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In order to make an informed choice of profile and specialization in high school and vocational technical education, on May 11-13, 2022, teachers of Technological High School “Dumitro Mangeron”, Bacau They organized and supported the activity open daysThrough the involvement of the management team and the efforts of each employee, teacher, teacher, assistant teacher or non-teacher, during this period we crossed the school unit threshold of about 400 students accompanied by teachers, teachers and sometimes principals. We were visited by students from 14 schools in Bacău District: School Dominica Maria Gymnasium, Bacău, Secuieni Gymnasium, “Octavian Voicu” Gymnasium, Traian Gymnasium, Gymnasium Nr. 1 Valea-Seacă, Alecu Russo Gymnasium School, Bacău, “Constantin Popovici” Gymnasium School , Buhoci, Luizi-Călugăra Gymnasium School, “Ion Luca” Bacău Gymnasium School, Orbeni Gymnasium School, Letea Veche Gymnasium School Moscu “Gymnasium School Izvoru Berheciului, Sărata Gymnasium School, we thank you for your availability.

Teachers introduced our guests to modern and interactive activities: interact with animated robots, participate in interactive games on the Kahoot and GeoGebra platforms, take part in fun math presentations, like the book/font exhibition, and engage in dialogue with student council members to discuss schoolwide educational and volunteer extracurricular projects . They also watched how to draw in AutoCAD, watched sequences from an indoor table tennis tournament held just these days, introduced a way to learn entrepreneurship, through already established coaching companies, and started as a pastry chef in a food lab, watched how you learn to drive with a car simulator , attended Physics/Chemistry experiments in our well-equipped laboratories, and watched how the customer was presented to the table as a waiter.

for professional qualifications in Educational offer for the academic year 2022-2023And technical fileTechnological High School “Dumitru Mangeron” provided visitors, future graduates of gymnasium schools, a diverse and modern material base. In addition to laboratories and offices for general education subjects, the school has 9 technology laboratories for training in specialized units: CAD design, automobile transmission, road legislation, auto mechanics, auto mechanics/auto electronics, technical drawing, general mechanics, electrical and electromechanical engineering. It also has 3 car simulators and 5 workshops for hands-on activities. Service Profile It, in turn, has high-performance equipment: two exercise company-type laboratories, one food analysis laboratory, and one laboratory for the profession of a baker and pastry chef. 3 laboratories equipped with an interactive whiteboard.

Our students get excellent results in technical Olympics and competitions for professions in the mechanical field every year, both in the province of Bacau and at the national level. Such performances are possible through the effort the students make for their development, given the physical basis of the unit which gives them a place for that development but also through the efforts of well-trained teachers. Our school has concluded partnership contracts for practical training of students in vocational and technical education with the most important economic agents in Bacau. In the electromechanical specialization, we have 10 places of dual education, where students are multiplied by the professional scholarship through the monthly contribution of the partner economic agent – SC Electroservice SRL.

The choice of professional qualification from the educational offer of the school provides for future graduates (auto mechanic, auto smith, auto mechanics electromechanical machines and industrial plants, technician in economic activities, gastronomy technician, waiter / waiter salesman in catering units, cook) a guarantee of obtaining training of the highest standards professional in accordance with the requirements of the current labor market, locally, at the national and European level. Economic agents get to know future graduates during the training period and offer them job offers before completing their courses. The labor market is greedy for technical education graduates.

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” In the technological high school “Dumitru Mangeron”, this fact is applied every day. It is possible to change the world with well-trained, professionally trained, empathetic, kind and loving teachers who provide well-trained with our motivated students. We are preparing new generations of responsible citizens, adaptive and changing the world every day.

We are waiting for you, dear high school graduates, to be a part of the change in the world and become our students!

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