Renovation work on the palace of the princes in Alba Iulia is becoming more and more expensive. And the contribution from the local budget is higher

Alba Yulia City Hall will benefit from a voucher worth €15,000, allocated by the European Commission through the Executive Agency for Innovation and Networking to promote Internet connectivity in local communities.

The funds will be used to install equipment for free wireless Internet access points in public places in the municipality.

Suggested sites are:

  • Princes Palace
  • Principia Museum
  • Tourist Information Centre
  • Regina Maria Square
  • Seat Park
  • city ​​Council
  • Software Section
  • revenue department
  • Social Assistance Department

In order to create a free WiFi network, the city council has initiated the procurement procedure. According to the documents, the local administration will conclude contracts for the installation of Internet access points with licensed companies. Network and Internet access will be maintained for at least 36 months after commissioning.

A broadband local data network will be installed between WiFi hotspots. Citizens, institutions, visitors and tourists have free access to the Internet in parks, markets and public buildings.

Free WiFi networks in Alba Iulia are provided by some institutions or Internet operators, but they do not cover enough space related to the needs of the community, including important municipal areas / buildings or cannot provide high-quality connections to a large number of users, according to source quotes.

Thus, connections to network points not included in the grant will be ensured by the implementation of WiFi4EU access sites, as well as a local broadband data network.

Special connection between the town hall and the castle district

The objective of the acquisition is to make its own connection, on fiber optic support, and broadband, between Alba Iulia Town Hall and the Citt District.

The goal is to “select the best options and design a broadband data network on fiber optic support between the Town Hall and the Cetate District – WiFi locations, locate WiFI access points, identify the parts that require buried ducts, and those that will use existing ducts to ensure data communication between the Town Hall and the buildings.” / Municipal areas in the Setat area (2.5 km)”.

Other services included in the documents:

  • Implementation/installation/testing of the main network between Town Hall and Castle District – WiFi sites
  • Installation of local and internal networks and related access points
  • Configuration, testing, networking and WiFI4EU access points; Existing/configuring current connections (month rental)
  • Promotion by displaying (mounting panels) and online job sites
  • broadband internet services
  • Network and broadband internet access maintenance services

Outdoor sites frequented by citizens and tourists are a priority; The network, in season and for the organization of events, requires coverage and high traffic.

WiFI4EU is expected to include 8 external access points and 3 internal access points; There are two standby sites, in case there are difficulties with implementation in the proposed sites.

Bidders will consider only one main point of control and access to the Internet WiFi4EU – City Hall.

There are currently broadband data communications between Town Hall and some locations (made from leased fiber optic lines).

It is recommended that wifi access equipment provide the following:

  • More than 200 concurrent users (preferably 500) for an external access point and more than 100 concurrent users for an internal access point.
  • Minimum access band 150Mbps (recommend over 200Mbps, symmetric band)
  • Each access point must be simultaneously usable in dual band (2.5 GHz – 5 GHz)

The beneficiary must ensure that the end user’s access to the WiFI4EU network is free, does not contain commercial advertisements, is provided without reusing personal data for commercial purposes, is secured without discrimination, and ensures proper network functioning and respect. Terms of confidentiality and protection of personal data of the service

Processing for statistical or analytical purposes may be carried out regularly to enhance, monitor or improve the operation of networks. The storage or processing of personal data must be anonymised.

The total estimated value of the acquisition is 294,525 lei.

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