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Sarah Domitrescu is 22 years old and has been playing basketball with her performance level for ten years already. And if you can’t blame the sport for not pleasing her, personally, Annamaria Prudán’s daughter complains that things are too hard.

Why Annamaria Proudan’s daughter Sarah doesn’t have a boyfriend: ‘Love is incompatible with show sports’

Sarah, daughter of Anamariaria Prodan and basketball coach Tiberiu Dumitrescu, admits that her love affair has been disastrous. and for fanaticShe also revealed the reasons behind the problems you face when it comes to finding a friend.

“I’m not at all comfortable with love. I don’t have a boyfriend yet. I don’t even need it. Love doesn’t go along with sports. It’s very hard to find someone who understands my schedule, understands what I’m doing and how long it takes for me to be okay with it.” also … “Sarah, daughter of producer Annamaria Prodan, told us.

However, she is already accustomed, she admits, to being alone. And Sarah Domitrescu, who is young, says with humor that she still hopes things will get better. “So far I haven’t found anyone who loves and understands me, but I still hope so.”She says laughing.

In other words, the 22-year-old sportswoman also identified, after a few weeks in Romania, she feels completely different. “I’ve never had such a long vacation before, but I’m still trying to have a balanced schedule.”she told us.

What advice has she received from Annamaria Proudan when it comes to boys?

Sarah and Annamaria Prudden have a very close relationship and the two often discuss their problems. Prodance’s daughter revealed, to fanaticwhat promise he made to his mother, some time ago, and how he supports her in her complete divorce from Laureniu Reghecampf.

“My mother gives me advice. I always support her as best I can. Whatever decision she makes, I will be 100% with her. I promised him I would keep my word! My mother is very strong, and her choices (referring to Laureniu Reghecampf, editor’s divorce) are tailored to us , so that we can be healthy. What you say, we do, it’s the manager”, Sarah Domitrescu revealed it to us, too.

Annamaria Prodan, in turn, revealed the advice she gives her daughter when it comes to friends. “I told her she has to find a man who will respect her. Don’t look for pleasure elsewhere. Which makes her really happy and that she will love.

I told her that her boyfriend has to end. In fact, I told him, the right man is the one I still describe: the one who, when he enters a place, becomes quiet. A gentleman who knows how to be respected, “ he said to fanaticAnnamaria Proudan.

Sarah between coaching basketball and clubs

Sarah Domitrescu came to the country for two reasons. She told us, first of all, that she wanted to relax a bit and spend time with her mother, Annamaria Prodan, and her younger brother, Laureniu jr. Then, she says, she returned to Romania to participate in the matches of the national basketball team.

“I am also training, and I am recovering after a long season in the States. Naturally, I try to have a social life, and spend time with my family, especially since I rarely see them. I also go to clubs, of course.”He also said to fanaticSarah Domitrescu.

In the coming days, the young woman determined the end of the leave. He added, “I entered the camp in Ezvorani for 10 days on May 20. We have the first match in Israel on May 28. When the national team finishes, I will go straight to America, I will be ready. I train all the time”, Sarah told us.

Sarah prepares for the World Cup with the Romanian national team

Sarah Domitrescu will start preparing for the World Cup, in 3×3 basketball, where she plays for the Romanian national team, in the extreme position.

“I am preparing for the World Cup. I chose to represent Romania since I was 18. My family is here, I have played for the Romanian team since I was young, since I was 12, and I chose to continue like this. My father is with me the whole time. He guides and supports me.

We both decided that Romania needs help, but there are some very important competitions for our country, we are talking about the 3 to 3 World Cup. The World Cup that takes place in Constanta, at the end of the summer. Now I play extreme, but I can play anything”as Sarah Dometrescu told us.

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