Bogdan Sava is the new top scorer in the fourth league after Energia Suscuri – GT Sport Alba Iulia 5-0.

The start of this month meant for Romania to take part in the European Weightlifting Championships, in Pilsen (Czech Republic), the most important continental competition and perhaps the first in which the tricolor delegation was the favorite to win European medals, in competition. With other representatives .20 countries.

The national team managed to frame the performances: to retain its first European champion title with Andrei Irimie (CS Unirea Alba Iulia, who reissued last year’s performance), to get an impressive number of medals, 31, and to take an honorable third place. in the nation’s rankings, and thus has become one of the nations that really matter in terms of sports, even if the material resources are limited.

There are silent moments in sport. A deep silence precedes the singing of the national anthem, a silence awaiting the dedication of the fact that a young and energetic sport diplomatically and firmly claims its first place among the sports of the moment. We are talking about weightlifting, a sport that is confirmed by statistics and reality. Over time, Romania has created opportunities for athletes at the level of this competition, but it seems that the organizational strength, the management of the sport and the sports strategy in the medium and long term have never been seen in the way that we are now seen.”, summarized by Ovidiu Pănăzan of Alba Iulia, president of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation, headquartered in the Great Federation Castle. Contestants from Alba also contributed the medal, which took into account 12 distinctions, awarding gold to Andre Iremi (Seniors, the only Romanian delegation at this level) and Paul Pignario (CS Universitatea Alba Iulia, Juniors).

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* 12 medals awarded by athletes from ALBA

Athletes from Alba Results:

* Juniors 2 (14-18 years): Bianca Todorescu (cat. 57 kg, CS Unirea Alba Yulia, coach Ovidio Bonozan) – 3rd in knee bend, 2nd in supine, 4th in straightening and total;

* Junior 1st (19-23): Paul Pignario (cat .105 kg, CS Universitatea Alba Iulia) – propelled by three gold medals from bed, calendar and total, bronze medal in kneeling and third place in Junior I teams;

Alexandra Kazaku (cat. 52 kg, CS Unirea Alba Iulia, coach Ovidiu Pănăzan) – a silver medal in straightening and three bronze medals;

Seniors: Andrei Irimie (Cat 83kg, CS Unirea Alba Iulia) – gold medal pushed out of bed, 11th overall, 13th in knee flexion, 14th in straightening;

Alexandru Kazaku (cat. 120 kg, CS Unirea Alba Iulia, coach Ovidiu Pănăzan) – 8th place in knee bend, 9th place in push-up and total, 10th place in straightening;

Daniel Ordian (cat +120 kg, CS Unirea Alba Iulia, coach Ovidiu Pănăzan) – 4th place in push-ups, 5th overall, 7th in knee flexion and 9th in orthodontics;

* Juniors 1 (19-23 years old): Andrei Georgescu (cat. 53 kg, Iron Tim Ploetti, coach Christian Oberoi) – 4 gold medals and 3rd place in the junior teams I; Christian Moyes (Cat. 59 kg, Iron Team Ploiești) – 2 silver, 3 bronze, 3rd place in the junior team I; Seniors: Gheorghe Moise (Cat 66kg, Iron Team Ploiești) – 3 Bronze Medals on Knees, Driven from Bed and Gross; Ionuț Lupaș (cat +120 kg, Crișul Oradea, trainer Ovidiu Pănăzan) – two bronze medals in knee bending and straightening; Daniela Straw (cat 47 kg, Iron Team Ploiești) – 4 silver medals; Bogdan Bob (74kg cat, Caza Powerlifting Timișoara, trainer Sorin Cazacu) and Ioana Petcu (69kg cat, Iron Team Ploiești) also participated.

The results were obtained in circumstances where the performance we are talking about never needs to be validated by the growing number of fans in Romanian sport. Don’t understand that the applause of the fans is not important, they do, just because they have never been the basis of the sporting strategy that we have applied in these years since we have been associated with great performances. We were able to get onto the European and world podium precisely because we put the weights behind the scenes, not the strategy, and precisely because behind the scenes we kept preparing, not adjusting the lights for a good show. There is a difference between performance and marketing that is good to note. It is not permissible for sports at this level to turn into an imaginary scene in which the hand is faster than the eye, leaving the mouths of the spectators open and their pockets empty. In the silence we have been talking about must be born the voice of those called to confession, a truly remarkable performance, must be born out of pride and express the concerns of local sport with the respect worthy of a movement which has given it more than it asked for. I once again gave you first place among European countries, you once again raised the flag to the highest level. It remains to be seen what you will do with these facts…. coach Ovidiu Pănăzan concluded (through a press release).

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