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The Suceava District School Inspection Service organized, from May 11 to 15, 2022, the National Interdisciplinary Olympiad of Romanian Language, Literature and Religion “Romanian Culture and Spirituality”, gymnasium section, 5th-8th grades. The Olympiad was approved by the Ministry of Education in the calendar of national competitions by disciplines, attended by Romanian students and held in partnership with the Diocese of Suceava and Radauti and in cooperation with the Bukovina Institute of the Romanian Academy, Faculty of University Letters “Stefan cel Marie Suceava, Bukovina Writers Association, National Museum For Bukovina, Bukovina Cultural Center, Suceava Tourism Information and Promotion Center (Suceava County Council), “IG Sibera” library in Bukovina Suceava, “Uzina de Apă” Center for Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape in Suceava, Putna Monastery, Dragomirna Monastery and Ecclesiastical Youth Centers. EGGER Romania with the organizers of the Olympiad by sponsoring volumes of fiction dedicated to children and youth, which was a pleasant surprise for high school students participating in the competition.

multiple presence

179 high school students, accompanied by 42 teachers from the country’s provinces and the city of Bucharest, took the written test on May 12 and the oral test on May 13, which are the tests taken at the Economic College “Dmitrii Kantemir” Suceava. Together with the organizer of the competition, the Department of School Inspection of Suceava County, the College of Informatics “Spero Heart”, “Mihai Emensko” College, Suceava College, High School with Suceava Sports Program, the licensed Orthodox school “Dosofti “Suceava”, “Metropolitan Iacob Putneanul” Putna High School Ion Nistor Technological High School Vicovu de Sus Ștefan cel Mare Technological High School Cajvana Mihai Eminescu Dumbrăveni Technological High School Bukovina Forest College Vasile Lov College Gymnasium No. 4 Vatra Dornei Straja Gymnasium School, Bosanci Gymnasium School, Moara Nică Gymnasium School, “Grigore Ghica Voievod” Gymnasium School, Suceava, “Ioan Ciurea” Fălticeni Gymnasium School, etc., schools that support values ​​and performance in a school environment.


Ionel – Florian Lixandro, Minister of State for Pre-University Education and Relations with Parliament in the Ministry of Education, Romeo Moyo, Adviser to the Minister of Education, participated in the opening of the competition held at the Archbishop’s Cathedral – monastery “Svantul Ioan Cel No”, Suceava, Assistant Professor Dr. Vasili Timich, Inspector General of the Ministry of Education, Patriarchal Inspector Orléans George Gambor, representative of the Roman Patriarchate, Archim. Melchizedek Velinik, Exarch of the Diocese of Suceava and Radauti, Inspector General of the School Inspectorate of Suceava Province, Professor Gregor Bocanci, Deputy Inspector General, Professor Dr.


According to the data sent by Professor Anuței Ioan Cezar, School Inspector, Spokesperson for IȘJ Suceava, the National Interdisciplinary Olympiad of Romanian Language, Literature and Religion Romanian Culture and Spirituality is a national competition for excellence, in which students from all parts of the participating countries, from state, private and communal education, participate in the The class he attends in the year of the Olympic Games, “Students with special skills, inclinations and interests in the subjects of the Romanian language, literature and religion (all denominations)”, are pre-selected in the provinces at the provincial stage of the competition, as stipulated in the specific regulations.

“The starting point for this Olympic Games was the national competition of the same name, which took place several times in Putna and Suceava, initially only by written test. Since 2019, the competition has included two levels of performance, a gymnasium and a high school, and a written test. , an oral exam, and a project exam of your choice.Specific Regulations state that the Olympics make use of the open and flexible cultural character of the student who is able to perform in pre-university education and addresses creative students, with an age-appropriate cultural horizon, who can benefit from elements of cultural anthropology in Romanian language and literature .and religion,” said Professor Anwi Ioan Cesar. Students should have the skills to document, read and interpret the message of sacred literary text and non-literary text around the world, related to the aesthetic category of beauty, truth, and goodness. The Olympic Games have a year rich in meaning – the sacred beauty of the world, as each high school student prepares to participate in the competition considering various age-specific themes of school programs in two disciplines, Romanian language and literature and religion: Creation as the gift of divine love (class five); My Universe Family and I (6th grade); a man in communion with his comrades and his deity (7th row); Love as a form of company and fulfillment (8th grade).

the first show

Students who participated in this competition this year enjoyed a rich educational program, which resulted in visits to the Bukovina National Museum, the Royal Inn, the Village Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences, Suceava Castle and medieval churches. municipality (Mirăuți, Domnițelor, Sf. Dumitru, Învierii, Sf. Ioan cel Nou de la Suceava, etc.) and stop at the Travel and Sanctification Fair.

On May 14, 2022, an awards ceremony was held for the students with the best grades after the two competition exams. Thus, the Department of Education, through the Suceava County School Inspection Department, awarded four first prizes, five second prizes, three third prizes, 28 mentions, and 47 special prizes. The diplomas of loyal partners have been added to the above competition, accompanied by books, albums, magazines and useful teaching materials for every high school student who has achieved outstanding results in school performance.

This year’s first prize went to students from the provinces of Mahdini, Argiou and Karai-Severin, where performers from the country received three final grades of 10.00 in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

“The Suceava district group consists of four students and got notable results in this year’s National Interdisciplinary Olympiad in Romanian Language, Literature and Religion “Romanian Culture and Spirituality” this year: 3rd prize in class 5 (Gymnasium School No. 4 of Suceava), 2nd prize in class Sixth (“Myron Kostin” Secondary School from Suceava), mentioned in the seventh grade (Secondary School No. 3 from Suceava) and a very good grade in the sixth grade eight (“Bogdan Vodo” “Câmpulung Moldovenesc Secondary School)”, transferred by the Inspector General of IȘJ Suceava , Professor Bocanci Grigore.

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