No wrongdoing was committed in the Suceava County Department of Culture and no non-performance was carried out. I have long been anticipating what has now been done to me under the guise of enforcing the Pensions Act

The former director of the Department of Culture of the Suceava District, Uriel Bozenko, sent to News Bucovina, several answers to the accusations made by the former Minister of Culture, Bogdan Giorgio, in today’s topic exhibition, which indicates that he expects to be replaced. As a manager through retirement law enforcement.

Bozenko says that in the interview, Bogdan Giorgio wanted to motivate his order to terminate service relations with DJC Suceava, which he did not sign, but the person authorized to lead the ministry, i.e. the Secretary-General, considers that “this in itself is an error of incompetence and misunderstanding of things and reveals The manner and degree to which he took up the ministry, he claims.”

Moreover, Uriel Bozhenko considers the references made by the ex-minister to several targets for ascertainment regarding the director’s activity, and not performance, but violations of legal provisions as “new evidence of incompetence, misunderstanding of things and amateurs.”

In professional logic, either I have a CEO’s “long-term activity” (a senior government employee!) maximum score in all annual evaluations of professional performance (as in reality), or I’ve broken the law and should be accountable to an organization Specialized. I mean, does Mr. Bogdan Giorgio make me decide not to extradite me to court for illegal acts? Judge me – the kindest and most tolerant. sorry! Uriel Bozhenko continued.

He said that the statements made by the ex-minister showed that he is not only inexperienced in the field he leads, which evaluates him at the head of the legal assessors of professional performance and declares himself in a context that requires him to refrain, but who wanted to. And managed – again – to denigrate and slander.

“The ex-Minister must prove that there is an illegal “heat with notice” issued where he claims such a thing, and he has to prove that in front of the Bukovina Museum there is a historical monument within the meaning of Law 422 / 2001 (there is none – but he also declares that ignorant: it’s a “legacy”), that DJC Suceava illegally agreed to install double glazing on the buildings of the historic monument in the pedestrian area of ​​Fălticeni, finally, the notice of demolition of the old hospital in Vălticeni was issued against the law (I claim no, since the hospital It was not a historical monument, it was not in a protection zone and … it was required, for several reasons, to be demolished.) Incidentally, there was an unsuccessful central attempt to demolish an old hospital in Velcini – as a result of the involvement of the owners – and strangely enough, the former minister did not want to simplify procedures and bureaucracy everywhere,” he explained. Former Director of DJC Suceava.

Uriel Bozenko also noted “other strange things” in Bogdan Giorgio’s way of speaking, following, seeing and singing things—and such facts also raise the questioning of supporters and supporters of his rule.

For example, I asked him if he had found a better solution for DJC Suceava than the CEO who sent him into retirement. request / offer to activate in the system) and replied: “I can’t say I found someone better…” How? So it repeats: How? In addition to insulting the man whose name was mentioned there and the institution, among other things – that is, in Mr. County, in order to please… I don’t know what, he mocked the Directorate of Culture?

As for me, I have long anticipated what is now being done to me under the guise of the Pensions Act. Many years have passed since I repeated a question that bothered me now more than ever: Does the Ministry of Culture have any plans to implement Article 29 of Law 422/2001? An article that looks like this:

“In order to implement measures for the protection of historical monuments, within 60 days from the date of entry into force of this law, within the framework of the decentralized public services of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, by order of the Minister of Culture and the Establishment of National Heritage, the powers of the Historical Antiquities Department, and to provide it with specialized personnel in this field” .

It has been 20 years since the Ministers of Culture implemented an important article of an important law in the field of cultural heritage, this fact has brought and seriously damaged the historical monuments, the decentralized services of the Ministry, which are professionally and functionally anemic, and even their employees.

Perhaps I missed it – did the ex-minister in this show refer to this article of the law that would have solved so many problems that he told the gentleman they had crushed him and wrinkled his forehead?

I say simply and responsibly: DJC Suceava did not commit any wrongdoing and did not perform poorly, on the contrary, but the non-implementation of this article of the law and the conditions of harm to human resources in which the enterprise has worked permanently since 2009 was it often necessary to improvise from order to carry out institutional tasks ”, concluded Uriel Bozhenko.

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