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The exact time in the theater is no longer given only in Bucharest, it is given all over the country, and starting from today, for a week and a day, it is given in Alba Yulia!

* Tonight, the musical “The Addams Family”, directed by Rozvan Mazilo, Bucharest Excelsior Theater!

** Schedule for tomorrow, May 16, 2022, the second day of the festival

Let the show begin! In fact, it has already started today, at 10.00, with the first coffee shop, At Art Cafe Downtown, where you are expected to meet the actors every day of the festival, always at 12.00, for coffee at their company, see them with the local press, and what and how to say.

The Puck Puppet Theater Cluj Napoca has opened its children’s show series, which will take place in the first part of the festival days, with the bag with two coins, Follow clown station, organized by the Children and Youth Theater “Luceafărul” in Iai. And from 16.00 the theater, scenography and theater workshops with objects and theater for teenagers begin, under the guidance of curators Alexandra Bodiano, Elena Iorga, Alina Herescu, Anna Crocion Lambro and Ioan Ardelin.

At five in the evening, I’ll see you for sure giant show The Wheel Theater in Arad, in front of the Union House of Culture. And then, from 5:30 pm, we enter the opening of the exhibition theatrical, fashion show, Performed by UNATC IL Caragiale, then we stay for 2 hours 40 minutes at the loudest music, Adams family, Brought to Alba Yulia by The Excelsior Theater Bucharest, directed by Rozvan Mazilo.

In the morning, in a meaningful coffee, I found out that the last show had been played 60 times so far, and the actors six months before the premiere prepared intensely, then trained daily to keep fit for this piece that challenges them all. skills. Acting, music, and set design all must also be mastered to handle the demands of staging a musical of this magnitude.

If the performance is at 18.00, we, the audience, move from about a quarter and a quarter. Well, they, the actors who perform on The Addams Family, are 6 hours ahead! 6 + 2.40 Make nearly 9 hours of standing on stage! For us, for the spectators, for our joy. If they can sing, dance, recite, and play bitterly for a long time, we can rest easily, until a break and after, to enjoy the show, one we meet all day! According to, there will be quite a few places, so search fast! Note: 28 lei tickets for adults, 15 lei for pensioners and students, 7 lei for children.

* The program for tomorrow, May 16, 2022, the second day of the International Theater Festival “Stories”, in Alba Iulia.

It’s 11.00 Student Culture House – scarecrow,Iwan Slavici Classical Theatre, Arad, directed by Adela Moldovan, Show 3+, 40 min. “Abandoned for a long time on the edge of a deserted field, a scarecrow eagerly awaits the return of people. Hope that once again guarding the sunflower field gives him the strength to withstand the cold, rain and blizzard. One spring morning, a small flying chick accidentally landed on the scarecrow’s head. There A beautiful friendship between the two … ”, the organizers say about the song to all the children who have parents, grandparents and children of the latter.

– right Now 11.00 – “Vasily Goldic” gymnasium Alba Yulia – 13 year old vloggerAnd Book launch with author Dan Longo.

– right Now 12.00 – Art Café Downtown – coffee shop with meaning – Press Conference.

– right Now 12.00 – Brischendel Puppet Theater in Alba Iulia, Room 67 – # being able to, Co-production of the Constanta State Theatre, Marin Sorescu National Theater, Craiova, Andrei Morigano Theatre, Svato Gorge Theatre, Sato Marie North Theatre, directed by Bobby Prikop, Show – installation for teenagers. An absolute novelty, #acedesiguranţa is designed to operate on two levels: in the hall, in the form of a performance installation, and online, on the social network TikTok. The story revolves around a group of seven high school students, ages 16-18, who shoot # accessurance, a movement that aims to give TikTok a voice for teens and their experiences. Collected on the TikTok platform, the seven teens tackle topics relevant to the world of young people in Romania today: anxiety, identity, self-knowledge, education, relationships, vulnerability or isolation,” we read in the program brochure . After the show, free discussions between spectators and director Bibi Prikop.

– right Now 17.00 – Brischendel Puppet Theater in Alba Iulia, Room 67 – Point and KumaCia el Cruce Theatre, Spain, Age: 6+. Punto Y Coma is a contemporary theater show that explores the boundaries between circus and theatre. Inspired by the expressionist current and theater of the absurd, it analyzes the concepts of the culture And Knowledgeand exploring the expressive and poetic possibilities of contemporary circus and physical theatre. cross with point and eatdevelops an original language, to convey ideas and emotions in a terribly funny, risky and absurd way, and to share a unique experience, directly with the audience”, say the organizers.

– Hours 18.00 – 20.00 – Lobby of the House of Culture for Trade Unions and the lobby of the House of Student Culture – Permanent exhibitions of fashion and fine artsUNATC IL Caragiale, Bucharest.

– right Now 18.30 – Lobby of the House of Culture for Trade Unions – I’m a communist grandmother Book launch with author Dan Longo. Dan Longo is a writer and associate professor. Dr. at the university „Al. Cuza” of Iai, Director of the National Museum of Romanian Literature Iai (2013-2017), Member of the Culture and Information Committee of the Romanian Senate (2016-2022). Initiator of Club 8 (1997), co-founder and director of the International Yash Festival for Literature and Translation – Villette (2013-2016). He is a member of the Romanian Writers Union. (…) In 2011, the French state awarded him the title “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” for his contribution to the enrichment of the French cultural heritage. Among the most honored and well-received works are the novels “Chicken Paradise”, “I am a communist grandmother!”

– right Now 19.00 – Associations of Culture Houses – I’m an old communist lady“Mihai Emenscu” National Theater Timisoara Directed by Antonella Corniche, age: 14+, 1 hour, 45 minutes. 30 years after the fall of Ceausescu, there are still people who feel nostalgic, and there are still people who, despite the difficulties they experienced “in the past”, consider that they were better off at that time. Communism remains a crucial period for Romania. Coming from Dan Longo’s book, The Show I’m an old communist ladyOrganized by the National Theatre, Emilia Apostoy enters the new decade. She is already the famous “communist grandmother”, thanks to the book in which she appeared, and is in a position to openly defend her convictions, on television, at a time for the widest audience. Because the new world of the twenty-first century is happening in front of the television. The program brochure shows that the sensational show, Someone Once, has no intention of discussing Emilia’s perspective, but seeks to present the circus to the audience.

You have a choice! Run to the festival! You can consult the full program on the official pages:, and at

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