (Min. 87 Pocol). Coach: Tiberio Blanc.
They judged: Claudio Steve (Targo Morris) – Daniel Nestor (Zlatna) and Daniel Boba (Campini – Alba)

The results of the eighth (penultimate) stage of the play-off match of the tenth series of the Third Football League:
Lotus Bell Felix – Someşul Dej 2-0
Minor Baia Marie – CAO 1910 Oradea 0-2

1. Minor Baia Marie 8 5 1 2 14-5 57 am
2. CAO 1910 Oradea 8 4 0 4 7-6 51 p
2. Lotus Baili Felix 8 5 1 2 8-9 45 AM
4. Someşul Dej 8 0 2 6 1-10 37 p

The last stage (Saturday, May 21 at 6:00 pm):

CAO 1910 Oradea – Lotus Baile Felix

Someşul Dej – Minor Baia Marie.

luciferol lottery

And in the add-on, Luciferol Oradea got a point on Saturday, having only conceded failures in the last 24 games.

In the eighth stage of the second stage of the tournament, the youngsters played in their own court, at Luceafărul Stadium in San Martin, and drew 1-1 with Sportul Şimleu Silavniei.

However, it must be appreciated the way the opponents presented themselves in this dispute with many young players, as well as players from Luceafărul, and in this context the performance of the team prepared by Jorge Zima fared much better. At the break, the guests were ahead 1-0, with a goal scored by Vaida in the 36th minute, but in the second half the players regained the equalizer, in the 72nd minute, when striker Nandor Sovge scored with a header from 8. meters.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, and this result is also reliable, which lifts the spirits of the young footballers of Luceafărul, who are used to losing this season.

Luciferol Oradea – Sportol Chemlio Silvani 1-1 (0-1)
they recorded: NANDOR SOVAGE (Min. 72) / KVIDA (Min. 36)
Luceafărul: Nergheş – Fl. Drăgan, G. Ardelean, D. Laza, D. Sfârlea (min. 88 L. Morar), N. Goilean, Răzvan Tirla (min. 46 V. Negruţiu), R. Pdurean (min. 88 L. Ţîrţ), G. Costea (min. 81 Ed. Tamas), L. Covaci (min. 61 P. Maruşca), N. Suveg. Coach: George Zima
Sports: P. Cosma – M. Leitan, P. Paul, P. Oşan, Ad. Neaga, I. Paşcu, M. Cohan, G. Pop (min. 78 M. Lukacs), V. Lujerdean (min. 1 Em. Seran), C. Vaida (min. 85 Z. Lazar), G. Mansour. Coach: Dachian Nasta
They judged: Răzvan Necrici (Chechiş – Maramureş) – Stelian Daniel Lar (Baia Mare) and Cristian Mureşan (Cavnic)

The results of the eighth round of qualifying from the tenth series of the third league:
Luceafărul Oradea – Sportul Şimleu Silvaniei 1-1
SCM Zalău – CFR Cluj II 2-2
Omkuta Mare Presents – CSM Satu Mare 0-2

1. SCM Zalo 8 4 1 3 31-12 41 p
2. CSM Satu Mare 8 7 1 0 28-6 40 p
3. Sportul Şimleu 8 4 2 2 15-14 37 p
4. CFR Cluj II 8 4 3 1 22-12 36 p
5. Progress Şomcuta 8 1 0 7 7 – 16 20 p
6. Luceafărul Oradea 8 0 1 7 3 – 46 – 4 am

Next stage (Saturday, May 21 at 6:00 pm):

Şomcuta Mare Presents – Luceafărul Oradea

CSM Satu Mare – SCM Zalău

CFR Cluj II – Sportul Şimleu Silvaniei.

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